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The Bullpen / Marvel Spider-Man
« on: July 11, 2003, 11:06 PM »
I'm not sure if a lot of people will see this, since it is a Marvel Legends thread...but I had a question for you avid collectors (and possibly Spider-man collectors).  Which version of Spider-man from that line is the best overall version?  I have been wanting to pick up a regular version (no water blast, super parachute, or whatever), that would fit in with the Marvel Legends figures.  Which red and blue costumed Spidey would be the best (and is somewhat attainable)?  Any opinions?  Thanks in advance.

Other Toy Lines / Modern Masters of the Universe
« on: July 10, 2003, 03:02 PM »
Please forgive me if there is already a thread for Modern MOTU figures, I looked through the pages here and didn't see one, but if I'm wrong, feel free to merge or get rid of this one :).  Personally, I don't collect this line (yet), but I have been very interested in it from the start.  I just thought I would start a thread where the collectors, or those interested, can discuss this line.  From what I have read on other sites, other than case pack problems, there is nothing but positive vibes about this line.  I would like to start collecting these, but not sure if I could afford it, or if the wife would appreciate me starting another "toy" collection (on top of vintage SW, modern SW, and a few Marvel Legends).  I thought about picking up the regular He-Man just to see what they are like out of package, can he still be found on pegs now?  Anyways, I'd enjoy to hear any of your opinions on the line overall, your favorite figures and why, or anything else relating to this line.  I saw recently that some of the "Snake Men" are coming up in the near future as well (I believe American Dream Comics had some pictures).  Anyways...feel free to discuss!

Saga '02-'04 / Saga 2004 - Predictions
« on: July 10, 2003, 10:53 AM »
Although the majority of us still haven't found the 2003 figures, I thought it might be fun to predict what we might see in 2004...using what knowledge/rumors we have heard, as well as Hasbro's past tendencies.  There are a few figures which we are pretty sure we know we are getting: Jedi Luke, the Fan's Choice winners, Jabba the Hutt?, and some others that I am probably forgetting...but what do you personally think we could see.  Following the pattern of having the main characters have a version each year, we might be able to break down which version we might see.  For example...

Luke Skywalker:
--We just had an X-Wing version in POTJ, as well as Bacta Tank.  We had a Stormtrooper version (although scene-specific) this year.  We had a Bespin version in Saga, as well as an upcoming rehash of a Tatooine version.  There is also a re-release of the POTF2 Hoth Luke on tap for this year in one of the figure packs.  We are getting a Jedi one this year, and another (hopefully ultimate) version next year some time.  That might be the Luke we get next year, other possibilities include Dagobah and Endor (although I doubt we'll see two from ROTJ in the same year)

Han Solo:
--Well, we have the commtech one re-released this year, a Hoth version this year, an Endor version (without the coat) last year, and a great Bespin version from POTJ.  We also had the stormtrooper version from the screen scene (although scene-specific).  One version I could think of that might be a possibility is a carbonite Han, with the possible focus on Jabba's palace coming up, and a remake being needed?)

--Not sure what else could be done with Chewie, but a lot of that is the fact that I think the Cloud City one is superb.  I know Hasbro likes to release Chewies, so maybe a new Boussh's bounty one is a possibility.  Or, they might just wait another year, because I'm sure we'll get an Episode III version.

--There always seems to be an R2 around, I'm hoping for a drink-tray version...again with the rumored ROTJ theme for part of next year.

--Other than the one-time rumored Ewok diety one, I don't know if we will see one or not.  I think I also read at one point there might be a Jabba's palace version (slimy?), but I don't know if that is true or not.  Either one would be fine, again, we will probably get a version with Episode III the following year, if that makes a difference.

--a few options with Leia, she actually hasn't been seen in awhile.  We are getting the re-release ANH (new likeness) version this year, as well as the one that was in the screen scene, so I'm thinking probably not another ANH version.  A bespin gown Leia would be welcome, and is probably needed somewhat.  We had a ROTJ leia in POTJ (General, as well as Slave), although the General one was not a big favorite.  An Endor Leia, or a Boussh Leia are also possibilities?

--Again, Vader has had most versions done already, but we will most likely see another next year...and maybe in Episode III, we will see this outfit?  I'm not sure what would be a good option, maybe you guys have better opinions.  One without an action feature is fine with me :).

--Personally, I'd like to see a skiff guard redo...or even a general one.  I was happy with the Bespin one from POTJ, although it is kind of action-posed.  Lando in Han's outfit might be another idea.

Obi-Wan/Mace Windu:
--I'm putting them together, because we could probably use more basic versions of both of these figures (prequel-wise).  However, we have gotten several versions of each over the past year...and there is a pretty nice Mace coming up in the Screen Scene the way it looks.

--Again, we've had quite a few lately.  Only one I'd really like to see is a new sculpt OT version.  I think they could make one much better than the POTF2 days now.

Well, this is getting long, but I just wanted to throw a few ideas out there.  What are some of your predictions for 2004?  Like I mentioned earlier, I have seen rumors of a ROTJ/Jabba's palace focus for at least part of the year, but who knows if we will see that or not.  We are supposedly getting a little "2004 preview" at Comic-Con next week, so maybe that will shed a little light on things.  I was just curious to see some of your thoughts.  I didn't mention any beasts or vehicles, but feel welcome if you have any ideas.  Thanks, and sorry for the long post :).

This topic pertains to what ideas you might have for Hasbro to help make collectors happy again.  Although I know that distribution plays a MAJOR factor in many collectors' unhappiness, it seems like there is a pretty down feeling about the line lately...and I have also seen, in numerous threads, many people showing a lot more excitement and enthusiasm about other toy lines (myself included, I've really been into looking up info on Marvel Legends lately).  Anyways, besides the obvious problem of finding the figures, is there anything else you think Hasbro could do to make this line better, or to satisfy the majority (I think its impossible to satisfy all) of collectors/kids, etc.?  What makes the other lines that you collect or have thought about colleting more appealing, or what is Star Wars lacking for you at the moment?  Personally for me, I think the main part of it is not being able to find things, which is not totally Hasbro's fault probably.  I'm also not a big fan of action features, and after seeing some closer pictures lately, am really disappointed with the Jedi Luke coming out now...the action feature/pose really ruined it for me, although I haven't seen it in person.  Anyways, is there anything you are disappointed with, or just some areas you think could be improved upon.  I know some areas (action features, distribution) have been discussed to all ends before, but if there are any other opinions or ideas, feel free to post them :).  I was just curious what Hasbro could do to bring back the excitement, even though it will probably never be quite what it was in the vintage days, or around movie releases, etc.

I was curious for those of you who collect multiple toy lines, which ones do you collect...and which get the most attention.  To be honest, I would probably only collect Star Wars if I (like many others) could find them on the shelves.  Due to the drought in SW stuff this year, I have been spending my money and time picking up the X-Men figures from the Marvel Legends line, as well as filling holes in my vintage SW loose collection.  Although I have always looked at other lines, I have tried to hold back because of money, and besides, SW is always my top priority and what I truly enjoy.  Have any of you picked up additional lines, which do you prefer, and why?  I have picked up Marvel Legends, mainly because they are amazing figures and I really like how they are done, but I have also thought about the Master of the Universe line (and I guess I also picked up a Snake Eyes from the GI Joe line, mainly for nostalgia purposes :)).  Just curious what other toy lines you enjoy, and why?

Watto's Junk Yard / Your Favorite Character in the Saga?
« on: July 8, 2003, 01:14 PM »
I'm sorry if this has been posted another time, I took a quick glance and didn't see anything recent, so I thought I'd start a thread.  My question is, who is your favorite character in this Star Wars world we all enjoy so much?  If you have troubles narrowing it down to one, list as many as you want, rank them in your preference, whatever you want to do.  I just thought it might be interesting to see everyone's favorites.  Mine are probably not all that "original", but here's my favorites:

1. Han Solo (all-time favorite, my fave as a kid, and it continues today)
2. Yoda (really close to my overall favorite, Attack of the Clones made him even cooler in my opinion)
3. Chewbacca (gotta like the Wookiee, plus, he's Han's homeboy) :P

Honorable mention to Luke (particularly in Jedi, I remember thinking he was pretty cool when I was a kid), as well as Boba Fett (not ultra original I know, but come on, he is pretty cool-looking) :)

Saga '02-'04 / Preordering....
« on: June 30, 2003, 12:59 PM »
With us finally seeing some pics of more new stuff to come this year, it got me to thinking...those of you who preorder, do you just go ahead and preorder everything now, or do you "wait and see" if things will show up?  I still haven't seen anything new around here since December of 2002, and I know many others have had the same troubles, and I have preordered Hoth Han, Mynock Chewie, Throne Room Luke & Vader, the Youngling Packs, and the Snowtrooper from Kebco (as well as the Han/Yoda/Boba Unleashed wave and the upcoming 6" Yoda).  Anyways, I guess I always think "things will start showing up...maybe around the time Clone Wars come out", but I'm really starting to wonder anymore.  Have many of you ordered anything and everything that is up for preorder (up to the new Emperor, the Nightclub figures, and the Screen Scenes), or are you "waiting it out" to some extent?

Modern Classifieds / WTB: Trash Compactor Set 1 (Han and Luke)
« on: June 20, 2003, 04:42 PM »
I have only been able to find the Leia/Chewie TC set, and I would really like to pick up the Han/Luke set if anyone has an extra one around them for retail + shipping?  I know these weren't easy to find for anyone, but I just thought I'd check and see if someone out there was lucky and found one.  Box condition doesn't matter too much to me, I'm an opener...however I would like to have the box too :). Thanks!

A post by Jesse James regarding how Hasbro should eventually have an ultimate versions line (with main characters...great idea by the way), got me to thinking.  Are there any figures out there that any of you feel are pretty close to the "ultimate"?  I know almost all figures can always be improved on, whether it be the sculpt, the painting, the articulation, or the accessories....but I was wondering if there are any figures that you think come pretty close.  I know some figures of main characters seem to be generally looked upon pretty favorably (such as Cloud City Chewie, Commtech Han, Bespin Capture Han, Bespin Luke, etc.)...are any of them "ultimate" enough for you...and if not, what would you change?  Boy, do you think I could have slipped "ultimate" in that post anymore :P

The Bullpen / Marvel Legends
« on: June 9, 2003, 01:25 PM »
Just thought I would start a thread to discuss this great line.  I just started collecting some of these (just the X-Men characters for now), and have learned quite a bit about this line from OCB.  It is the only other line I collect besides Star Wars, and like many of you, I'm not finding much of those lately.  Do many of you collect this line...what are your opinions...or anything else you want to talk about relating to the ML line.  I personally think Wolverine and Magneto are both great figures (only ones I have), and I can't wait for the Series IV Beast to be released later this year (as well as Gambit).  Anyways, I'd be happy to hear anyone's thoughts and opinions on this line.

Other Collectibles / Galactic Heroes Thread
« on: June 9, 2003, 01:21 PM »
Just thought I'd start a thread to discuss the Playskool line, sorry if it is already posted elsewhere...I'm new here :).  Personally, I really like this line.  I currently only have the Falcon and Hoth sets, but would like to eventually pick up the rest of the OT sets.  I think they are great for kids (although we don't have any yet, I'll save these for the future), but I'll have to admit I enjoy them quite a bit too.  They are just "fun", kind of how the vintage line was for me when I was a kid.  I especially enjoy the Falcon set.  I don't have room to display them, so it reminded me of my childhood having to put all of the figures in the back of the falcon...just like the old days :).  I really hope this line continues, even if it is limited...because it seems to be pretty popular.  What are your opinions on the line, or ideas for sets you think could be made?

With the way the distribution has been for many people this year, do you ever pick up something, just because you are happy to see something new....and later think "why did I get this?".  Personally, I start to consider and get some figures, etc., that I'm not sure I would have gotten if it wasn't for the big lulls.  I personally haven't seen any 2003 figures around here yet, but I did order (and pre-order) a few online.  Awhile back Kebco had some of the earlier 2003 figures (Obi-Wan, Tyrannus, Padme) on sale, so I ordered a few...but now looking at them, I'm not sure if I needed the Acklay Obi, or the Flex Mace.  This happened last year once in awhile as well, which is why I have GR Mace, Deluxe Anakin w/ Geonosian, etc.  Anyways, has this ever happened to you?

Newbies / Hi Everybody!
« on: June 9, 2003, 01:12 PM »
I have visited the forums a few times over here, but just joined up today.  It looks like you have a great community over here, and I want to thank OCB for letting me know about it.  Some of you may have seen me posting over at GH from time to time (and I used to be on RS), but I am happy to be part of this great!

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