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All figures are loose (unless noted bag) and I have some of the boxes for the indiv figs.  They are all in great condition from a smoke-free home. Prefer paypal gift or add 2.9% + $0.30 USD.

Star Wars

Luke & Leia on speeder bike (box is in okay condition, creases, figs are great) $50
Early bird set (box in good condition, never opened display cardboard) $80
Toys R Us 5 pack (one w/ Bespin Han), box included $30
Toys R Us 5 pack (one w/ Ceremony Luke), box included $30

S1 basic 6, $60
S2 basic 6, $50 SoloSS
S2 originally carded cantina member w/ all instruments $15 (loose, card included)
S2 Sandtroopers x3 $14 each
S2 Sandtrooper chase $25 SoloSS
S3 basic 6, $45
S3 Chase Sickness Han $23
S4 basic 6, $50 (Emperor has one lightning strike)
S4 Stormtroopers x2 $14 each
S4 Chase Han and Luke as Stormies $30
S5 basic 6, $40
S5 Blue Snaggletooth $80 spookedhippie
S5 Ponda Baba $80
S6 basic 6, $35
S6 Wedge, $25
S7 basic 6, $30
S8 basic 6, $35
S8 Jar Jar, $35
S9 basic 5, no Obi-Wan, $35
S9 chase yellow Clone, $20
S9 Clones x3 $8 each
S10 basic 6, $40
S10 Gree, $20
S10 Clones x3 in the bag $8 each
DX1 basic 6 + Jabba, $65 spookedhippie
DX2 basic 6 + Walker, $65
Holo Leia, $30 (loose, card included)

DX2 Snowtroopers x2 in the bag, plus at-at part $22 jedijman
Carded C-3PO (metallic), loose w/ card, $60 robert

DC 10 pack, loose, will be shipped in original box, plus loose original Batman '89  $60
Iron Man 2 set, 7 figures including chase, $70
Dark Knight Batman, Joker + Mattel Tumbler (fits with Kubricks) $30
Most of the Marvel S1-4, boxset [mark]

Please send PM.

Kubricks / DX Series 5 - ?
« on: March 26, 2011, 06:46 PM »
I'm digging the build-a-something concept, but I'd like to see them come up with some environments.  Here's my new hope...

DX 5 Cantina theme
Cardboard backdrop of cantina environment

Basic figs (with build-a-part)
Wuher (bar middle)
Hammerhead (bar side right)
Dr. Evazan (bar side left)
Han Solo, with some kind of update from S2, ex: pilot gloves & headset (table + seats #1)
Any random cantina patron (table + seats #2)
Cantina Band member with some new instrument (band platform)

Chase figs
Jabba as human, from original scene
Ponda Baba, with severed arm

What do you guys want?

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