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Saga '02-'04 / Re: KEBco Toys Question
« on: June 26, 2003, 04:35 PM »
Don't forget to mention and get 5% off your order.

Dohhhh! And I just  pre-ordered from!  >:( :(  ::) :P

Saga '02-'04 / Wow, I feel so much better..thank to Kebco.
« on: June 26, 2003, 04:33 PM »
As you guys know about the retailers never having anything new at all in stock. As for 7 months now, I haven't been able to find anything new at all since early January. Well, now thank to, I feel so much satifying to pre-order some of the new figuers and vechiels( and one unleash figuer).

I've pre-ordered 11 figuers, 2 vechiels and one unleash at the price of $148. That has got to be the best deal  ever.

Tee hee, I can't wait to expect a big-a** packages arriving on my doorstep in about a month or two.

BTW, I still need to find the 2003 figuers  and the following are:

Ayala sercura (sp)
Other female chick with green face.
Carkoon Fett
Hoth Han
Lama Su
Younglin jedi
Ambush tusken raiders
Anakin with swoop
Dooku with swoop
Padme in driod factory

Anyway, Kebco doesn't have it, do you guys know any other sites where I can get them beside EE and Briantoys? (<cough>Scalpers)

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Re: Adding Photos
« on: June 25, 2003, 11:50 PM »
It worked!! Finally!!  I can FINALLY post a picture of me!!!

yay. Good thing you ask about how to post a pic, caus eI didn't have any clue about the icon for the picture.

I have a question now. Which one are you in the photo? I spot 4 people: 1 kid on the left of the photo, one kid on the right of the photo, two women, one is blonde, dressing as leia,  the redhead, dressing as padme.

(BTW , I was j/k about asking you if you're one of the kids, but I did spot 2 kids there though. ;) )

Other Toy Lines / Re: Movie Maniacs 6
« on: June 25, 2003, 11:23 PM »
Anyone have any clue when those T3 figs are supposed to drop? I'm dyingto get TX and Casket Totin' Arnie.

Movies out in a week from today, and still no figs. Whats goin' on?   ???

Hey Corey, it should be out in july, which it pretty soon. If you want more info, then go to and you should maybe find out more info about the retail release for T3. I definitly can't wait for this set.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Whatcha' listenin' to...?
« on: June 25, 2003, 11:20 PM »
Sal, you can download 4 themes from "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter" as well from the Lucasarts site.. It's cool, cuz I have the "Bounty Hunter" theme in rotation on my mp3 player.  8)

Whicked! Listening to it now. ;D

Another thing I hate are:(This in school)

People thinks I am out of control and very threaten  when my friends are more threaten than me, but all the adults looks at me like I ready to go postal.

People who doesn't do a damn thing when my friend does something, but when I do that same exactly thing my friends does, I get in trouble.

BS test exam with BS question  that  I never heard of.


Speech class. It so ******* useless. All we do is chit chat and play age 5 board games. No speech lesson, and the guy can't even do correct sign language ( I am hearing impaired  FYI).

Having the greatest math teacher  who can sign language replaced by a woman with asian accent, who doesn't  sign language.( Hopefully my teacher will come back.)

not being able to finish my math test due to lack of  math teaching and due to many human error on the questions.

Gums under the seats.

Students who  takes my seat when I specifly put my ******* bag on THAT seat which I assign. then the jackasses remove my bag, replace them, and takes my seat and claim that they didn't see any bags or that they don't see my name and claim they got here first! >:( >:(

^^^ That happened to me TWICE in a week by two of my idiotic friends!!!

Being in special ed classes. Thank god that  a person have a choice to go to main stream classes.

Learning 8th grade math works when I am in 10th grade.

Students who cuts classes and  hangs out in the hallway and makes nosies when there are classes!!!

Students who stand in front of the door, and then gets piss off when I push that particular door with the person in front of the door, telling me to  say " Excuse me".  Oh sure,  I am at the other side of the door, and I have to say excuse me? They are the one who are in the way.

Nothing happen to my friends when they went to a porno website on a computer in the teacher's louge, but when I get on, i get kick out.

Most of the students I know calls me stupid because I cannot talk right. Well, they are hearing impaired too, and they cannot talk right too, so I guess that makes them stupid too.

Being called " gay" by a collage student who is visting  everyone they know in HS. I just met the guy for the first time and he calls me "gay" for no obviouse(sp) reason. Stupid hotshot.

Some of my friends calls me "Gay" and "stupid" for reading a "HALO" book.

Being  critized by my friends about how I dress really fancy. And when I don't dress really fancy, but with a casual outfit, they still critized me.

Friends telling me that I need a life just because I like sci-fi .

friends  saying that I need a life  because  I like SCI fi but they are not using any facts why I don't have a life. they don't know I like going out alot.

Students who talks during class,  and when I tells them to shut up, they then get all pissy and that I should mind my own business. Excuse me, I am trying to learn here.

My friend telling me that I act immature when he act incredibly stupid during class, and sad part is..he  go to collage this years ( Really next year of Jan,he going to collage)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Whatcha' listenin' to...?
« on: June 25, 2003, 10:43 PM »
I am not listening to anything right now , but I sometime listen to the soundtrack from an X-box video game "HALO". Really awesome music, but it damn short! >:(

Watto's Junk Yard / The media....they suck and here why....
« on: June 25, 2003, 10:14 PM »
Everyday I watch the news at night and sometime  I get annoyed with them and here why...because they give out infomation ON everything!

Here a good example.

On tonight news, the media was talking about a  thief can break into a car without setting the alarm off. What did the media do? They explained everything what the theif did...taking a simple item such as spark plug and crack the window.

that is just great. Suppose someone saw that and use that idea that the thief did, now there would be more thiefs.

and here another good example.

about a week after the war on Iraq, the media goes through every single details on what the military are planning to do. They even went through every details on what weapons they will be using, how does the weapon works, what the weakness/advantage about it, where they will use it.

This is just great, suppose a terrorist spy was to watch the news, gets all the infomation and tell on their country what will happen.

IMO, I think the media are no help at all because they just give out details when a crime is commited, or what somebody going to do.

So does anyone agree with me? Or nay?

I have to write one more thing.

Stupid little morons that are named Ralph Malph and think they are funny when they are ***wads.

Ideed. That another peeve for me. Annoying forum memeber noobs who thinks they are so cool when they are really a ( What Darth Ghidorah quoted)

Toy Reviews / Re: Clone Wars - Clonetrooper 3-pack
« on: June 25, 2003, 05:28 PM »

{Quote}Too bad that the head only moves left and right. If he could look up this would be one great Clone. {QUTOE}

Actually, you can move his head up and down. also , pull his head out, it is held by a ball socket. So that  mean the head is arcitulated.

Newbies / Re: How's the post padding over here????
« on: June 25, 2003, 03:13 PM »
Quote from: Jango Fettish

I was "let go", so to speak. I was on my way out anyway, especially after the quality going downhill, and GNT's superiority complex, plus the newbie influx, politics, religion, and trolls. It became to much to handle.

JD is heaven.. :-*

Amen Cory. JD is indeed heaven. No noobs posting ridicular topics, no political threads, no words asscotiate threads, no useless threads.

I am so glad I left RS forum since it was overwhelmed by a bunch of noobs who post topics about colors.  ::)

so , JD is indeed heaven. :)

Well, I finally got  the 3 pack clone troopers set today, and it is awesome, but I wasn't happy with the clone trooper that lay  face down and I wanted to have 3 clones standing up, not 2 standing and one laying down.  

so heres what I did:

Heat up the legs with hot waters. Wait until the legs are soft. Then reposition the legs that  I desired, held it the way I  want it as the cold water is running, so the legs can stay the way I wanted. After that, I threw it into the freezer, waited about a mintue or two(Do not wait, otherwise It'll break). I then took an ice pick, heated it  on a stove until it tunrs bright red/orange. then penetrate the ice pick into the bottom of the foot  so I can make a peg hole. i did this on both foot. I then placed the trooper onto the  clear realstand.  I previously placed it on a commtech, but it didn't work because it had one peg, which the realstand has two.

the clone trooper looks really awesome and has some kind of a matrix style pose, as if he is dodging the shot.

Hope this help for anyone who dislike the laying down on the ground clone.

People who take ages when they go shopping.

Example: When going out to NJ sometime. I go with my parents. They take sooooooooooooooooooo long on their shopping.  They take nearly 3 hours to shop. They never have any plan,  my parents just do random shopping, checking every single aisle in the whole store. When I go out with my brother, it only takes 30 mintue to do all the shopping.

People who takes ages to getting ready to go out.

People who bit*h and moan about how "M" rated games and " R" rated movies are not good for young kids.

People who takes their kids to TRU and then not buy anything for them and scream at the kids because they are crying.

People who brag about how awesome a video game is when I have THAT video game in my hand.

People who touch my collection w/o my permission when  showing them my collection.

Female who wears sexual clad attire and then bit*h and moan about how everyone looks at them in a sexual matter.

Females who shows off their clevage and buttock.

People who gets annoyed with people who cannot hear them  and ask them to repeat what they said. ( I am hard of hearing, so I have gone thru this several time)

People who talks, but not move their mouth. ( Which makes it hard for me to understand what they saying, because I am skilled in reading lip)

People who  is talking to you as they walk futher away from you with their back turn to you.

People who buys SUV  so their stupid kids can have room to play.

People who cannot park their big a$$ SUV into a tight  parking space.

People who talks on cell phone while driving.

People who spends money on lottos.

People trying to beat the odd of lotto by spending so much money and not win instead of saving money by not paying for lotto.

People with awful BO.

People who goes " Mmmmmm" when eating. Gah, that irriate me so bad!

People who brings babies with them.

People who brings down a baby stroller in a tight space place.

People who  stalls the cashier line just because of something stupid.

People who doesn't wash their hands after using a bathroom at a resurant.

People who cut in front of the car and then flip you the finger after you beep the horn.

People who doesn't stop at stop sign and then get nearly hit by the *******, and then beep at them , they then get piss off at you and slows down in front of you just to tick you off.

People who doesn't move their car when there nothing  coming, then after going around them, they finally move, only to hit you because the dumbass didn't look before making the turn.

waiting nearly 8 hours for a 5 mintue  operation.

My battledriods army falling down due to cheap arse plastic legs.

Not finding new toys everytime switching to something new.

Example: I was getting tired of not finding new SW figuers, so I switch to LOTR, now I cannot find any new LOTR figuers, so I switch to Mcfarlence toys, NOW  I cannot find any  figuers such as Ghost twin #2 or any cool Mcfarlence toys.

whew...I guess that about it.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Movies that make you cry
« on: June 25, 2003, 11:15 AM »
Not a movie, but a video game on X-box. Also it didn't make me cry, but made me feel a little sad.


At the end of the game " HALO", after HALO  exploded, There was only 2 surivial. Master Chief and Cortana( A holographic  AI). It made me felt a little tingly because MC was the only surivial, when 200 marine soldiers died on halo.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What else do you collect?
« on: June 25, 2003, 09:57 AM »
Here What I am currently collecting:

Movie Manic: All I have right now are the aliens  , predator and 2  T2 figuers, every Matrix figuers except ghost twin # 2.



I also have several 21th century WW2 12 inchers and figuers. The figuers are  the first wave. All of them are currently in the closet due to the shelves being overwhelm by new toys.

however I will be starting to collect:

"HALO" figures ( Gamestop exclusive)

What I want to collect but not sure if I want to:

Some more WW2  figuers from 21st century toys .

 12 inch figuers made by  dragon.

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