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There'll be nothing new for months. Quitting isn't an's a temporary reality for everyone!

Predictions this year:
Wave 1 and 2 are findable, but Hasbro underproduces...some fans are lefting wanting. Mara Jade skyrockets on ebay.

Wave 3 hits  just before Xmas and is never seen again.

Wave 4 is held off for an agonizing street date in spring 2014.

Legends abounds, but like previous legends, no new product (characters) for months. Pegs of R4's accumulate with Mace Windus beside them.

The online Vader Evolutions set becomes this years Pod Racers pack.

2012's Naboo fighters become part of some value pack exclusive, paired with an undesirable vehicle, at a big box retailer that requires paid membership.

2014: Hasbro cancels all vehicles that aren't exclusives.

I think that the Stormtrooper and the 41st Clone are actually the Sandtrooper and 212th Clone since neither the stormtrooper or 41st were part of Legacy.

Hopefully this is the case. I was actually very excited for the Sand Trooper, and the 212th Clone had nice paint apps. Either way this sounds like a decent wave, and I'll probably pick up all six figures plus some extra troopers.

May be the case.

But, few were entirely happy with the short 41st Clone in Kashyyyk armor, so it would not be surprising they have a do-over planned. If the two realistic Clone wars releases have been booted out (it's not clear), that leaves the other 18 revealed releases from BAD plus one.

Or it's a *snooze* landing platform repaint of phase 2.

Not the only teases. Looking around, it seems Shoprunner is a pseudo-scam. They either take your credit card info and collect their membership fee earlier than they claim or ignore your attempts to cancell your trial before the deadline (forcing you to challenge them) and if you do become a member and order too much, they cancel your account early claiming your a reseller or something.

Excellent...I procrastinated and flip-flopped about ordering long enough that all the Rebel Fleet Troopers are gone! No credit card bill there!  :P

Load up my cart with Aaylas, gammorean guards and Arc Trooper Commanders...and oh....right, never in stock.

Sale applies to clone wars and movie heroes from last year, but not the old junk they have in stock from prior years.

Anyway, to get free shipping I ordered 14 Ratts Tyrell figures to go with the two figures I wanted.

Is that Shoprunner thing a trick or can you get free shipping and then dump them after the trial ends?

And since when was the snowspeeder in those vehicle bundles from Black Friday?

Likewise, they have one with the Turbo Speeder and plo koon's fighter. Never heard about that. No photos. "available in stores" only. Strange.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Television Thread
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:38 PM »
Never heard of it.

I've decided that The Vampire Diaries is the worst show I've ever watched on a regular basis.  Replacing Smallville, which I'd often fall asleep in the middle of.  It used to be sort of engaging. Then it became repetative crap. Unkillable immortal jerk , who in theory should be master of the world, but act like a twit and hangs around a small town just to annoy everyone at this point. There's the love triangle that seems devoid of any real passion any more.  Wait, am I describing Vampire Diaries or Smallville?

Arrow is still good, when it's not focused on Ollie's best friend and his girl/Ollie's ex.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: X-Men/Wolverine Movies
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:24 PM »
For diversity reasons Apocalypse is now a little person.

Duh-huh. Targets near me, two of them yesterday. Stuff was still a lame 30% off. Only vehicles I found were those pod racers. The one store with good figures is an annoying drive away...doubt I'll go back.

I did score some awesome cookie and brownie mixes on clearance at Target last week.  :)

Middle Earth / Re: The Hobbit - Toy Line
« on: February 13, 2013, 11:17 PM »
Yeah, heard that after the fact, they weren't necessarily in the section where any human would look for them. I did look around a bit, though.

Oh, well, not rushing back to those stores.

The Bullpen / Re: Spider-Man (Hasbro) 3-3/4" figures
« on: February 13, 2013, 11:13 PM »
Whoops, it appears so.  I hadn't seen all of those before, but had seen a Spidey and Nova which looked at least similar in articulation and scale.  I guess more like previous Spidey 6" lines was a better way to say it than Legends.  Seeing those in your post though, they do seem a little more animated-looking.

I saw these today. I was incorrect (or whatever website I saw the carded photos at was). The  $10 Power Webs figures are 4" scale but bit bulkier than that cheapo $6 carded Spider-Man (as the photos show).

There were 6-inch figures I saw that are barely articulated and were in open style packaging.

Anyways, what's your outlook on the future of the line at this point?

Public interest will continue to decline until Episode VII, and sales the toy line will suffer for it. Things may even get worse before...if they ever get better.

That aside, I'm annoyed that Hasbro is shooting down  potentials for the 3 3/4" Black series. Plans to update Bespin Lando? No. Rebo Band? No, because the crappy exclusive Hasbro made of old figures didn't sell well. Yak Face and Ree Yees? Saving them for the return of vintage (to heck with the retro packaging fetish...okay...just reissue them on vintage cards whenever).  EU stuff? No.

Reissues of rare/highly desired figures? No. New figures will be entirely new.

Also something like "Don't expect a horde of cantina patrons".

So just what can we expect? X-Wing Luke do-over? Farmboy Luke do-over? Anakin do-overs? Clones? Not expecting too much interesting for 2014 now, either.

TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Five Discussion Thread
« on: February 13, 2013, 02:01 PM »
Preview for Episode 18 (there's another preview, too)

I think I've guessed part of this story, but I cannot remember if there's spoiler tags here.

Look be to swivel. Odd, last years battle packs had ball joint heads. I can only think they don't kids ripping the heads off and losing them. The other reason would be to replicate retro Kenner, which is a stupid reason. Hey, if you are gonna go that retro, change the hole size in their feet to vintage 70's, too.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: February 12, 2013, 10:03 PM »
What I think will happen in the rest of the season. They'll kidnap the science guy from Woodbury, force him to construct a small nuclear bomb out of materials found only in the prison. But some one is a spy, let's say Carol (she's still mad about Sofia), so the Governor gets wise and attacks. Half of Rick's group dies (the left half), but the rest escape with the bomb and catapult the nuke into Woodbury (Carl had found a book "Medieval Warfare for Dummies" in the prison library, so making a catapult was no problem.)

The governor somehow escapes in the nick of time, but gets bitten by walkers. He injects himself with an experimental vaccine the science guy was working on (never mentioned before the episode). He becomes half undead with the ability to communicate and command the walkers. By the next day, Rick's group is surrounded by a horde with no escape...

Then Rick wakes up. It was a dream.  He looks in the mirror and...half-zombie Governor behind him! OMG!  :o

It's all edited in a way that we are unsure at what point in time Rick woke. Just after arriving at the prison? The farm? CDC? The hospital?

I saw them at stores last weekend. I picked up the box and it was light as a feather.

Hasbro needs to relocate their production facilities. Jedi Temple Archives said Hasbro said production costs have gone up 20% a year. How many more corners can they cut in the face of that?

The Vintage Collection / Re: Toy R Us Vintage Republic Gunship
« on: February 12, 2013, 08:14 PM »
Yeah - TRU had the "Crumb Bomber" Gunship for like $70-80 (2009), but Walmart's "Lucky Lekku" Gunship was just $50 (2008).  Both of those were the Clone Wars gunship with the larger, fully closing doors). 

No, only the crumb bomber had the space door mods (and the top hidden flip out rotating missile launchers, which will be on this new release). The Lucky Lekku's box art showed fully closed doors, but the actual toy photos and toy itself were the original version.

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