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Modern Classifieds / WTB Vintage Paploo's Staff
« on: June 8, 2005, 05:09 PM »
I'm looking for one of these:

The vintage Paploo staff.  If anyone has one I'm willing to try to trade (don't have much stuff to offer) and will gladly buy it for any reasonable price. 

No repro's please.

Thanks in advance,

Watto's Junk Yard / The Dialectizer
« on: May 23, 2005, 11:10 AM »

Revenge of the Sith / Super Rare Royal Guard Auction....
« on: April 8, 2005, 11:35 AM »

I decided to bring this thread over here because I'm having fun with it and, would rather discuss it here as it unfolds.
This super-rare piece of nothing, ended at 13 dollars, and the reserve wasn't even met.

So, before the auction ended I basically emailed the seller and called her out on the bogus auction (while giving a little politness just incase it was an honest mistake) and yesterday I receieved the following reply:



This clearly warranted further response - so the last email I sent said the following:

FYI, I have been a Star Wars fan for over 20 years. I have been collecting Star Wars toys for over 10 years now. All of the Red Guards come on the SAME EXACT CARD BACK as the Blue Guards. They are a variation in terms of packaging, and not two separate figures as evidenced by the fact that BOTH blue and red come as number III-23. I am fully aware that the Blue Guards become the Red Guards in the film. Yet this doesn't change the fact that you don't seem to understand what Hasbro is putting out and what's rare and what's not - because your item is NOT any type of error or variation, it is the standard, regular, ordinary release of the Red Royal Guard.

If you do infact have a Red Guard with a Red Guard pictured on the back, which I do not believe you when you say you do, THAT is the rare one and would be a production error, and not a variation. I know because I now have 7 Red Guards and 4 Blue Guards, and every single one of them came on a card with the BLUE Guard pictured on the back - just like your 'very rare' item in the auction.

Next time save your high-and-mighty accusations about being a prequel-era fan for some other schmoe and enjoy the 13 bucks you just ripped someone off for.

Anyone heard of any version of this thing with any picture other than the BLUE one on the back?  I sure haven't...


Watto's Junk Yard / Everyone, you need to check this out.
« on: April 5, 2005, 12:18 AM »
This website was brought to my attention recently, and I thought it was worth passing along for those who might not have already known about it...

You can search by zipcode and find out if there are any registered sex offenders in your area.

There were 52 in my zipcode and while I'm not a parent, it certainly is disturbing nonetheless.

Does anyone know if Celebration will be offering free passes to people in the industry or professionals in the field?  The big Wizard World convention did - and I'd hate to spend $110.00 when I could possibly get in for free.

The official website has a 'contact us' box, but it (and all the other links on the left side of the page) seem to be dead - at least they're not working for me that is...

Any insight would be appreciated.

Modern Trading / Looking for Accessories / Weapons - please help!
« on: March 14, 2005, 10:31 PM »
Hello Everyone.† I'm looking to complete a large stash of figures that I was recently given so that I can give all the ones that are duplicates to a friend of mine who's been looking to get into loose collecting - and a few of them are for me.† Hence, I'm looking for a number of accessories/weapons for figures - mostly older ones.† If you can help me out, I'd appreciate it.† I'm looking to trade accessories for accessories (I've got a whole bunch) but am also willing to buy them straight up for reasonable prices if we can't work out a trade.

Here's what I'm looking for, please check out the pictures to make sure we're on the same page.† Thanks!

POTF: 1995-2000

Dengar's Blaster Rifle - (x1), and Blaster Pistol - (x1):[/b]
Note:I'm looking for one of Dengar's pistol.

Hoth Han Solo's Blaster Rifle - (x1):
Note:I've already got the small pistol.

Han Solo Cantina's Blaster Pistol - (x3):
Note:The one from the commtech Han that we're all sick of getting as a repack.† I'm looking for 3 of these.

Emperor's Royal Guard's Force Pike - (x2):
Note:I'm looking for two of these - from the 1996 (1997?) version.

Yoda's Cane - (x2)
Note:I need two canes.

Hoth Rebel Soldier's Blaster Rifle - (x6):
Note:I'm looking for a bunch of these guys (6)...

Sandtrooper's Backpack - (x1), and Blaster Rifle - (x1):[/s]
Note:From the 1996 version, one backpack.

General Lando Calrissian's Blater Pistol - (x1):
Note:Just one of this blaster.

Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker's Blaster - (x2):
Note:I need 3 of this larger, older Stormie Blaster.

Tie Fighter Pilot's Blaster, (x1):
Note:Same blaster as Stormtrooper Luke above.

Grand Admiral Thrawn - Ysalmiri, x1:
Note:Just the little animal, I've got the gun.

Sandtrooper from Cantina Playset's Robot - (x1), and Blaster Rifle, (x1):
Note:I need the weapon, and the droid that plugs into his back and floats behind his head.

AT-AT Driver's Blaster - (x3):
Note:Similar to the Luke Stormie Blaster, but with a shorter back end - I need 3 of these.

Prisoner Chewbacca's Bowcaster - (x1):
Note:Just need one of these...

Commtech Stormtrooper's Blaster Rifle - (x5):
Note:I need a bunch of these - 5.

Han in Carbonite's Blaster Pistol - (x1):
Note:Just one of these.

Bossk's Blaster Pistol - (x1):
Note:I've got the rifle, I just need the smaller gun.

300th Boba Fett's Backpack - (x1), Large Rifle - (x1), Small Pistol - (x1), and Missile
(non firing x1):
Note:They can all be seen in the one photo, the backpack and missile go together - I need one of each.

Death Star Escape Han Solo's Blaster - (x3), and Belt - (x2):
Note:I've got one belt, looking for two belts, 3 guns.

Cold Weather Obi Wan's Helmet - (x1), and Lightsaber - (x1):
Note:I've got the backpack already.

Translucent Darth Vader's Lightsaber - (x2):
Note:Two of these.

Episode 1:†

Yoda's chair - (x1):
Note:The only E1 thing I'm looking for...


Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett's Jet Pack Fire Base - (x1), and Blaster - (x1):† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †
Note:I'm looking for the base of jetpack flames that he sits on, and the gun.
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †
Bespin Luke's Blaster Pistol - (x1), and Lightsaber - (x1):
Note:One blaster, one saber.

Obi Wan Kenobi Acklay Battle's Staff - (x1), and Column - (x1):
Note:I've got the handcuffs/binders already.

Death Star Clash Vader's Lightsaber - (x1):
Note:Just the lightsaber.

Saga Version of Emperor's Royal Guard Force Pike - (x1):
Note:I don't need the electricity, just the force pike.

Thanks in advance if you made it this far and are able to help.


Modern Classifieds / Wants list.
« on: December 6, 2004, 11:41 AM »
Looking to buy:


[ ] AOTC Spider Droid - MOMC
[ ] AOTC Super Battle Droid Builder - MOMC
[ ] Clone 3-pack - RED - MOMC
[ ] Clone 3-pack - RED - loose or beat up or whatever
[ ] Masters of the Darkside 2-pack - MOMC

Loose 12:

*Must be complete and in good shape

[ ] Boss Nass
[ ] Cantina Band (all 6)
[ ] Dewback wiht Sandtrooper
[ ] Ewok - 2 pack
[ ] Garnindan
[ ] Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise
[ ] Han on Taun Taun
[ ] Wampa
[ ] Jawa - 2 pack - the Plastic ones
[ ] Bib Fortuna
[ ] Luke on Speeder Bike
[ ] R5-D4
[ ] Yoda with Council Chair
[ ] White Clone Trooper

Clone Wars Animated

[ ] Clone Trooper - loose


[ ] Clone Trooper (White) - Loose
[ ] Darth Vader (Helmet Off) - Loose


*Must be loose and in perfect shape - no paint chips, perfect stickers on droids, etc... and come with all original accessories - no repros.

[ ] Artoo Detoo
[ ] Artoo Detoo with sensorscope
[ ] Paploo
[ ] Leia (White Gown)
[ ] Luke (White Outfit)
[ ] Max Rebo Band
[ ] A-Wing Pilot
[ ] Han in Carbonite
[ ] Yak Face
[ ] Blue Snaggletooth
[ ] Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise
[ ] Warok

Also always looking for Loose VOTC Stormtroopers!

I'm interested in any reasonable offer - but if too many people have too much of this stuff all at once I might not be able to work anything out right away.


My dog suddenly is terrified to come into our bedroom.† She always just runs right in and uses the rug to jump onto the bed (We've got polished concrete floors).

Suddenly, yesterday - and for no apparent reason, she freezes at the door way.† Looks terribly scared and will not come in no matter how much the girlfriend and I try to call her.

So, I did what any dog owner would do - I got dog treats and tried to lure her into the room with them.† She was going nuts all the way from the kitchen to the bedroom door but then froze and would NOT enter despite dog treats.

After 3 minutes of pleading with her - she turned to her left, scurried down the wall (along the t.v. stand), turned right at the wall with the windows on it, then scurried over to the bed and jumped up from the opposite corner - a much longer route - and she was terrified the whole time.† I again note that she has to use the rug ot jump onto the bed since the floors give her no traction.

Here's a little map of the room to outline what I just described:

Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense.

I'm not saying there's ghosts or anything like that - but I'm completely baffled as to why she would all of the sudden be terrified to enter the room.† She has no problem leaving the room and is fine and wants to stay and hang out once she makes it to the bed.

Any ideas?

Here's a picture:

It's only the older one (the black one - Emerson) - the puppy (Dante) is completely fine and normal and will go anywhere without freaking out.

Anyone's pets ever do anything weird like that?† If she's still doing it in a day or two I'm thinking of calling the vet - but I have no idea what they'd possibly say beyond telling me to call the ghostbusters...

Today at work for reasons that are beyond even myself, I came across a website explaing, in terms a child could understand, just what one must do to talk to the dead.

So I thought it would be a good idea to conjue up the Ghost of Virex.


Step 1:† Learn What Seances Are.
A sťance (pronounced SAY-ahnce) is a meeting at which a group of people attempts to contact a spirit and communicate with it.† †

Now we know.

Step 1:† Check

Step 2:† Create An Exclusive Believers-Only Invitation List.
Stick to people who are open-minded. This is a definite MUST - ghosts respond only to those who believe in them (a reasonable request, we think).

Okay, so if you don't believe in the ghost of Virex - get out.

Step 2:† Check

Step 3:† Set Up A Spirit-Friendly Environment
As even the unbelievers know, ghosts are supposed to come out at night, so plan your sťance for sometime after the sun goes down. A night with a bright, full moon would be a nice touch and could set the mood, but it isn't necessary.

Watto's Junk Yard is spirit friendly right?

Step 3:† Check

Step 4:† Prep The Participants
1.† Select a medium. If you don't want to be the medium (that is, the person conducting the sťance) have someone who has been to a sťance or is particularly in tune with their sixth sense do the job.

2.† Once a medium is established, let him/her lead the group. A sťance should be held in an orderly fashion, without random participants yelling out, "When will I get married?" as soon as the spirit arrives. Make sure this is clear to everyone before proceeding.

3.† Decide on whom to call over from the other side. It is a good idea to pick a spirit beforehand, so you'll at least know who you're dealing with (your lovable old Nana, as opposed to an axe murderer). It's also a good idea to choose someone who has recently passed away - spirits who have lived on the other side for more than a couple of decades tend to not want to be bothered and might get angry if they are.

4.† Charge the candles. Have the participants hold each candle in their hands and visualize its symbolic power emanating from it. For example, if you are holding a white candle, picture strands of peaceful smoke curling up from it. Each candle should be passed to and charged by each participant before being lit and returned to the center of the table.

I'll be the medium - someone else get the candles.

Step 4:† Check

Step 5:† Summon The Spirit
Blah Blah Blah - instructions link.

Let's pretend we just did all the stuff in that link.

Step 5:† Check

Step 6:† Re-evaluate The Situation If The Seance Doesn't Work Right Away
If it turns out that you followed all these steps but couldn't get a ghost to visit, it might be because someone in your sťance group doesn't really believe in ghosts, deep down inside. As the meditation and chanting was going on, consciously he/she was thinking, "Wow, this is creepy," but subconsciously, he/she was going, "Yeah, right." You can resolve the issue by shining a bright light in each person's face and interrogating them mercilessly, or you can just try holding the sťance with different combinations of people to weed out the pseudo-believers.

Hopefully this won't be an issue.

Step 6:† Check

[Mumbo Jumbo] We call upon you oh ghost of Virex...[/Mumbo Jumbo]

I'm scared.

The Official Darth Big Boy; Bearer of Bad Celebrity News - Appreciation Thread:


01/24/06 - Chris Penn....dead at 40 RIP


03/07/05 - Debra Hill , Halloween co-writer-producer dead.


12/26/04 - Reggie White - RIP

12/08/04 - Shooting at OH club kills members of Damage Plan

10/11/04 - Ken Caminiti passes away

10/11/04 - Christopher Reeve passes away?

10/04/04 - Janet Leigh passes away at age 77.   MARK2D2 was too late.

09/04/04 - Indian Larry Passes Away RIP

06/15/04 - Johnny Ramone Losing Battle With Cancer (updated)

05/12/04 - R&B Artist John Whitehead Shot Dead

03/28/04 - Jan Berry of Pop Duo Jan & Dean Dead at 62
03/19/04 - MTV Pioneer J.J. Jackson Dead

03/09/04 - Oscar-Nominated Actor Paul Winfield Dies

03/03/04 - Marge Schott Dies at 75

01/27/04 - TV Talk Show Pioneer Jack Paar Dies at 85

01/21/04 - Actor Noble Willingham Dies at 72

01/11/04 - RIP Yinka Dare
01/09/04 - Earl Hindman passed away last month (Wilson)


12/13/03 - Movie-Star Whale Keiko Dies in Norway

10/22/03 - Singer Elliott Smith Dead in Apparent LA Suicide ( or was it?? )

10/22/04 - IRL driver Renna dies from crash

10/19/03 - Road Warrior Hawk.....passed away this morning.

09/23/03 - RIP Gordon Jump

09/10/03 - 'Hogan's Heroes' Actor Larry Hovis Dies at 67

08/31/03 - Charles Bronson dies at 81
05/28/03 - Another young musician lost to drugs....

05/15/03 - RIP Robert Stack!!!

04/23/03 - RIP Mary Dorothy Christian.




04/01/05 - RIP Pope John Paul

03/07/05 - Dead Horse

08/16/04 - Pope John Paul near the end of his life.

11/27/04 - Stephen King Hospitalized Again...

10/22/04 - Pamela Anderson says she'll be dead in 10 years.

10/07/03 - JFK Assassination....your thoughts.

09/20/03 - Giants Fan Kills Dodgers Fan, Police Say

09/02/03 - Barry Bonds hospitalized.....

09/02/03 - Steelers' Joey Porter shot outside bar.


01/31/06 - Dark Kanos brings word of the death of Coretta Scott King.

12/26/05 - Obi1kevnobi reports that Vincent Schiavelli is gone.

12/16/05 - Dan_K tells us that John Spencer of West Wing fame had died.

12/10/05 - Habs98 reports that Richard Pryor has died at age 65.

11/25/05 - Pat Morita is dead according to DarthVice.

11/03/05 - CaptainAlex reports that John Hollis of Lobot fame has died.

10/25/05 - William Hootkins, better known as Porkins, is dead according to DarthVice. 

10/25/05 - According to Lady Jaye, Civil Rights pioneer Rosa Parks is dead at 92.

09/26/05 - Late breaking news from Darth Wormie; Don Adams, 'Agent 86' of 'Get Smart' fame is dead.

09/21/05 - BobaDEC brings word of the said death of Hockey.

09/15/05 - Oscar winning director Robert Wise (no relation to Phil) is dead according to Dan_Cziraky.

09/06/05 - Darth Wormie reports that Bob Denver has finally gotten off the island.

08/23/05 - Dan_Cziraky reports that Brock Peters, radio's Darth Vader, is dead.

08/07/05 - The Sports Betting Warlord brings word that Peter Jennings has just died of lung cancer.

07/20/05 - Dustin tells us that James Doohan, 'Star Trek's' Scotty, dead at 85.

07/08/05 - LandoGriffin reminds us that Mitch Hedberg died months ago.

07/01/05 - Lady Jaye reports that Luther Vandross is gone.

06/07/05 - Lady Jaye says that Oscar winning actress Anne Bancroft has died.

05/18/05 - DARTH_ANUBIS brings word of the death of classic Riddler Frank Gorshin.

04/02/05 - Lady Jaye weeps for the late Pope John Paul II.

04/01/05 - Matt Fury brings word of the death of Karol Jozef Wojtyla then the thread is locked.

03/29/05 - I reported the sad passing of Johnnie Cochran.

03/09/05 - JJKS says that mega famous country singer Chris LeDoux has died.

02/20/05 - Webster reports that singer Sandra Dee is also dead.

02/20/05 - Webster first reports that Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide.

02/15/05 - Frank the Tumor is dead according to Lady Jaye.

01/29/05 - Lady Jaye also brings late word of the 2001 death of Thuy Trang, the yellow Power Ranger.

01/23/05 - CaptainAlex declares Johnny Carson dead.

01/14/05 - I brought word of the death of Indiana Jones nemesis Amish Puri.

01/04/05 - Ray_N_Quiet_Rob brings word that legendary comics and graphic novel artist and writer Will Eisner has passed.

12/29/04 - DarthWormie reports that Jerry Orbach has died.

12/28/04 - Since no one else would, I personally delivered the sad news that Susan Sontag has passed away.

12/07/04 - Erethorn brings word of the untimely death of Romanian rock star Teo Peter.

11/13/04 - The_Real_Jon brings word of the death of Old Dirty Bastard.

11/10/04 - Inigo_Montoya reports that Yasser Arafat has finally died.  That thread was deleted.

11/07/04 - Captmiloman gets there first again in posting the death of comedian Vaughn Meader.

11/02/04 - The death of Theo Van Gogh was brought to us by Herbert Ackermans.

10/26/04 - Robert Merrill's death - brought to you by JJKS.

10/26/04 - Xander is the first to post the passing of John Peel.

10/05/04 - Ray and Quiet Rob is the first to tell us of the passing of Rodney Dangerfield.

09/16/04 - Lady Jaye gets to the death of Johnny Ramone first.

08/29/04 - Captmiloman tells of the death of Laura Branigan.

08/20/04 - Durge brings us news of Elmer Berstein's passing.

08/13/04 - Julia Child is reported deceased by Red_Butcher, is D.B.B. in a slump?

08/09/04 - I was the first to report on the death of Fay Wray, mostly out of spite.

08/06/04 - Darthwormie continues his dominance with the news of Rick James' passing.

07/22/04 - Darkanos reports that award winning composer Jerry Goldsmith has died.  Bigdumbwookie was too late.

07/02/04 - Darthwormie, quick to the punch brought us the news of Marlon Brando's passing.

06/10/04 - DarthWormie reported on Ray Charles' death before D.B.B. could get to it.

04/24/04 - Chris M brings news of the friendly fire death of Arizona Cardinals Safety Pat Tillman.

04/12/04 - JoshEEE reports that Weird Al's parents Nick and Mary Yankovic died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

04/05/04 - Darth Pickles also brought us the sad news of the passing of Smileyfaceguy:) 

03/09/04 - Chewbacca tells us that son of Ted Williams, John Henry Williams has died.

03/09/04 - DarthPickles was too fast on Robert Pastorelli.

01/23/04 - OCB was lightning quick on the draw on news of Captain Kangaroo's death.

11/24/03 - Kris brings us news of the death of famous albino gorilla Snowflake has died.

11/23/03 - Captmiloman brings us news of the death of John Ritter's mother, Dorthy Fay.

11/21/03 - AGMB reported on the death Jonathan Brandis.

11/19/03 - Old_Cocky reports on the death of ... Sonic Death.

11/11/03 - Sonic Death first reports on the death of Art Carney.

10/27/03 - Carpeteria got to Rod Roddy first.  Chewbacca was too late.

10/22/03 - After initially crying-wolf, Sonic Death informed us of the death of Fred "Rerun" Berry.

09/26/03 - Ray and Quiet Rob got to Robert Palmer's death first.

09/13/03 - 187_Maul informs us that it is the 7th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur.

09/12/03 - Imerpialist14 posted news of Johny cash's passing first.

09/12/03 - Darth_Epidermis posted John Ritter's passing first.

09/08/03 - Warren Zevon's death was first posted by Captmiloman.

08/22/03 - Darth Dooku first brought the sad news of the death of Wesley Willis.

08/10/03 - Force Guy tells us that Gregory Hines passed on.

07/28/03 - Levotx sends word of the death of Bob Hope at the age of 100.

07/07/03 - Ralph_Wiggum reports that Buddy Epsen, AKA Jed Clampett, has died.

07/04/03 - Darthmatthew brings news of the death of Barry White.

06/30/03 - Ray and Quiet Rob gets news of Buddy Hackett's passing to us first.

06/26/03 - Sprry75 first reports on the death of Strom Thurmond - rest his eternal soul...

06/12/03 - Gregory Peck was first reported by Force Guy.

05/02/03 - Hansolo_506 informs us that WWF Superstar Miss Elizabeth has died.

04/01/03 - Cinemaddiction beat him to Michael Jeter.

03/11/03 - Henrik_Wulff_Rasmussen reported on the death of Ivar Hansen before D.B.B. knew what hit him.

02/10/03 - JJKS bears the sad news of the passing of Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig.

01/19/03 - DSJ creates a thread concerning the death of Richard Crenna.

12/09/02 - Captmiloman lets us know of the death of Roseanne and Angle star Glenn Quinn.

11/19/02 - DSJ brings the news of the passing of James Coburn.

10/30/02 - Dustin brings word of the untimely death of Jam Master Jay.

10/25/02 - Boba_Binks informs us that Richard Harris has passed away.

09/11/02 - On a day tragic enough for obvious reasons, Spaceman_Spiff brings word that Johnny Unitas has died.

Since the vintage community is a separate and superior-in-every-way entity from Wuher's and forum posting location rules don't apply to them, We can add thier duplicate reports here:


10/11/04 - Vintage collector Jordan_Hembrough reports in the Vintage Mecca that Christopher Reeve has died.

Please, if there are any missing entries that you are aware of - feel free to let me know or send me a link and I'll fix it.

We are primarily interested in entries POST September of 2002 as prior to this time there was no D.B.B. at Rebelscum.

Watto's Junk Yard / Irony
« on: July 31, 2004, 10:40 PM »
I noticd this at CNN, and while I don't mean to make fun of the injured and potentially dying, I did find it ironic that a Casino deck collapsed - injuring, that's right - 52 people.

Fire chief: 52 injured in Montana Casino Deck Collapse

Watto's Junk Yard / KBZ now taking amusing photoshop requests.
« on: July 30, 2004, 10:34 AM »

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