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Vintage Kenner / Re: Latest vintage acquisition
« on: December 27, 2010, 09:43 PM »
Lots of great pickups lately from everyone. I thought I'd share my scores from CV and WizardWorld Chicago this past summer. Most of these figures are upgrades others are variants I needed. What's especially nice is that with the exception of the Yak-Face, I didn't pay more than $10 for any of the figures below...

R2-D2 (came in an opened baggie), Super clean Boba Fett, Molded Boot Rebel Soldier

Red-Logo AT-AT Driver, Admiral Ackbar, Snap Cape Jedi Luke (actually had the cape already, just scored the minty fig & weapons)

Hong Kong dark stripe Logray, Klaatu Skiff Guard, 8D8


Baggies! AT-AT Commander & Prune Face

Other pickups not pictured include a POTF General Lando with blaster which was used to complete my POTF Endor Luke. Also a funny pickup was a POTF2 Jedi Luke that came with ROTJ Endor Leia's helmet & poncho.

Only 2 more figures for a complete loose collection, maybe 2011 will finally be the year...

Vintage Trading and Classifieds / Re: CorranHorn's Vintage Trade List
« on: December 26, 2010, 10:53 PM »
Bumping with updates and pics.

Modern Classifieds / Re: CorranHorn's Clean-Up Sale 2010
« on: December 26, 2010, 10:41 PM »

Just like at retail, it's holiday clearance time here at my house. New items and any which are still available are listed above and I'm now offering the following deals...

* Buy 3 to 6 items and get 10% off!
* Buy 7 to 9 items and get 20% off!!
* Buy 10 or more items and get 30% off!!!

You've got another PM in your inbox.


The biggest issue I have with the Han is that they put the re-tooling on the wrong part. Instead of giving him a new head, they should have re-tooled the torso - Han's shirt was buttoned all the way up during the medal ceremony. It's great to see the VOTC sculpt back out, but this could have been done better.   :'(

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: Imperial AT-AT
« on: October 26, 2010, 11:36 PM »
Check your K-Marts for $50 AT-ATs kids + the $5 off coupon doesn't hurt.   :)

Awesome, thanks for posting this iFett! I saw it right before I left work this evening and after striking out at a couple of stores the 3rd time was the charm. With the sale and the coupon, I scored an AT-AT for $50, saving $60 off the regular price + tax. This is no doubt the deal of the year.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Fun With Google
« on: August 31, 2010, 09:21 PM »

next word: spoon

The 12" Fett is very popular, sells out fast. I was lucky to get 1 for myself.  ;D

Yeah, they're running $150+ on evilbay at the moment ::)  Thought about snagging one then thought better of it.

I saw them at CV running for $250, crazy!

It's been a week since CV came and went and now that's I've finally wound down from that I wanted to share some thoughts...

* I should have paid attention as to who was all coming to CV, would have been nice to meet some of the JD crew I didn't meet @ C3.

* Thursday for me was the best day for deals at the vendors, scored some great vintage pickups including a mint Boba Fett for $6! Thursday was also the day to catch up with a lot of old friends - Curto, Niubniub, old Listserv and BHC folks - as well as meeting new folks like Jayson, the Hasbro team, and several people at the Yakface/SWAN party. The Yak/SWAN team did a fantastic job for their party, it was a great atmosphere with loads of fun.

* Got to sit front row for the One Man SW Trilogy, that was a great show. The guy running it does a fantastic job of hamming it up and expressing visualizations without props. The control of lines by the con staff for this show was a bit hampered by the humongous line for Mark Hamill. My only complaint for the show was the poor handling of some of the lines, especially the entry line everyday.

* Huge props to the Belgium propmasters for bringing their full scale TIE Interceptor and Millennium Falcon Outrider interior. The details on all of their pieces were fantastic and they deserve all the kudos they were receiving throughout the weekend. The same goes for the Rebel Legion and their Snowspeeder and the crew who put together the Jabba/Cantina scene - I could never get in to the scene the line was always so long!

* The various panels were fantastic - Gus, Chris G, Duncan, and everyone else involved put together intriguing discussions on the various topics. I especially enjoyed the "Filming Locations" panel as I found out lots of details about various sets that I never knew - I always thought the Lars Homestead hut was an actual building in Tunisia, turns out it wasn't. A shame though that so many people were only interested in the cereal boxes and not the content of the panels, it made for some rather rude exits at the end of one of the panels I was in.

* Dave Filoni is AWESOME! If you were there and went to any of his sessions, especially the Saturday Clone Wars session, you understand why I say this. Do NOT hide what is inside! Can't wait for Season 3 to begin, Dathomiri Nightsisters, hell yeah!

* The entire Hasbro team deserves kudos as well, they were very open and willing to discuss whatever topic was on people's mind. Their displays were over the top cool, the Build-A-Droid trading idea was great, and getting to play with the R/C Hailfire Droid was sweet. Also getting to see a few hints at the sculptor's (Dave something or another :P) booth was cool - 2011 Han headsculpt was a big surprise, likely the Bespin Han since Derryl went all "no comment" on it. :) It was also interesting to sit on their panel to get an idea how it is ran, too bad they went too long would have liked to hear questions from the media.

Though by Sunday I was beat and had no desire to walk the halls any further, I wish CV had not ended. It was a great time and a stellar effort put on by everyone involved.

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: TRU Deluxe Yavin IV Tech and Sled
« on: August 19, 2010, 10:24 PM »
i'm the only one reading the presentation slide expansively to say that this will be part of an assortment of OT vehicles...

During the presentation, this slide was at the end and time was short, so they just mentioned this one set.  But yes, the slide does say "Saga Vehicles with Figure", which could mean anything.

It could mean a new exclusive assortment of new sets from the movies ('Saga' usually means all six movies, not just OT).  Or, it could be like the last time TRU carried an exclusive "Saga Vehicles with Figure" assortment, which ended up being just a repainted STAP and repainted Speeder Bike.

In other words, you may be right that there will be more, but since there is a high likelyhood that the other sets will just be more repaints/repack sets, no one really cares enough to comment on it.

This set is definitely part of the TRU exclusive deluxe vehicles that started late last year / early this year with the STAP and Speeder Bike. I personally saw no hints of what the other OT "item" is going to be, but I'm hoping Jesse's right and it's an update to the VME, that wold be so sweet! More than likely though we'll see another speeder bike with either Luke or Leia.

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: TRU "Battle of Endor" Pilot 4-packs
« on: August 19, 2010, 10:19 PM »
I'd like to see more Rogues done as well, and EU pilots, but they seem to be able to slip them out to retail easily enough.  

I wouldn't mind seeing some of the older pilots redone too.

Darryl agrees with you.  :)

You keeping something from me?  :-X

Yeah, we'd heard Rogues were high on the list in a Q&A at one point I think...  I just hope they don't abandon the older sculpted pilots is all.  Biggs is gargantuan and I think he's actually nearer to Luke's height (ironically), and now we could finally get average height Rebel X/Y-Wing pilots.  I'm game for that.

Talking to Derryl at the Yak/SWAN party - sorry Jayson that I talked his ear off when you were trying to catch up with him  :P - I found that he's a big fan of the Rogues and wants to find a way to get more of them out. Hopefully the EE set goes well and they'll have a precedent to do more as there's a desire to make more of the Rogues and comic packs in general.

Modern Classifieds / CorranHorn's 2011 Sale (10-30% off!)
« on: July 10, 2010, 04:52 PM »
Hi All,

Just like at retail, it's holiday clearance time here at my house. All items still available are listed below and I'm now offering the following deals...

* Buy 3 to 6 items and get 10% off!
* Buy 7 to 9 items and get 20% off!!
* Buy 10 or more items and get 30% off!!!

Prices are marked by each item as I'd like to try to get back what I paid for in most circumstances, but I will take offers. If you see a red X over an item that means it is no longer available. Some things to note:

1.) I accept Check, Money Order, or Cash (if you wish to risk that) for payment. I am not setup for receiving payments by Paypal so I cannot accept that, sorry! Personal checks require 5-10 business days to clear.
2.) My work schedule usually doesn't allow me to get to the post office until Saturday so delivery or postal rate inquiries will occur then.
3.) Delivery confirmation is required for all packages and I will do my best to provide exact postal rates (see above).

Please PM me with questions or if you want an item (or 3!). I'm not checking the Forums everyday so if I don't respond back right away don't worry I will get back to you. My feedback from a variety of sources can be seen Here!

So what's for sale?

- B-Wing Fighter (nose gun is broken, lower wing is cracked at joint, and the post on the lower cannon is broken ) w/ B-Wing Pilot (complete w/ original blaster) - $35

Vintage Mini-Rigs - $10 ea
- Radar Laser Cannon (complete but no stickers)
- Droids Side Gunner (incomplete, missing wing guns, cockpit gun, and part of the side gunner hatch)


*** 30AC Vehicles (all are MIB, box was opened to ensure all contents were inside) - $20 ea or both for $35
- Hailfire Droid
- Trade Federation AAT Tank

- POTF2 Collector's Fleet Rebel Blockade Runner, loose w/ box - $10

- POTJ Endor AT-ST Walker loose (right leg is warped) - $10

- Shadows of the Empire Swoop (Tri-Logo) MISB - $10

*** Carded Figures
- TPM Pit Droids - $8
- Clone Wars Red ARC Trooper - $10
- OTC Rabe - $8
- 30AC Celebration V McQuarrie C-3PO & R2-D2 - $15
- Action Masters Stormtrooper Die-Cast Figure from mid 90's - $3
- POTF2 Orange Carded Death Star Gunner - $5
- POTF2 Nien Nunb - $2
- POTF2 EV-9D9 - $2

*** Loose Figures (complete with all accessories) - $5 ea unless otherwise noted
- POTF2 EU Imperial Sentinel - $8
- POTF2 Pote Snitkin
- TPM Swimming Jar-Jar Binks
- TPM Opee (does not include Qui-Gon) - $1
- ROTS Preview Wookiee Warrior - $4
- ROTS Wookiee Commando (charcoal grey)
- ROTS Target Excl. Clone Trooper - $8
- TCW AT-TE Walker Clone Trooper

- Classic Star Wars Dark Horse Comics each sealed in a poly-bag and comes with a Topps SW Galaxy chase card. - $5 for all 3 comics


*** Transformers Takara SCF and Hasbro Heroes of Cybertron PVC figures. Each figure is complete unless noted and comes with a Takara SCF stand and is priced as marked below or $100 + shipping for all ***
- Pewter Omega Supreme - $10
- Pewter Overlord (has 2 right legs) - $5
- Pewter Go Shooter - $8
- Pewter Metal Hawk w/ Minerva - $8
- Pewter Devastator - $10
- Pewter Cyclonus - $8
- Pewter Convoy (Optimus Prime) - $8
- Pewter Convoy (Optimus Prime) w/ Communicator - $8
- Pewter Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime) - $8
- Clear Metroplex - $12
- Clear Rodimus Convoy (Rodmius Prime) - $8
- Clear Chromedome - $8
- Clear Six-Shot (missing both back pieces) - $5
- HoC Arcee - $5
- HoC Omega Supreme - $5
- HoC Powermaster Optimus Prime (Spark Attack) - $5

- 2007 Milwaukee Brewers Ted Simmons Bobblehead MIB - $5

10)  Noghri Warrior (Thrawn Trilogy)  Corran Horn (Green X-Wing uniform)...  Just for you Jason. :P

Thank you sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar my friend.

My list for EU figures hasn't changed since last year with the exception that I've re-added the Noghri since it appears questionable now if that comic pack with the Wookiee will be released.

1.) Corran Horn (Rogue 9 GREEN Jumpsuit from X-Wing Novels)
2.) Corran Horn (Jedi Master from NJO)
3.) Corran Horn (CorSec Officer from X-Wing Comics)
4.) Keiran Halcyon (I, Jedi)
5.) Noghri (Thrawn Trilogy)
6.) Mara Jade-Skywalker (Jedi Master from NJO)
7.) Mirax Terrik (X-Wing Novels/Comics)
8.) Bollux w/ Blue Max (The Original Han Solo Trilogy)
9.) Joruus C'Baoth (Jedi Master Clone from Thrawn Trilogy)
10.) Kiro w/ Hoojibs (Marvel Comic Series)

Wait is the regular price $9.99 for these figures?

At TRU for now it is, but Target's DCPI (posted by Jeff) rings up the figures at $7.99. So my guess is TRU is taking advantage of the situation of having the figures in stock first by jacking up the price.

An interesting note, I went to a TRU that several local collectors were able to get the figures earlier this week. Nothing on the shelves including no price tags. I asked at the customer service desk if they had any in the stock room and they said no they were cleared out. But the guy mentioned that after the first case was let out early (he referred to the street date as being today), they got permission from corporate to let loose on the remaining cases. Take that for what it's worth, but it could possibly mean that TRU as a whole is either ignoring Hasbro's street date in their own or has permission to do so from big H.

Target's in Chicagoland are clearing out left-over stock of the Wedge Antilles X-Wing for as low as $12.48. I was able to pick up a few last night for myself and a fellow collector. It's a great deal and I'm glad I held out on the set, if you held out too now might be the time to check your local Bulls-eye.

For anyone outside of the US who is already able to buy these at retail, can you give a description or image of the backside of the card? I don't believe Hasbro released a photo of the backside and I'm curious to see what they did. I'm hoping it's someone stylized like the old vintage cards.

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