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A couple of boards I hang out have recently upgraded to software versions which allow for videos (from YouTube or wherever) to be posted and playable directly in a forum thread post.

It's a cool feature and I was wondering if there was any way it could be implemented here at JD.

[The sites I've seen this at are DVDTalk, Home Theater Forum (both run different versions of VBulletin), and Galactic Hunter (Infopop).]

Watto's Junk Yard / Grand Theft Auto IV
« on: March 29, 2007, 03:56 PM »
One of the most-anticipated games of 2007 has also been one of the industry's best-kept secrets--for the next two hours, at least:

Trailer at 5:00 Central.

Star Wars Universe / Radio Dramas: Worth the bother?
« on: March 25, 2007, 09:40 PM »
I've got an opportunity to hear the radio dramas, but they're pretty long, and would take up quite a bit of room on my hard drive "bookshelf," so I'm wondering if they'd be worth the download "purchase."

I'm not much for EU, but I've always heard that these were really well-done and I've always been a little curious about them.

Any of you guys heard them?  Good?  Bad?  Neither?  All opinions welcomed.

Clone Wars may be coming to a handheld near you

Posted Mar 2nd 2007 3:13PM by Alisha Karabinus
Filed under: News

LucasArts announced that they'll be bringing Genndy Tartakovsky's distinctive designs to "a handheld" for a game based on the animated series Clone Wars. This will be the first handheld game developed in-house by LucasArts. EA's Feargus Carroll, who boasts a record that spans everything from comedy to squad-based games, is set to helm the project.

While we don't know that we'll be able to boast this title on the DS yet, as no platform has been announced, it just seems like a natural fit. We'll keep an eye on this developing story!

I've never had much interest in any of the handheld Star Wars games (the only one I've ever bought was Yoda Stories for the Game Boy Color, and it was probably one of the worst gaming purchases I've ever made), but if it's done right, this game, using the animated Clone Wars style, might be worth checking out.  Should be visually appealing, at least--hopefully it'll play as good as it'll probably look.

I'd guess this'll be coming out toward the end of the year for the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. . .

Watto's Junk Yard / Date, Marry, Kill
« on: February 19, 2007, 01:10 PM »
Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi


Watto's Junk Yard / Vista: Bueno?
« on: January 29, 2007, 09:37 AM »
Unless you've been living in a cave since last September, you probably know that Microsoft is releasing their Vista operating system this week.

Anyone planning on upgrading?  Anyone not?  Why or why not?

I just finally made the upgrade to XP a year ago, and it suits me just fine, at least for now--but I could probably be tempted to upgrade to Vista if it's that much better.  So I'm thinking I'll wait and see what the word of mouth is like, and maybe make the switch sometime later this year.



30th Anniversary Collection / 2007: Best year for Luke, ever?
« on: January 25, 2007, 12:56 AM »
So by my count, we're getting:

McQuarrie Luke
Tatooine Luke
Stormtrooper Luke
Ceremony Luke
Bespin Luke
Jedi Luke

And perhaps some sort of EU Luke with Mara Jade in the comic book 2-packs, as well as something in that Father's Day set, most likely.

And just last year, we finally got the Endor/Poncho Luke.

So really, the only Lukes we're not getting this year are the Hoth and Dagobah versions, which I'm fine with, since we got some decent versions of those back in 2004 (although I wouldn't mind seeing a new Hoth Luke maybe as part of the vintage line sometime in 2008 or 2009).

So, too much Luke this year?  Or are you glad they're finally going back and improving on the Lukes they've made over the last few years? 

Me, I'm really glad to see some new Lukes this year, but I'm kind of wondering if they're not blowing their Luke wad for the next couple of years.


Watto's Junk Yard / The DS Thread
« on: January 8, 2007, 02:53 PM »

(What were you expecting this topic to be about?)   ;D

So I finally snagged a black DS Lite over the holidays, and I gotta say, I love it.  I remember when the original DS came out, a little over two years ago, and I wasn't enthused about it at all--thought it was too gimmicky and would be too clumsy to use.  But they released all these games, that I kept reading all of these rave reviews for, and with the one-two punch of New Super Mario Bros. and the redesigned, ultra-sexy DS Lite last summer, my opinion on it changed for good.  I just wish I hadn't waited so long to grab one.

As far as games, I've got the afore-mentioned New SMB (which I'm currently working my way through), along with Brain Age (27!) and Clubhouse Games, which is a collection of forty-something card- and board-games and such, most of which can be played over WiFi with anyone around the world.  I've had a lot of fun with all of them so far.

But I'm gonna need something else to tide me over until October 15, so I'm looking forward to going back through and picking up the gems of the DS library--so pretty much everything made by Nintendo, along with maybe a few others.  I'm thinking probably Mario Kart DS, Tetris DS, and Big Brain Academy next, along with a few others.

So, any other DS gamers around here?  What all games do you have?  Any recommendations?  What upcoming titles are you looking forward to?

Watto's Junk Yard / The Office
« on: September 28, 2006, 11:20 AM »
I'm embarrassed and ashamed that we're now into the third season of the best comedy currently on television, and there's not a corresponding thread here about it. . .until now.

I just wanna say that I'm a manly-man who doesn't typically fall for sappy romantic stuff--especially when it involves fictional characters, but this whole Jim and Pam thing has turned me into a weepy thirteen-year-old girl.

JD Sports Forum! / NFL 2006-07
« on: September 8, 2006, 12:26 AM »
Time to update the thread title!

(And, for a non-dickhead thing to add:  Does anyone else confuse that San Diego defensive guy's name for "Utapau?")

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Sssllllllllooooooooowwwwwwww
« on: August 22, 2006, 12:44 AM »
Is the site running slow this evening for anyone else, or is it just me?

From Rebelscum's 6/24/06 411 report:


3 3/4" Limited Edition Vintage Assortment:

For the third wave of VOTC figures, we can expect much of the same, but as mentioned above, there is no point fixing what isn't broken. The new wave includes:


    Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
    Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)
    Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)

    Princess Leia Organa (Endor Battle Gear)


Something semi-interesting from this week's Q & A:

Is it Hasbro's intention to release all of the vintage Kenner figures in the high end vintage figure series? If so, will we be seeing an "ultimate" version of Leia(Bespin Gown) sometime in the future? (YF, 8/04/06)

Well, that would be nice to have such an end-point in mind. But rather than commit to that as the goal, we'll just have to say "wait and see" and take each wave as it comes. We're focusing on the higher demand figures first.


I may be reading too far into things, but to me, this almost confirms that re-doing the entire vintage line in this format isn't gonna happen.  And the reason is that, if they're going for the "higher demand" figures first (read: main characters, army builders, and iconic aliens), then by the time they get all of those guys out of the way, they're gonna be left with all of the second- and third-tier vintage figures.  You know:  the Rancor Keepers, the secondary Ewoks, the Nien Nunbs.  Mostly all the garbage Jedi figures, basically.

Here's the entire vintage range:

Star Wars

     Luke Skywalker (2004 VOTC)
     Princess Leia Organa (2004 VOTC)
     Chewbacca (2004 VOTC)
     See-Threepio (2004 VOTC)
     Darth Vader (2004 VOTC)
     Stormtrooper (2004 VOTC)
     Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (2004 VOTC)
     Han Solo (2004 VOTC)
     Jawa (RUMORED 2007 VINTAGE)
     Sand People (2006 VTSC)
     Death Squad Commander
     Greedo (2006 VTSC)
     Hammerhead (2006 Saga)
     Walrus Man
     Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot (2006 VTSC)
     R5-D4 (2006 Saga)
     Death Star Droid
     Power Droid
     Boba Fett (2004 VOTC)

The Empire Strikes Back

     Leia Organa (Bespin Gown) (2004 OTC)
     Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear) (RUMORED 2007 VINTAGE)
     Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear)
     Bossk (RUMORED 2007 VINTAGE)
     Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) (RUMORED 2007 VINTAGE)
     Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)
     Lando Calrissian (2004 VOTC)
     Bespin Security Guard
     Yoda (2004 VOTC)
     Dengar (2004 Saga)
     Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) (RUMORED 2007 VINTAGE)
     Lobot (2004 OTC)
     Princess Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)
     Rebel Commander
     AT-AT Driver (2006 Saga)
     Imperial Commander
     Artoo-Detoo (with Sensorscope) (2004 VOTC)
     See-Threepio (with removable limbs)
     Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear) (2004 Saga)
     AT-AT Commander
     (Twin-Pod) Cloud Car Pilot (2004 OTC)
     Bespin Security Guard (black)
     Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot (2004 Saga)
     Zuckuss (4-LOM)
     4-LOM (Zuckuss)

Return of the Jedi

     Admiral Ackbar
     Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) (RUMORED 2007 30AC)
     Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise) (2006 Saga)
     Gamorrean Guard
     Emperor's Royal Guard
     Chief Chirpa (2006 Saga)
     Logray (Ewok Medicine Man)
     Rebel Commando (2006 Saga)
     Squid Head
     General Madine (2004 Saga)
     Bib Fortuna (2006 Saga)
     Biker Scout (2006 VTSC)
     Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) (2004 Saga)
     Nien Nunb
     Princess Leia Organa (in Combat Poncho) (RUMORED 2007 VINTAGE)
     Wicket W. Warrick
     The Emperor
     B-Wing Pilot
     Klaatu (in Skiff Guard Outfit)
     Han Solo (in Trench Coat) (2006 VTSC)
     Prune Face
     AT-ST Driver
     Rancor Keeper

The Power of the Force

     Artoo-Detoo with pop-up Lightsaber
     Luke Skywalker (in Battle Poncho) (2006 Saga)
     Imperial Gunner (2006 Saga)
     Han Solo (in Carbonite Chamber) (2006 Saga)
     Luke Skywalker (Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit) (RUMORED MARVEL 2-PACK)
     Anakin Skywalker
     Lando Calrissian (General Pilot) (2004 Saga)
     A-Wing Pilot (RUMORED 2007 30AC)
     Imperial Dignitary
     Yak Face

Watto's Junk Yard / Top 5 Anything
« on: July 17, 2006, 12:15 PM »
Ripping this off the Wilco board; thought it might be fun here.

I'll get 'er started:

01. Ms. Pac Man
02. Galaga
03. Star Wars
04. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
05. Pac Man

Your turn

Just wondering. . .

JD Sports Forum! / Michael Jordan being sued for $416 million
« on: July 8, 2006, 08:30 AM »


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