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Feedback / AdamSolo's feedback
« on: February 10, 2005, 11:05 AM »
A little late, but I had a great transaction with Adam here, figure arrived safe and sound - thanks Adam :)

Watto's Junk Yard / 2005 - What are you watching?
« on: January 20, 2005, 12:41 AM »
I know we had a thread like this, but I searched and couldn't find it. So...

What television shows are you guys watching on a regular basis nowadays?

I admit that while my television watching has diminshed from when I was younger and had hours on end to just sit in front of the tube and veg out, it has actually gone up somewhat over the past month or so, due to one thing: TiVo. This thing is great. You can just tell it what shows you want to watch, and it records them. I know VCR's have been doing this for years, but this is different. It's just so much better.

Anyway, I have a small handful of shows that I watch regularly.

Alias: This is probably my favorite show right now, 'cause it never fails to entertain. And the fact that I can watch Jennifer Garner for almost an hour doesn't hurt any, either.

Lost: This is probably my favorite new show, since I started in on it a little late and missed a few episodes. I'm still confused as **** as to what's going on in this one, but it's still a very entertaining show week after week.

Adult Swim: I pretty much watch every show that falls under this banner. These are not your father's cartoons.

Chappelle's Show: Hands down, the funniest show on the air right now, cable or otherwise. I can't wait for season 3 to start up.

South Park: Another show that continues to entertain, week after week. It seems like no subject is too taboo for these guys, and they are right on top of current events almost all the time. I'm waiting for the Tsunami episode. You know it's coming.

The Simpsons: Continuously getting worse and worse, in my opinion, yet I can't seem to not watch when new episodes come on. Not saying it's a bad show, just that it's not as funny as it was like 10 years ago. Those were the days.

So, what are you guys watching?

1:6 Scale Figures and Collectibles / Old SAGA 12" still shipping?
« on: January 9, 2005, 11:32 PM »
In two different TRU stores I went into recently, I found an entire case of older SAGA 12" figures. The Genosian/Han/AT-ST Driver/Lando Skiff case. Now, this seems odd to me because both of the stores had the same case out on the floor. And each store had all 4 of them, and at least 2 of each. Do you think Hasbro is still shipping these, or is it just coincidence that two stores both had the same old cases in the back room and finally got around to putting them out?

Watto's Junk Yard / Ever get somebody hooked on Star Wars?
« on: January 5, 2005, 01:06 AM »
Have you ever gotten someone you know hooked on Star Wars?

One of my best friends works with me, and knows all about my Star Wars obsession. He's about the same age as I am, and he had all the toys when he was growing up. Then, like most kids, outgrew his toys, sold them and moved on. He just hasn't falled back into that second childhood that some of us here did.

Anyway, he was over my house back in early December, and he saw the Stormtrooper busts from Gentle Giant, and was remarking how awesome they were, and how the Stormtrooper was his favorite figure as a kid. So of course, when Christmas rolled around, I picked up an extra GG Stormtrooper bust for him, as well as going through some extra vintage figures that I had laying around and gave him those as well - I guess about 20 - 25 loose figures, including 2 or 3 Stormtroopers. Since then, he's gone totally ape**** about Stormtroopers, picking up 2 12" VOTC and a few other odds and ends here and there. I think his wife wants to kill me now, since he just put up a new shelf in the basement to house his newfound love - Stormtroopers. He hasn't fallen in 100% just yet, but I'm working on it  ;)

And now, he's also picking up some Clone Trooper stuff too, since they are so close in resemblance to the Stormtroopers. I told him about those EE exclusive packs, and he said he was going to order them.  ;D

A job well done, if I do say so myself.

Watto's Junk Yard / Official 2005 Movie Thread
« on: January 4, 2005, 11:19 AM »
OK, I couldn't find the old thread (and I admit that I didn't really look that hard - but I did look), so I started a new one  :P

Trailer is up for Ring Two

Looks interesting. Considering that I liked the first one, I'll probably check it out. Doesn't look like it was based on the original autor's sequel novel Spiral, but that might actually be a good thing.

Watto's Junk Yard / The Great 2005 Collector's Challenge
« on: January 2, 2005, 06:33 PM »
OK, so it's a new year, and time for a new list. And it looks like I didn't waste any time taking the "lead", if you will. If you're wondering exactly what this is, take a look here for last year's thread, which explains the rules and regulations. The only different thing I was thinking about doing for this year was just making it Star Wars related. Anything and everything Star Wars. Of course, I don't really collect too much else, but if anybody wants to add other stuff as well, feel free.


Most of this stuff is old, and could have been picked up last year, but I was so busy working all kinds of crazy hours for Christmas, I had to wait till today to stop by the comic shop and get it all.

Star Wars items:
Luke X-Wing Gentle Giant Mini-Bust $45
Gamorrean Guard Gentle Giant Mini-Bust $45
Clone Wars Red Arc Trooper Maquette $80
Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Maquette $80
Kotobukiya Boba Fett $100
Kotobukiya Anakin Skywalker $100
Kotobukiya Mace Windu/Yoda $95
Kotobukiya Han Solo $100
Kotobukiya Darth Maul $100
Master Replicas Mini Saber Darth Vader $40
Master Replicas Mini Saber Count Dooku $40
Master Replicas Mini Saber Darth Maul $40
Master Replicas Mini Saber Sith Collection Case $15
Star Wars Sandcrawler $60
Dark Horse SW:Obsession 1 & 2, SW:Empire 25, 26, 27, & 28. SW:Tales 21, SW:Republic 70, 71, & 72 $33
10 VOTC figures (R2, Chewie, Lando, Boba, Stormtroopers x6): $100
4 OTC figures (Lando General, General Madine, Han AT-ST x2): $20
SW Trilogy Gold Ingot poster: $17
Galactic Heroes and Post OTC Cantina Wave @ BBTS: $93.88
Entertainment Earth Exclusive Clone Troops sets: $335.99
12" AT-ST Driver/VOTC Chewie, R2, 3P0/POTC Pablo Jill @ TRU: $60.37
Star Wars Magnet set @ Action-HQ: $102.35
Kubricks series 3: $49
Yoda:Dark Rendezvous @ Barnes & Noble: $7.95
Post OTC Cantina figures (2x each): $52 including shipping exclusive Chrome Stormtrooper bust: $56.94 exclusive 2004 Comic-con Hyperspace shirt: $21.94
Action Figure Express exclusive holo sith lords bust ups: $17.94
Loose figures from SiteC here @ $31.85
Ep3 preview Grevious/Wookie/R4 & Season 3 Animated Anakin/Grevious @ Wal*Mart: $30.47
12" Luke/Wicket/Jawa & Saga Imperial Officer from RogueJEdiTJ here at $36
Shipping for a trade with CorranHorn here @ $3.85
Shipping on a few other trades from RS: $15.40

Star Wars Total: $2053.93 :o

Non-Star Wars items:
AVP Captured Alien Queen bust: $80
Army of Darkness mini figures: $75
various comic books: $160 (3 months worth)

Non Star Wars total: $315

Grand total: $2338.933

After last year's major underestimate on the total I would spend, I'm not even going to make an attempt at guessing for this year, with Episode 3 launch and C3 coming up, I expect it to be more than last year  :o

edit: okay, so I've decided to just keep track of everything I buy that can fit in the "collectibles" category, even though my spending is 95% Star Wars, I do buy other stuff on occasion. I won't be putting DVD's in there tho, even if I buy "Collector's sets" of DVD's.

And this month's total is somewhat of an anomaly, since I'm catching up on almost 3 months worth of stuff, and had some extra holiday cash to spend. I don't think I'll be spending this much each month of the new year (or at least I hope I don't  :-\ )

I can't wait till this month ends already  ::)

Watto's Junk Yard / Favorites of 2004
« on: December 31, 2004, 08:32 PM »
OK, since the new year is just about here, I thought now would be as good a time as any to go over some Favorites from the previous 12 months. Leaving out the toy and collectible categories, since they can go in their respective sections here at the site, this is the list I came up with. Feel free to add categories as you see fit.

Favorite Movie You Saw in 2004
I would have to say my favorite "new" movie of the year has to be Shaun of the Dead. I laughed the entire way through it. Loved every old school horror film homage as well. A close - very, very close - second place would have to be Hero. Awesome movie.

Favorite DVD Release of 2004
While the winner of this category would seem to be a no-brainer at this particular site, I'm going to go against the grain (and I'm sure I won't be alone) and say that the LOTR:ROTK EE DVD was the best release of the year. It puts the Star Wars Trilogy box set to shame with the amount of extras it includes. This is what the Trilogy box set should have been.

Favorite CD of 2004
I'm gonna have to say that Kanye West's "College Dropout" gets my vote as best CD of the year. Although, if Jay-Z & DJ Dangermouse's Grey Album was a legit disc, and not a bootleg, it would have gotten the nod instead.

Best New Book of 2004
Being a huge Stephen King fan, I'm gonna have to say that "The Dark Tower: The Dark Tower, Part 7" was my favorite book of the year. I know that plenty of King fans absolutely hated the way he ended the saga, I thought it was okay. Not great, and could have been better, but okay. The simple fact that he finished the saga and released this book was more than enough for me to vote it #1.

Best Book You Read in 2004
Not neccesarily a new book, but a book you read for the first time this year. I would say that "The Ring" by Koji Suzuki would be it for me. Yeah, we all saw The Ring movie(s), and I liked both the original Japanese and the American remake, but this book is just so much better, going deeper into the Sadako storyline and explaining how she was able to do some of the stuff that happens. Great read.

Favorite "Trend" of 2004
Keeping with The Ring theme for a minute, I think the trend of Japanese and other Asian Cinema making a bigger impact on American audiences in 2004 was a great thing. Some of the best movies I saw this year were made overseas. I hope that trend continues.

There were more categories before, but we had a little forum downtime, and I lost my original post, and can't remember all the ones I had before  :(

Feedback / Rogue Jedi TJ's feedback
« on: December 20, 2004, 10:04 PM »
Tony here sent me a package so quick, I was going to ask him if my money order had arrived yet, but the package was here on the morning I was going to ask!! It was a little frozen, but that's not his fault :)

Thanks for the quick and easy transaction Tony, and my buddy will thank you as well for his Christmas gift that arrived in time (a nice Jorg Sacul - I'm a hella nice guy, ain't I??)

Watto's Junk Yard / What was the first album you remember buying?
« on: December 4, 2004, 09:54 PM »
So, I was looking through my cd collection today, and it got me thinking.... what was the first album I ever bought? And when I say album, I'm talking real vinyl here. Yeah, I'm a dinosaur, blah blah blah... but when I got into music there was nothing better than good 'ol vinyl. Sure, I had a cassette player, and an 8 track that was the old man's, but you couldn't beat vinyl back then. But if you never bought music on vinyl, what was the first CD you bought? Or if you bought both, what did you buy?

That said, the first album I ever bought was Destroyer by KISS - 1976. Still one of my all time favorite albums, and my favorite KISS album by far. Well, technically I didn't buy it, 'cause I was 6, but I asked for it to be bought for me. And I listened to it constantly. I think even my parents started knowing the words to some of the tracks, just from repition.

Skipping ahead a few years, the first actual CD I bought was an album by metal band VoiVod called Nothingface - back in 1989. Hearing a CD for the first time really opened my eyes to the true nature of music. It was an amazing difference in quality from vinyl and cassette tape.

So what did you guys buy?

OK, before I start, I just want to preface this by saying there may be some spoilers for some of the films that I'm going to use as examples, so if you don't want to have them spoiled for you, I suggest you don't read this.


I was thinking the other day about some of the films I've been watching lately, and how more and more of the bigger hollywood blockbusters that have been coming out are all based on books - LOTR, Harry Potter, etc.

My question is this: do you think that knowing the storylines and the ending of some of these films lessens the enjoyment factor for you? Would you have enjoyed LOTR:ROTK more if you didn't know that Aragorn was the king, and that Gollum falls into the pit of Mount Doom and destroys The Ring? (Actually, I guess that last statement is more relevant to the last section of this post)

Do you think that because you already know that Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader that you will enjoy the film any less than someone who doesn't already know this? Not that I think there are too many people who don't know that, but I'm sure that there are some children or people who have been living in caves for the past 20+ years that don't know yet. So do you think they will enjoy ROTS more because it will more of a "shock" to them when they find out that Anakin is Darth Vader?

Or do you think that because you already know what's supposed to happen (at least in the Harry Potter and LOTR films, if you read the book) that it actually enhances the enjoyment, because you get to see what a game of Quidditch looks like, or you get to see what Valdemort looks like? You get to see what Minas Tirith looks like, and see if what you imagined it to be is anywhere close to what it appears like on the screen?

Do you get mad when they change things around from what was printed in the books? Aragorn going over a cliff after fighting with the Wargs? Huh? Did I miss that chapter? Gollum fighting with Frodo and tehy both fall over the cliff into Mount Doom, and Frodo is saved by Sam? What?? Again, did I miss a chapter? What happened to Gollum's happy dance? And what about the scouring of the shire? I know that there are supposed to be things that are going to be added to the EE of ROTK, but I haven't seen that yet, so I'm just going on the theatrical versions.

I'd like to hear how you guys feel.

Watto's Junk Yard / Favorite Director of all time?
« on: November 26, 2004, 01:13 AM »
OK, alot of us are film fans here, so I figured I would ask this question: who is your favorite director of all time?

For me it would have to be Takashi Miike. I know, some (most?) of you are saying "who"? But take a look at his filmography - over the last 12 years, the guy's made 69 films!! Granted, none of them have been hollywood blockbusters - as a matter of fact, I don't think a single film that he has made has even had a theatrical run in the United States, outside of maybe Audition. And that was in some small art house theaters.

Yes, some of the films are made for TV, and I believe that one or two of the following are actually TV shows in Japan. But jeez, most American directors might make 10 films in 12 years. And before you start saying, "Well, I'll bet most of those fims suck" - you're wrong. Miike is considered by many to be the best Japanese director of all time. Lots of people call him the Japanese Tarantino, because his films are almost always (99%) hyper-violent. But if you're looking for action and great storytelling, and don't mind subtitles (or can understand Japanese) I would recommend any film on this list. FYI - the ones marked ** are the ones I've at least seen, and own 99% of those on dvd. The unmarked ones are films I have not seen yet, but I would still recommend them based on what I've read online at other sites. The guy has not made a bad film yet.

ˇ Zebraman **
ˇ Chakushin Ari / One Missed Call **
ˇ Izo: Kaosu Mataha Fujori no Kijin

ˇ Koshonin (TV movie)
ˇ Yurusarezaru Mono / The Man in White / The Unforgiven
ˇ Gozu / Gokudo Kyofu Daigekijo: Gozu **
ˇ Kikoku **

ˇ Jitsuroku Ando Noboru Outlaw-den Rekka / Deadly Outlaw: Rekka / Violent Fire **
ˇ Dead or Alive: Final / Dead or Alive 3 **
ˇ Onna Kunishu Ikki
ˇ Sabu (TV Movie)
ˇ Shin Jingi no Hakaba / Graveyard of Honor - also cameo role **
ˇ Pandora
ˇ Kinyu Hametsu Nihon: Togenkyo no Hito-bito / Shangri-la

ˇ Family - also cinematographer
ˇ Visitor Q / Love Cinema Vol. 6 **
ˇ Koroshiya Ichi / Ichi the Killer **
ˇ Araburu Tamashii-tachi / Agitator / Outlaw Souls - also cameo role **
ˇ Katakuri-ke no Kofuku / The Happiness of the Katakuris **
ˇ Zuido Genso: Tonkararin Yume Densetsu
ˇ Kikuchi-jo Monogatari: Sakimori-tachi no Uta

ˇ Tajuu Jinkaku Tantei Saiko: Amamiya Kazuhiko no Kikan / MPD Psycho (TV series) **
ˇ Hyoryuu-gai / The City of Lost Souls / The City of Strangers / Hazard City
ˇ Tengoku Kara Kita Otoko-tachi / The Guys from Paradise **
ˇ Dead or Alive 2: Tobosha / Dead or Alive 2 **
ˇ Tsukamoto Shinya ga Rampo / The Making of Gemini

ˇ Tennen Shojo Man Next (TV Series) **
ˇ Tennen Shojo Man (TV Series) **
ˇ Nihon Kuroshakai / Ley Lines **
ˇ Silver
ˇ Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha / Dead or Alive **
ˇ Salaryman Kintaro
ˇ Tennen Shojo Man Next: Yokohama Hyaku-ya-hen (TV movie)
ˇ Audition **

ˇ Chugoku no Chojin / The Bird People in China **
ˇ Andromedia
ˇ Kishiwada Shonen Gurentai: Bokyo-hen/Young Thugs: Nostalgia **
ˇ Blues Harp

ˇ Kishiwada Shonen Gurentai: Chikemuri Junjo-hen/Young Thugs: Innocent Blood **
ˇ Jingi Naki Yabo 2
ˇ Full Metal Gokudo / Full Metal Yakuza **
ˇ Gokudo Kuroshakai / Rainy Dog **

ˇ Shin Daisan no Gokudo 2
ˇ ShinDaisan no Gokudo: Boppatsu Kansai Gokudo Senso
ˇ Osaka Saikyo Densentsu: Kenka no Hanamichi
ˇ Jingi Naki Yabo
ˇ Rakkasei / Peanuts
ˇ Kenka no Hanamichi: Oosaka Saikyo Densetsu
ˇ Gokudo Sengokushi: Fudo / Fudoh: The New Generation **

ˇ Daisan no Gokudo
ˇ Bodyguard Kiba: Shura no Mokushiroku 2
ˇ Nani wa Kinyuden, Minami no Teio: Special Gekijyoban (dir. Sadaaki Haginiwa) - producer
ˇ Nani wa Yukyoden
ˇ Shinjuku Kuroshakai: China Mafia Senso / Shinjuku Triad Society **

ˇ Shinjuku Outlaw
ˇ Bodyguard Kiba: Shura no Mokushiroku

ˇ Bodyguard Kiba
ˇ Oretachi wa Tenshi ja Nai 2
ˇ Oretachi wa Tenshi ja Nai

ˇ Ningen Kyoki / Human Murder Weapon

ˇ Toppuu! Minipato tai / Eyecatch Junction
ˇ Ai to Urugari no Hyaku-oku Yen / Last Run (TV movie)
ˇ Koroshi no Prelude / Lady Hunter
ˇ Shimanto-gawa

ˇ Peesuke: Gatapishi Monogatari
ˇ Ronin-gai

ˇ Kuroi Ame / Black Rain

ˇ Kujaku O / Hung Cheuk Wong Ji / Kong Qiao Wang Zi / Legend of the Phoenix / Peacock King

ˇ Zegen

So who's your favorite director?

Watto's Junk Yard / Hamburger Helper Anyone?
« on: November 24, 2004, 09:09 PM »
Anybody else love to chow down with some delicious Hamburger Helper from time to time? Or at least once a week? I discovered the deliciously beefy goodness late in life, since while I was growing up my Mom actually cooked a real meal every night. But once I moved out, my first roomate introduced me to the food of the gods!! Ever since then, I've had to make HH at least once a week. So many flavors to choose from...



Watto's Junk Yard / Any MSTies here?
« on: November 19, 2004, 12:56 AM »
Anyone else love that kooky sci-fi jokefest otherwise known as Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K for short)? I fell in love with the show in the early 90's (late 80's maybe??) and watched it religiously when it was on Comedy Central, and then Sci-Fi Channel. I've picked up every DVD that Rhino has made available, and even picked up some "unofficial" episodes on DVD. Recently, and I don't know why, I've been going through a boom in my MST3K watching, like it's new all over again. I made a list of the episodes that I have here, which is also a pretty complete (as far as I know) episode list. If anyone is into trading, let me know.

Watto's Junk Yard / Greatest Album of All Time?
« on: November 10, 2004, 12:51 AM »
So here we go. If you had to pick one album - one (1) - not a list of top three, not a list of "these are my favorites" - one single album that you feel is the greatest album of all time, never to be matched again by any musical artist past, present, or future... what would it be?

I'm a huge music lover, I like all kinds of music, have over 5,000 cd's in my collection, so if I can single out a single album, you can too. For me, there can be only 1:

1. Angel Of Death
2. Piece By Piece
3. Necrophobic
4. Altar Of Sacrafice
5. Jesus Saves
6. Criminally Insane
7. Reborn
8. Epidemic
9. Postmortem
10. Raining Blood

Arriving in 1986, this was the fastest, most aggressive, insane metal album I had heard up to that point, and it still is to this day. Clocking in at a ridiculous 28 minutes of unbridled ferocity never to be matched, it's a disc I've listened to hundreds of times over the past 18 years (Geez, 18 years. I'm getting old  :( ). And I can still, to this day, put this disc in my player, hit the repeat button, and listen to it non-stop for hours at a time. Never get tired of it. I've worn out three copies on disc already, and I'm sure I'll be wearing out a few more before I go "postmortem" myself.

So, what's your greatest album of all time?

Watto's Junk Yard / Halo 2
« on: November 6, 2004, 06:50 PM »
I've been playing Halo 2 almost non-stop for the past several days, since I was able to snag an early copy, and this has to be the best looking, best gameplay, most addicting video game I've ever seen. These arenas are huge!!

Anybody else planning on grabbing a copy when it comes out?

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