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Collections / Deanpaul's Stuff
« on: March 21, 2004, 11:25 AM »
I found some old pictures on my iDisk this weekend that I forgot were there. They're a little out of date, but you can check them out here:

I need to design some shelves to get the stuff spread out more and off the floor.

Any suggestions?

Watto's Junk Yard / 5 free songs at iTunes - Your picks
« on: March 12, 2004, 12:42 PM »
I've won 5 songs so far through Pepsi/Apple iTunes.

Hard part is deciding what to get. Do I get the one hit from one-hit-wonders? Do I mix it up and go for a wide variety? I checked the "What's Spinning?" thread for ideas, but I'm looking for a range here.

What would you do? Who would you choose? My music tastes are all over the map.

Toy Reviews / Gold Freakin' Leader
« on: February 20, 2004, 02:17 AM »
I managed to pick up Antilles, Dodonna and Gold Leader at the front of the wave vs. the back. I’m usually trailing most other collectors, so to celebrate and share the love I’m writing reviews for each.

Gold Leader

Overall, I’m really happy with the new Gold Leader figure. Hasbro has packed some nice detail into this sculpt. There are a few details here that I suspect were test runs of things we’ll see in future figures as much as they are natural progression of the line and the ability of it’s designers. The transparency and refraction of the visor plastic is an improvement over Porkins and Luke.

Ultimately, this guy was sculpted to shoot stuff and then be posed to make everyone stand around and hear about it.

His articulation is great. I was surprised that his knees both bend and swivel. A mild annoyance is that the strap sometimes pulls out of his back when rotating his hips to a sitting position. This can be avoided by holding the straps securely in his back while bending his legs. It’s not nearly as annoying as loosing the Ventress head, which my 15 month old manages to pop off daily. Ah well, as long as he doesn't swallow it.

The leg movement allows for great dance moves that were unheard of for vintage figures from my childhood.

His right arm has elbow and shoulder articulation, and his left glove and shoulder also rotate. The left glove is a little awkward, the opening seems exaggerated.

Another odd choice is the up/down neck movement in addition to the left/right (think the new Hoth Luke). Odd because the movement is so minor here as to be nearly unnoticeable. This is picking nits, but I would have preferred a working holster added to the flight suit (think Han Solo’s leg strap version) instead of head nodding action.

Perhaps it helps him spot bogies coming at him at 10 o’clock. If anyone were come after the Gold Leader figure, he could spot them a mile away. His eyes, and head, are huge. Also enlarged is his weapon. Gold Leader, Antilles and Dodonna all sport new and improved side arms. These three pack a little more punch than our friend the Rebel Fleet Trooper.

Bigger guns are good, because like I said earlier, this dude is built tozap baddies and talk up his exploits to anyone that will listen.

I recommend picking one up. At the very least, he’ll tell all your other figures stories while you’re at work or school all day.

Toy Reviews / Captain Antilles
« on: February 18, 2004, 10:48 AM »
Just some quick notes on Captain Antilles, with the disclaimer that this is not a “traditional” review. Whatever that means.

My buddy the Black Dog posted the following in a just found thread:

Originally posted by The Black Dog:
[QB] ...not sure on Antilles, would like to see Admiral Ozzel before buying also. I call the Rebel Hoth Trooper Buzz Lightyear, and Antilles to me looks like he will be undersized and similar to the Hoth Trooper so I am calling him "Buzz Jr." Hopefully I am wrong and they did a fair job on the figure.  Just looks too boyish in the pictures. Off to my Wally to see if they got him in! [/QB]

First observation is that his swivel elbows (think fleet trooper knees) make him good at reaching for his throat and throwing his arms limply behind him whilst being choked, but he’s kind of a turd at much else. Except poses which require him to look like he is touch typing.

He is definitely a back of the line kind of fighter.

Like the Black Dog, I also assign pop culture identities to my figures. My Hoth Trooper will now forever be “Buzz Lightyear”. Just like General Rieken is my John Kerry. So who is Captain Antilles? How ‘bout Hallie Jo Osment with his typical vacant look?

One cool feature I had read about was the extendo-neck action. Those folks at Hasbro are sick bastards. We’re talking a good 1/8” movement here.

But TBD’s big question was “how does he stack up against the Hoth shorty”?

Well, quite well actually.

Antilles: Pete, I know you’re height makes you an ideal candidate for my crew, fighting in confined spaces and all... But you’ve got killer gas. It creeps me out and the crew doesn’t like it either. I’m reassigning you somewhere outdoors.

Trooper: You’ll regret this Captain! Maybe not today. And maybe not tomorrow. But someday and soon. You’ll find yourself with an Imperial Cruiser on your tail, and Stormtroopers knocking at the door – then you’ll wish you had speedy Pete around...

Antilles: Talk to the hand.

Kerry: C’mon stinky Pete. I’ve got about a million hectacres on Hoth you can let loose on while we work to defeat the evil Republican empire.

Watto's Junk Yard / Antispam registry?
« on: February 9, 2004, 01:45 AM »
Is this group the real deal? I only counted two whole spelling errors in their email to me instead of the usual 12+.

This is the email I got from them:

This Notice is to inform you that during a recent investigation and recovery of a major spammers list of contacts on Feb 2, 2004, Your email address was among the recovered addresses. As a result of this investigation you should notice a decrease in the amount of spam you were receiving. We cannot however place your address on the National Do Not email list without your permission, Thus the reason for this letter please have your email address included in this Do Not Email list by visiting and follow the FREE Registration link to be included. This notice is only sent as a courtesy.
May we suggest that you either submit your address to The National Anti Spam Registry or become a member of The National Anti Spam Registry for anti spam support or finally update your current anti spam software.
The National Anti Spam Registry will be destroying this email list as we have done with previous list siezures, We will never send you another email to this address. We debated for many hours on a course of action due to the sheer size of this recovered list and we decided it would be in the best interest to inform all persons that were on this list via a one time letter. We would also like to inform you that The National Anti Spam Registry does infact offer protective support for individual email addresses.
This message is intended for the addressees only. It may contain confidential or privileged information. No rights to privilege have been waived. Any copying, retransmittal, taking of action in reliance on, or other use of the information in this communication by persons other than the addressees is prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please reply to the sender by e-mail and delete or destroy all copies of this message.
National Anti Spam Registry
P.O.Box 2371
Hammond , LA

What do you think? No way in heck am I giving them my address...



Newbies / My bags were (temporarily) packed for me.
« on: January 9, 2004, 09:43 AM »
I didn't shoot the sheriff. And I only grazed the deputy. Nevertheless, I fought the law and the law won.

I found my bags (temporarily) packed for me, and left curbside.

Thanks for the new home / vacation condo.

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