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Saga '02-'04 / Re: R1-G4
« on: January 9, 2004, 12:54 PM »
The head rotates?  I guess I just didn't try turning it hard enough--I couldn't get anything to twist.

Saga '02-'04 / R1-G4
« on: January 9, 2004, 12:51 PM »
The detailing on this is nice.  I am disappointed that nothing on it moves except the 2 little clamp arms (which really don't do that much).

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Hoth Wave
« on: January 9, 2004, 12:50 PM »
I received an R-3PO.  Again, not one of t hose figures that you really even see in the move.  It does have nice details, but would it be too hard to give any protocol droid some articulation?  

Power of the Jedi / Re: Darth Vader, Emperor's Wrath
« on: January 9, 2004, 12:45 PM »
It also should have had a removeable helmet, but then I suppose it wouldn't have had the cool transluscent effect . . .

My wife did get me a few figures (even though she doesn't necessarily like my habit).  She happened to get one figure that I already had, and when she exchanged it she found an R1-G4 which I hadn't even seen out yet.

I'm looking for the droid factory piece and the columns that came with the Geonosis Arena Playset. (other wants are listed below)

WANTS (LOOSE or damaged card prefered--the cheaper the better):

Han AT-ST (or Saga version)

VOTC: Vader, Stormtrooper, Chewie

Queen Amidala

All Expanded Universe Figures
Admiral Motti (CTC)
Hooded Princess Leia with Sporting Blaster (CTC)
Endor & Hoth Playsets

Naboo Royal Guard (with helmet)
Destroyer Droid (Battle Damaged)
Queen Amidala (Battle)
Sio Bibble
Theed Hangar Playset

SNOWTROOPER (The Battle of Hoth)
THE EMPEROR (Throne Room)
Padme AMIDALA (Lars' Homestead)
R2D2 Jabba's Barge
ADMIRAL Ozzel (Executor Assault)
HAN Solo (Endor Strike disguise) - or OTC version

Spider Droid
Hailfire Droid

Clone Wars:
OBI-WAN KENOBI (General of the Republic Army)
ASAJJ VENTRESS (Sith Apprentice)
CLONE TROOPER (Super Articulated)
Animated figures (Except Dooku)

Vintage Boushh's helmet
three vintage Bespin blasters

Vehicles from the Original Trilogy (TIE bomber, TIE interceptor, Vader's TIE,? Y-wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, snowspeeder)

Force File for Security Droid

Freeze Frames (slides only): Admiral Ackbar, At-St Driver, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Death Star Trooper, Emperor Palpatine, Garindan, Grand Moff Tarkin, Han Solo (not Carbon Freeze or Endor), Hoth Soldier, Nien Nunb, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yak Face, Sandtrooper, Tie Pilot, Weequay



Protech Case that will fit most Saga Ultra figures (e.g. Ewok w/ Glider)

Watto (card slightly bent)

General Leia

Hoth Luke
Holo Luke
Tusken Raider w/ Massif

Loose (all figures complete unless otherwise noted):
SAGA Endor Solider (no beard)
SAGA Qui Gon Jinn
SAGA Padme Arena Escape (no gun)
SAGA Deluxe force flipping Obi Wan
SAGA Deluxe force flipping Dooku
POTJ General Leia
POTJ Bespin Leia (complete but no force file)
POTJ Bespin Guard (no force file)
POTF FX Emperor Palpatine w/ background & lightning bolts
POTF Captain Piett (no accessories)
POTF Ugnaughts (both)
POTF Lobot
POTF Hoth Han
POTF Dengar
POTF General Lando
POTF Tusken Raider (no weapon)
POTF Ponda Baba (without weapon) & Ponda Baba from cinema scene
EU speeder bike w/ figure
EU cloud car w/ figure
Han & Luke Gunner Stations
3 force effects from Deluxe AOTC Yoda (no figure)

I also have some loose Star Trek figures for trade including Lt. Yar, Capt. Picard, B'elana Tores, Geordi LaForge.

Other trades considered. Buying/selling also an option. Please email if interested

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