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Modern Classifieds / WTB: Clone Wars animated Wave 3 figures.
« on: January 8, 2005, 09:50 AM »
No luck so far finding them in my area.  I am in need of the following:

Red Clone
Blue Clone
Yellow Clone
Arc Trooper
General Grievous
New version of Anakin

I open almost all of my figures, but this is one line I am leaving carded, therefore I need them mint on near mint/mint card.  If you can help please post a reply or PM me.  Thanks for looking.   :)

I currently have four sets of three left.  I would rather not split them up right now.  I am asking $20.00 shipped Priority mail with dc#.  Thanks for looking.


Modern Classifieds / Need to sell a lot of my collection.
« on: May 15, 2004, 08:44 AM »
I have not lost any love for this hobby. I love it, and enjoy it now more than ever. Unfortunatley between student loans, 16 weeks of 55 hour a week unpaid student teaching, and my bad spending habits I have accumulated $8000 in credit card debt. I really didn't think it was as bad as it is, but I guess I was in denial. I am not necessarily desperate to sell it, but I would like to be debt free as soon as possible. I started collecting about 16 months ago, so I had to pay ebay type prices for the older stuff. I will be honest, I am looking for as much as I can get out of everything. I am not selling any of my Kubrick collection, Hellboy collection, loose Spawn figures, or Star Wars related items. Everything else is up for grabs. I will give this until a week from Sunday before I start going to ebay. I hope someday to rebuild it without using the evil plastic cards. Everything that I have that is still in the package is some of the nicest MOMC, MIMB stuff you will find. I am very picky about that kind of thing. Thanks, and let me know if we can help each other out. Now for the list

To start it off. Prices do not include shipping. I only ship Priority with delivery confirmation. Will add insurance if requested and the additional shipping charge is paid for. I will ship outside the U.S.


Movie Maniacs:

Series 2
Crow MOMC $18.00
Mike Myers MOMC $18.00
Chucky MOMC $14.00
Bride of Chucky boxed set MIMB $20.00

Series 3
Ash, loose, mint, and complete $12.00

Series 4
Freddy Krueger MOMC $20.00
Jaws boxed set MIMB $60.00

Series 5
Complete set of 6. Will sell as a set only. All are MOMC. Long chest plate Endo, Connor with ponytail and hat on, and open mouth Tooth Fairy $100.00
Alien vs. Predator boxed set MIMB $20.00
Loose Alien from boxed set complete with light up base mint. $8.00

Series 6
Both pred's and both alien's. Will sell as a set only. All MOMC. $40.00
Alien Queen MIMB $18.00
Loose, mint, and complete Predator 2 $10.00
Loose, mint, and complete Dog Alien $5.00

Exclusive's and fishtanks
Stealth Predator MOMC $70.00
Freddy vs. Jason fishtank mint with sealed shrinkwrap $60.00
Crow fishtank mint with sealed shrinkwrap $45.00

Series 14 Mandarin Spawn red MOMC $25.00
Spawn the Black Heart MOMC $15.00

Series 15 Cyber Spawn Mint on near mint card $12.00

Series 17 Medieval Spawn II MOMC regular paint and card bloody sword and base variant $18.00
Spawn V MOMC regular paint and card $18.00
Tiffany II MOMC regular paint and card $13.00

Series 19 Jackal Assassin MOMC $7.00
Samurai Spawn MOMC $7.00
Scorpion Assassin MOMC $10.00
Lotus Angel MOMC bloody sword variant $20.00

Series 20 Domina MOMC bare legs $10.00
Spawn VI MOMC masked with guns $30.00
Overtkill III MIMB boxed set $20.00

Series 21 Spawn VII MIMB boxed set with throne $35.00
Wings of Redemption Spawn MOMC $35.00
She-Spawn II MOMC $18.00
Raven Spawn, loose, mint, and complete $6.00

Series 22 Valkerie MOMC original $16.00
Valkerie MOMC repaint $15.00
Skullsplitter MOMC repaint $16.00
Spawn the Bloodaxe MOMC repaint $10.00
Berserker the troll MOMC original $13.00
Spawn Thunderhoof boxed set MIMB $25.00

Spawn Reborn Wings of Redemption MOMC $12.00
Redeemer, loose, mint, and complete $5.00

Series 23 Warrior Lilith MOMC no bra $10.00
Malebolgia loose, mint, and complete $5.00
Spawn loose, mint, and complete $5.00
Al Simmons loose, mint, and complete, $5.00
Kin unopened, but package has price sticker's on it. $5.00

Series 24 Set of 7 MOMC with CC Exclusive $75.00
Spawn 24 boxed set MIMB $15.00
Series 24 masked Santa & Halloween MOMC $30.00

Series 25 Set of 6 MOMC with Biker Chick repaint and Wal-Mart Raven Spawn $70.00

Arsenal of Doom fishtank mint with sealed shrinkwrap $25.00

CC Exclusive's
Lotus Angel MOMC $75.00
Original Biker Chick MOMC $75.00
Urizen with blue signature MOMC $120.00

McFarlane Terminator 3 set of four (both Arnold's have shades) MOMC $40.00
12" Arnold Terminator with shades and sound chip. $15.00

McFarlane Twisted Land of Oz set of 7 with bare Dorothy and CC Monkeys MOMC $90.00

Metal Gear Solid fishtank mint with sealed shrinkwrap $30.00

Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman boxed set MIMB $30.00

CC Exclusive X-Files Flukeman MOMC $15.00

McFarlane Soul Calibur II set of 7 with both masked and unmasked Spawn's MIMB $60.00

McFarlane Derrick Brooks & Rich Gannon 2 pack MIMB $18.00
NBA 6 Carmalo Anthony regular MOMC $10.00
NBA 6 Allen Iverson white jersey variant MOMC $10.00


McFarlane series one set of five. Will sell as a set only. MOMC $90.00
McFarlane series 2 set of six. Will sell as a set only. MOMC $45.00
McFarlane series 2 loose, mint, complete, set of six. $30.00
Loose, mint, and complete Agent Smith $6.00
Loose, mint, and complete Neo & Trinity from series 1 $10.00 for the pair.
A.P.U. boxed set MIMB $20.00
Chateau boxed set MIMB $20.00
Sentinel boxed set MIMB $20.00
All three Matrix boxed sets for $53.00
Loose Sentinel with two claw pieces not attached. Could be fixed with a little time invested. $10.00

N2 Toys
Matrix series one set of six. MOMC. Regular Trinity, Neo, Morpheus, Cypher, Agent Smith, and code Agent Smith. $35.00

Loose, mint, & complete series 2 Tank & Mr. Anderson $5.00 for the pair

Bullet Dodge Neo MOMC $20.00

Series one set of six MOMC. $45.00
Series two set of six MOMC. $45.00
Both sets for $80.00
18" Pinhead MIMB $35.00

18" Jason MIMB $35.00
Gremlins series one set of four MOMC $40.00

Animal House Bluto figure, loose, mint, and complete $5.00

Mez-Itz all loose, mint, and complete
Regular Predator set of three $7.00
SDCC Exclusive Stealth Predator set $15.00
Alien series one set $7.00
Army of Darkness set $7.00
Cinema of Fear set $9.00

Modern Trading / Haves/Wants
« on: April 15, 2004, 04:14 PM »

Rowlf MOMC
Janice Repaint MOMC
Newsman MOMC
Statler MOMC
Waldorf MOMC
Clifford MOMC
Patrol Bear Fozzie MOMC

Sammael MOMC

Sportspicks NBA 6:
Iverson 2 white jersey variant MOMC
Carmelo Anthony regular MOMC

Star Wars 3 3/4":
Bossk MOMC
Dengar MOMC
Tie-Fighter Pilot MOMC
Dutch Vander MOMC
Captain Antilles MOMC
Boba Fett Unleashed close to mint on mint card. Very nice condition for Unleashed.

Spawn 24 boxed set MIMB
Spawn 19 Dojo loose horn in package and bubble and card not mint. If you want to open it the horn would pop right back on, so it is not broke in anyway.

Kubricks: All are still sealed in their plastic baggie's and complete with original box.
Matrix Neo
Marvel 2 Venom
Marvel 2 set of 7 (Iceman, Professor X, Gambit, Punisher, Venom, Omega Red, & Apocalypse)
Star Wars series 2 set of 7 (Tusken Raider, Greedo, Han Solo, Obi-Wan, Sandtrooper orange, chase Sandtrooper white, & Cantina Band Member with standing instrument.


Mark Prior Sportspick MOMC
Mike Alstott red jersey Sportspick MOMC
Spawn 17 Clown III original, Malebolgia II, & Al Simmons MOMC
Spawn 19 Dojo MOMC
Spawn 20 Vio III, Clown IV, & unmasked Spawn with Malebolgia head MOMC
Spawn fishtanks: Burnt Spawn, Manga Spawn, & Spiked Spawn all mint with shrinkwrap
Hellboy no coat angry MOMC
All Kill Bill figures MOMC
Glow in the dark Koozebane Kermit MOMC
Zoot either version loose and complete or MOMC
Loose, and complete Culinary Catastrophe Swedish Chef with Lobster Banditos

That's all I can think of for now. If interested in buying, selling, or trading please send me an email or post a reply. Please do not ask for me to email you first. Thanks.

All are C-8 or better.  Will trade one for one for any of my wants or if someone needs 4 out of the 5 that I have and has all three I am looking for I will trade my 4 for your 3.  Please post a reply if interested.  Thanks.    

Need Tanus Spijek, J'Quille, & Rappertunie MOC.  

Collections / Padawan's collection. Updated 4/22/05
« on: February 16, 2004, 08:02 PM »
Here is my collection.  Enjoy.   ;D

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