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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Snow!
« on: December 10, 2004, 02:03 AM »
Ooh, much better.  The wind has stopped, but the snow has continued with a total of about 6 inches now.  Me like White Christmas!   8)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Anyone seen my Ball?
« on: December 10, 2004, 02:00 AM »

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Anyone seen my Ball?
« on: December 9, 2004, 01:03 PM »
You have to give naked guy credit, he had balls!  :D

 ::)   ;D

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: VOTC question
« on: December 9, 2004, 02:41 AM »
Oh, I never even thought about those stupid warning stickers.  Hasbro really had their heads up their collective butts on that one - I'm sure the warning could have been done in a way that wouldn't have obscured the card so much.  Now I see the appeal of the Star Cases.   8)

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: VOTC question
« on: December 9, 2004, 12:19 AM »
Keep them in the clamshell or put em in a starcase??
I put a couple of mine in a starcase and DAM they look good

Just out of curiosity, is the Star Case a clearer plastic, allowing it to look sharper?  What makes it look better to you?  I don't have any Star Cases, so I can't compare myself.   :)

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Episode III line....April 2nd, 2005
« on: December 8, 2004, 11:59 PM »
It's just a female Ugnaught, with really big breasts.

LOL - Where the hell do you guys come up with this **** - I don't know which is more disturbing, the fact that you came up with these links, or the fact that I actually clicked them.   >:(  :D

Juggernaught's were the early concept sketches of the AT-AT for ESB. 

Anything that is the same scale as an AT-AT is something that I'd be very interested in seeing as a toy.  Boo-yah!   :)

Feedback / Re: JesseVader08's feedback
« on: December 8, 2004, 12:25 AM »
FYI for those who want to trade with me in the future:

my ebay feedback - it's not very long, but there anyway.

Other Collectibles / Re: Attacktix
« on: December 7, 2004, 10:25 PM »
The new feature that sets it apart from Clix is the added projectile weapons

These weapons certainly have me curious.  They could either add a neat finishing touch to the figures, or simply overwhelm them and look ridiculous.  Hmmm...  Can't wait to see.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What was the first album you remember buying?
« on: December 7, 2004, 10:10 PM »
Well, I would have been about 10 years old when they came out, so the only thing I was really exposed to was Pop music on the radio.  I'd like to think that since then my tastes have changed!   :D

Kubricks / Re: Power of the Kubricks!
« on: December 7, 2004, 09:47 PM »
3.  Slave Leia (3:12) w/ Boushh Chase (3:48)

Nice list, I like your ideas for chase figures.  If I worked for Medicom and wanted to really create mass hysteria, I'd make Leia Boushh the regular figure and Slave Leia the chase, but at 1:96.  Can you imagine what some of us geeks would spend to get it?   :P

Other Collectibles / Re: Attacktix
« on: December 7, 2004, 09:41 PM »
I was wondering if and when there would be a HeroClix-like set of figures developed.  I've never played any of the games, so I don't see me doing it now.  Like you said Matt, I think the collectibility will determine MY interest in picking these up.  That being said, I haven't "collected" the Rebel Storm line either, but rhave epeatedly become interested, simply because of how people have (for the most part) raved about their impressive detailing.  That's what would interest me - nice display pieces.

My priorities are focused on figures that have never been sculpted in the modern era (or ever, for that matter).  In no particular order:

1. Hem Dazon
2. Bom Vimdin
3. Tonnika Sisters (I know it'll never happen, but a guy's gotta hope)
4. ICMG (well obviously he had to be on the list!)

5. General Tagge
6. Captain Needa
7. Moff Jerjerrod
8. General Veers (a resculpt, but a badly needed one)

9. Major Bren Derlin
10. Lando Smuggler (the way Lando was meant to look, he's not a general at heart!)

Revenge of the Sith / Re: 500th commemorative figure... Vader?
« on: December 7, 2004, 09:05 PM »
Since the whole Star Wars universe is going to be revolving around Vader this spring, I wouldn't doubt if this 500th figure turns out to be even more than $15.  Hasbro knows that he's going to be a VERY hot commodity and will try and get as much $$ as they can out of the fans and collectors.  That pessimistic comment aside, I'm very much looking forward to it anyway, I just have a hard time getting tired of Vader releases.   :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What was the first album you remember buying?
« on: December 7, 2004, 12:48 AM »
I can't believe that I'm actually going to admit to this, but my first album was:

What a disillusioned youth I must have been.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: 2004 DVD Release List
« on: December 6, 2004, 11:49 PM »
Yeah, it seems crazy to buy it now when they'll have all 3 seasons on DVD in maybe 6 months?

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