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Conventions / Re: Pittsburgh's "Steel City Con" Toy & Collectible Show
« on: September 26, 2012, 01:58 PM »
Just migt see me waking around this sho as well!  ;)

I'm kinda loving it because it's minutes away!  Monroeville was pretty close, but this is nice too. Like Jesse said there's some things around the area as well.   I'm right up by Oakmont C.C. so it works.

Hey Jesse, don;t be a stranger, if you're out and about give me a ring.  I just got a promotion to National Accounts, so I'll be starting the whole East coast/west coast thing again, but not for at least another month.  Been eating at Primanti's and up by the mills more often lately. 


Edit:  Bob, I edited out your phone # so it's not public.  We don't want it getting out to people who shouldn't have it (we're cautious about it).  I've got your # in my phone and saved. :)  I'll see you Saturday if nothing else but you should come out Friday night for Midnight madness with us...  We've been discussing it some.  We're going to Cranberry and I'm going to just kill time basically and "to go" since it'll probably be the last one.


The Wookiee Arcade / Re: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
« on: July 4, 2008, 02:38 PM »
I just bought a wii strictly for this game!

I only played the sports package that comes with, but it's actually a lot of fun!

WOW, What a weekend that turned out to be!  Lots of fun, and good seeing Jesse and the rest of the gang Sat. for drinks and lunch!

I was kinda shocked to see UGH figs going for $6 at the show.  Grabbed a few of them.  It was good to see most of the guys in the group were finding just about all of the figs fairly easily.  Lately, it seems that the the scalping has reduced drastically.  Granted tehre were a few McQuarrie figs, and some of the newer figs going for $10 or $12, but many were still sitting there by shows end Sunday.

I kinda gave up on Hasbro all together.  Why do I need for example another AT-AT when the one I buy today for $80 won't be worth that a year from now, and by then, they'll repack another one and I can get it for the same price or less.

I'd love to see Hasbro start "retiring" figs.  For example, make the last Biggs figure EVER....and stick to it.
If you collect, and you think you'll have a shot at buying somethign tomorrow for the same price or less, why buy it today?

Maybe Hasbro will now take a hint that we don't want all this repacked crap they send our way.  Even some of the dealers at the show have kinda agreed that by them repacking about 10 versions of everything, people kinda get tired of buying an action figure for $6 today that they can get for $3 next year.  Hasbro  reeeeeeeeeally killed thier own market.


Conventions / Steel City Con July 2007
« on: July 6, 2007, 02:37 PM »

We'll be setup there as well as the 501st!

FYI, looking to anyone belonging to (PA Star Wars Collectors Society) to volunteer to work the booth Sat. and Sun.  Times available as of today are:

Sat 12PM-6PM
Sunday 10AM-3PM

Typicall looking for an hour, but if you;d like to man the table longer just let me knwo.  email me at:

Thanks!  See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collections / Re: NEW PICS!!! 1-27-07
« on: May 9, 2007, 05:01 PM »
Nice pics.

I always enjoyed the oddball stuff like the cereal boxes.  Everyone has a million photos of the figs (after a while they all look the same)  I like to see all the different SW things people collect, and also how they are displayed.

Awesome, and everythign so cleeeeeeean!   ;D

Great pics!

Collections / Bobafett14 Collection pics
« on: May 9, 2007, 03:30 PM »
It's bben ages since I posted collection pics.  Here's some updated.  I also am in the process of updating the autogrpahed items section.

Conventions / Re: Pittsburgh Comicon 2007
« on: April 30, 2007, 10:23 PM »
Quick recap of the show.

There were a few new CIV prints uncveiled.  The Boba Fett orginal on display I was told will be used for a 3-d sttyle lenticular.  The 501st Empire print was on display as was a work in progress print

There's some pics over at  click on events and pick Aprils pics to view.

Got Wayne Pygrams autograph o nteh ROTS fig, as well as Woods auto on a greeivous fig.  Passed on Mayhew, seen hom about a doz. times.

Got a nice original art piece of a watercolor style Vader.  Comics...Ron Frenz signed a few Marvel issues for me, Tim Truman signed the Aurra Sing series, and Adam Huges was there signing as well.

Walked the show with some of the local PA collectors, got some "night of the living dead and dawn of the dead autographs as well, and did lunch which was a blast as always.

Looking forward to the Summer toyshow now.

Nice recap Jesse, and yeah it' always good to see tyou and the guys!

I think the guy you were refering to might be Jim from the Ohio group OSWCC.  He's a great guy, and I've bought some stuff off him in the past.  That's who I grabbed my EV 9D9 off of.  We've crossed paths a few times, saw him at CIII..and he always has some great vintage stuff, especially misc. stuff like wepons, parts, etc.  (al that little stuff that's nice to rummage through at the cons)

I'm with you, won;t pay the scalper prices (don;t feel there's really a need to)   and digging for the oddball stuff still has a nice old world flea market feel to it.

Later!  Hope to see you at the comicon tomorrow!

Conventions / Re: Pittsburgh Comicon 2007
« on: April 28, 2007, 02:54 AM »
The ewok is coming to the Pgh toyshow in July.  (mixing the two cons up)

Anyhow, hope to see you Sat.  I'll be there around 10AM, and plan on doing the usual drunkfest around noon at Harvards then stumble back to the con.


1) The black armor rebel special ops trooper (foprget what comic Rebellion #3 cover I think)
2) A mandalorian (KOTR)
3) Imperial Knights from Legacy (bada ss armor)
4) NYM  from the starfighter games and comics
5) The Dark Woman (from Tales)

Tht'as it for now, may think of more.  The Crimson Empire figs, Vos, Fel and A'sharad were all tops on my list (thank god they are making them!)

I guess I'll post here on the recap from this weekends (3/23) show.

Grabbed an EV 9D9 fig. the last I needed for the vinatge loose run.  I've held off becasue I wouldn;t buy him online or ebay becasue the one arm is alwyas bad on him, so limited to in person deals, whcih are kinda limited.

Also grabbed a Lady Gornesh carded Ewoks fig for $20.  Card had a hole punch, and a few veins, bubble was dinged but for $20 I thought it was a prety decent deal.  Plus you don;t have to pay S&H which saves a few $.

Also grabbed a DC collecting club chewie pin which I missed on when they sold them a few years abck, and got a few extra cases off a PSWCS bud.  Now my ROTS collection is complete AND lined up in cases.

Snagged a freebie Dark Times Dark Horse poster, and some freebie packs of Evolutions trading cards.

Fun as always at John Harvards for brews and food.  Always fun seeign the local Pittsburg/PA contingency, and hanging out with Jesse for the afternoon.

See you in July!

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Most wanted Fig
« on: November 1, 2006, 11:04 AM »
I'd like to see a bothan spy and is at the top of my list.

Also, I would like to see them delve into the EU similar to what they did with the Kir Kanos 2 pack....Video games, comics, books, etc.  The EU miniatures are great and some would make some nice figs.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Poster Figures
« on: November 1, 2006, 10:34 AM »

I like the idea of the poster figure, but I'm not sure it would legs, other than the Vader there's not many others I would want, so it would probably have to be an exclusive or something.  I don't think I'd like to see it rolled in with a regular line.

Not sure, thinking more, matbe an early 3PO or something, but again it's so niche, I could only see the hardcores going for it and no interest in the mainstream.  The ST was an exception becasue, well, it was cool.  I mean a ST with a saber, who wouldn't like that?


The cardback is awesome (would need some tweaking with fonts maybe) with the exception of Lloyd.  Personally I don't think he does much for the Saga period.  I'd much rather see Hayden in his place.

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