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Imperial or Slaves. I made both last night.  :D After dealing with the kids, I needed to relax so I picked out parts from my bags and made some Chewie style customs. Pictures later today.

It does look like a doodle pad picture. I would definately airbrush the entire thing. It will make the skin blend better. I did notice that one of her boobs is bigger than the other.

Wow! I knew that Isard was going to turn out great but I didn't know you were doing Daala too! Great choices of faces for both of them. Very well painted especitally the faces. For these two figures, I don't think they need much actuation at all. You can hardly tell that these are the same two bodies. It would however be neet if Isard had a bigger chest but you can't have everything. Hasbro needs to make this two pack someday.

Wrong thread dude. I think we will lay off of group projects for a month. Let's concerntrate on the MCC instead.

Ok guys, lets see what you got. 8)

Yah, I like the slave idea. Let's do that. I do have in mind a star wars superhero though.

Dianoga-Man! 8)

How about a Star Wars-style super hero? Image a comic book hero that fights crime in the underworld streets of Coruscant.  

That could be fun too. Kind of like Tales of the Jedi.

I think we are a little off the subject. What's the status on our Hutt?

WOW! <Falling out of chair>

She is simply gorgeous! These are the kinds of figures your best at. We haven't seen one of these in this scale for a long time. It definately was worth the wait. I love the headdress and the face makeup.

I've been seeing alot of votc Landos mixed in with the new vtsc sets. Besides, pimp lando you could make Ho Leia. Mace Windu would make a great Shaft. Luke could be Marky Mark. :o

Personally, I would rather see the Yuuzhan Vong made.

Oooo. I really like the combination of accessories on Taars. The sandpeople cloth goes great with the color of the fur. The other figure isn't as impressive. He's kind of a throw away custom - just add a painted cape and your done.

I really like the color of all the red Xs.  :-\

Thanks Brent. It's a lot of fun. This is the first time we are pregnant. We've adopted Fred and Rose so we know what to do once a baby arrives but my wife would rather adopt. She like the idea of someone else giving birth. The kids and I can't wait.  ;D

The downside is my son now has his own room. My star wars toys are all in storage except the vintage figures and customs. He gets to have those in a glass display case in his room. He doesn't get to touch them though. I gave him some expendable star wars toys to play with his galactic heroes and gi joes.
Things are good. There is just very little time to make customs more than once or twice a month.

Speaking of customs, tomorrow is the deadline!  :o

My wife is due in December. The first three months really saped her energy. She is starting to recover now.

Boy dont i know what you mean chewie, I'm only averageing 50 hrs a week, but all my spare time, i'm doing the stuff my wife "shouldnt" be doing.

I know what you mean. This pregnancy thing isn't any fun.  :'(

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