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So I gave up hope long ago that Hasbro would ever give me the playsets I want. So, I'm trying my hand at crafting my own using a plastic called Instamorph. Smooth-on type stuff was way out of my budget. I have no real art background and I haven't sculpted anything since I was in 4th grade (I'm now 36).

I have a wall of shelving and my goal is to create playsets that would fit in my shelf space and would give my figures worlds to inhabit, just as the old Kenner playsets used to. I want them to be constructed entirely of plastic - no foam, clay, and ideally no paint. While I'm certainly going for the spirit of the film, I'm not trying to create a inch-by-inch recreation of the set and shooting exteriors. Instead, I'm trying to create something that would come close to a "toy" (though I'm lacking in action features for now). Aside from furnishings and accessories, these playsets are one piece.

Of course, the more I work with the material, the better I get at manipulating it. Collecting SW since I was 4 in 1980, I also like to integrate allusions back to the vintage Kenner line wherever possible.

I'm currently creating "rough drafts" of my projects and letting them sit for a while, giving me time to contemplate how I'd like to finish them out... so none of these are considered "done" yet.

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