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Modern Classifieds / All sold, please delete!
« on: April 29, 2008, 08:47 AM »
Carded TAC 3.00 each

Darth Vader
Animated Fett x 2
Luke with vaporator
7th legion clone
Elis Herlot
M'llyoom Onith
Luke Jedi
Jango Fett
UGH Chewbacca
Clone in training fatigues

Loose: $2 each ( no coin unless noted)

Luke Tatooine with lightsaber and coin (no vaporator) x 2
Luke tatooine with lightsaber
Darth Vader # 1
Mace Windu
Obi Wan # 5
Mace Windu
Lava Miner
R2 D2 with flames
Po Nudo
Ambush on Ilum chamelion droids x 4
Ambush on Ilum padme x 2

Complete ambush on Ilum pack still in box $6 (2 available)

1.50 each

Ellis Herlot x 5 with coin and gun (no bar or glass)
M'ylloom Onith x 6 with coin and gun (no bar or glass)

I accept paypal, and may even be talked in to a Hasbro rewards certificate-

Thanks for looking,


Modern Trading / Want Kubrick Battle Droids, have TAC, kubricks, etc
« on: February 22, 2008, 04:38 PM »
I want your Kubrick Battle Droids!
I have the following TAC figures on excellent cards

Saga Neyo
Saga Utapau shadow trooper

Ultimate Galactic Hunt Gold Airborne Trooper x 3
Ultimate Galactic Hunt Gold McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca x 3
Ultimate Galactic Hunt Gold Holiday Fett x 3

Other Concept McQuarrie figures:
Rebel fleet trooper x 2
Boba Fett
Darth Vader

Cylon raiders (classic style) x 2 Plus Mark IV viper (all loose)

Royal Guard x 4
Lando Skiff
Leia as Boush
Nien Nunb
Admiral Ackbar
Wicket x 3

Watto's Junk Yard / Yahoo Star Wars
« on: January 12, 2008, 07:41 AM »

I don't know if this is old news or not, but I just stumbled across the yahoo star wars site. I watched Mark Hamil in 1984 hosting a cbs documentary, and watched the holiday special cartoon. I have to confess I had never seen the whole thing before!

Maybe we can use this thread to post other cool clips to check out-

Modern Classifieds / Dan's for sale list
« on: November 14, 2007, 05:09 PM »


Admiral Ackbar $10
Toys R Us box set # 2 (luke cermonial, Ten numb, K-3PO, ewoks wicket, and R5-J2) $20
Lando skiff $8
Yoda $8
3 Tie Pilots $5 each
Bossk $8
IG-88 $8
R4-M9 $8
Carbonite block Han Solo $5
Ghost of Obi wan from TRU set # 1 $8

I went digging to see if I could find this thread/topic, but didn't see it.

Today I was looking for my Cantina bar sections so I could make use of those new curved puppies. After digging underneath the steps for hours, moving 10 LARGE plastic totes, numerous paper boxes, and bags of packaging, I found myself wondering how the completists can do it? Where does it all go? How much more can we take?
I realize we are at all different levels of having entered this hobby, with just as many quirks about what we open vs keep "mint", but how close are you to maxing your storage area? After 10 years I have amassed well over 1,000 loose figures, just under 200 carded in star cases, dozens of vehicles, props, semi-playsets etc. That doesn't get in to the 12 inch totes, Galactic Heroes, kubricks, or other lines I have started/stopped/started again.

I came in to the 30AC having been dismayed by how much I bought/spent in '06 on TSC. So far in 30AC I have limited myself to a few figures plus the concepts to keep carded. I can't seem to pass up clearances though, so the 66 packs stacked up.

 I like the new guns on the Y wing, the upcoming AT-RT battle pack, the repack of the AT-ST in the upcoming Hoth set (since my current AT-ST has grass stains), many of the Galactic Hero sets, and the AT-AP looks great. But why get them if they are going to go under the stairs?

With the BIG battle packs upcoming (Hoth, Geonosis, and Endor), plus the never ending legends waves, and the new product, how do you keep/store/manage your collection?

I definately decided I have maxed the space to use for my collection, and for anything that gets bought, something else has to go. It adds some cost to the idea of buying something, because a purchase means not only the initial money spent, but the time spent finding and selling something I like less to make room.

So how do you manage your collections' footprint?

Watto's Junk Yard / Simpsons: Best Episode Ever
« on: February 19, 2007, 07:02 AM »
With the movie trailer release I thought we could name (or describe) our favorite Simpson's episode.

I'll start things off with.....

Homer goes to clown college!

Like most episodes, this one starts with a 30 second intro that may or may not have anything to do with the rest of the show. Homer is driving to work, and it is New Billboard Day, so he has to slam on the brakes to soak in the message from each new highway poster. One of them is for Krusty's clown college, but he believes it has no affect on him.
Until at dinner, when he is molding his mashed potatoes in the shape of a circus tent (ala Close encounters) and believes Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are dressed as clowns humming circus music when they talk to him. He abruptly leaves with a line something like "screw this, I'm going to clown college." A line I have used more times than can possibly be funny.
In the end, he saves Krusty from being taken out by Fat Tony through a daring riding of the mini tricycle. I hope one of you more knowlegable types will tell me the episode name and season, so I can wait in line to purchase the DVD's at the appropriate time.

Thought I would start a thread to get this info out there fast-  Toys R Us is having a buy one get one free sale on all SW action figures and accessories- INCLUDING THE BANTHA!

Toys R has them for 44.99, buy one get the second free- At that price I might have to cave and get a second for all those great VTSC tuskens!

Also, titanium IG-88 and clonetrooper, Galactic Heroes, the big wing TIE, titanium exclusive TIE, and more!

« on: January 18, 2007, 07:50 AM »
I was looking at DSJ;s pics of series 7, and thought "that is a good series, despite old jell-o man."

So I decided to look for a place to rank the series (feel free to add box-sets in as you like)

1- Series 4   3 Baddies and a Luke Bespin? And piles of stormtroopers? I likey, and wish I had been ordering mastercases back then
2- Series 1   Bossk is the cutest damn brick in my collection. I like the paper/cloth on Zuckuss too
3- Series 2   Sandtrooper, classic Ben and Han, and the band. Very nice.
4- Series 7   I know the gamorrean is a little round for some, but I like the detail and quality on this set. That scout trooper is awesome. As time goes by and these things aren't lying around everywhere, he is going to be sought after. And Yakface, wow. I almost ranked this one above series 2, because of better chase figures.
5- Series 3   Lando and the AT-AT driver are great, as is 3PO. the ewoks and jawas still in abundance drop it down to 5
6- Max Rebo box set.  Medicom does what Hasbro can't- gives us a display environment with the figures
7- Early Bird Set   I probably rank it a little lower than I expected. Chewie Rocks out loud, Luke is luke, and Leia just never seems to turn out quite perfect. R2 is nice, but he is hard to interpret in to blocks.
8-  Luke and Leia Endor    A nice set, and leia's flesh tone is about the best it gets.
9-   Series 6   The rebel fleet trooper beats all of Hasbro's combined, and the droids and pilots are well done, but nothing screams in this set for me. The chase figures are nice, but they are just old men.
10- Series 5   They did nice work on Ackbar, Yoda is pretty good, as is the gunner. Luke Jedi with the cloak was a nice touch. Ponda Baba and Blue snaggletooth were great chase figures, but oeverall I thought this the weakest of the bunch.

I guess I was left thinking series 7 was a bit of a rebound after 5 and 6. What do you think?

Feedback / Gorkoracing's feedback
« on: January 17, 2007, 11:25 AM »
Quick payment and smooth transaction with this forum member!  ;D

Kubricks / Kubrick Collecting Tips
« on: December 30, 2006, 09:05 AM »
Hey folks- I thought we could use a spot to keep that info on cases and displays handy for new lookers.

Since I am picture challenged, I will post my verbal information, and let the more accomplished swoop in and save the day with pictures. (actually I will post some links to my collection, and you can see some of them there)

Here at the Minnesota chapter of Kubrick's anonymous (where we celebrate our addiction) a popular display choice is the Johnny Lightning holder. You can see it in the background of the cabinet in these pictures.
Nothin like a good crackbrick day...  ;D

I'm trying my link again..  :P

SW photos

It features a hinged door for easy access, but no latch mechanism. Each holds 6 figures in individual compartments. They will hold all of the figures released to date, including IG 88. They also have holes on the back so they can be secured to the wall or cabinet, and interlock if you want to line them up. These were common at Toys R Us, but have started to dried up very recently. They retail for 5.99, and we hope they are still in production.

Another I found last week is a Prestige Display Case by AMT/Ertl for model cars. It is 9 3/4",  long, 4 1/4" deep, and 3 11/16" high. It is a nice way to display up to 6 figures together. If you want IG-88 to fit, you will need to make a very small  (1/4 ") spacer between the cover and the base. Everybody else gets in the door without problem. Hopefully you can find it in the linked pics above.

DSJ pointed us to the individual cases, you can see them here:

[quote author=DSJ™  Those individual Kuby cases can be ordered from Toytokyo for $37.99 for a box of 20 plus shipping.

Kubricks/Be@rbricks 100% Display Case (Box of 20pcs)

Showing in stock so if anyone needs them, grab them. As for mine, on the way!  8)


I also have a plastic case I like to use for storing my star wars kubricks by series. It is by Akro-Mils, and has changeable compartments. It is nice because it is deep enough to hold the boxes too. Each one of mine holds the 6 boxes from a series, with a compartment for each of them loose as well. These are available intermittently at Target, in the home improvement section. I have not found them anywhere else, but I am sure they are out there, or something that will work just as well.

I know there is a link someplace to the carded kubrick case, but I am not finding it. I'm sure someone will jump in and save the day! Here is a pic of them
Not me, I'm keeping him carded with the rest of the gang.   8)

Let's get a kustoms thread started too- Jedijaybird has some great pics of ideas for hair and weapons swaps to create novel bricks. You can see my head-swapped Luke X wings in my link above (with the boxed sets with Luke ceremonial going cheap, I suggest getting one to make a younger Luke pilot).

Modern Classifieds / Kubricks for sale! Cool bricks, hot prices!
« on: July 20, 2006, 04:40 PM »
Kubrick Series 1 Bounty Hunter set- (Bossk, Dengar, IG-88, Boba Fett, Zuckuss, and 4-LOM) All complete and mint with boxes PLUS a Darth Vader Kubrick still sealed in plastic all for $85.00 shipped in U.S. or Canada

Kubrick Series 5 complete plus extra (Yoda, Luke Jedi x2, Princess Leia as Jabba's prisoner, Death Star Gunner, Admiral Ackbar, Snaggletooth) all mint with boxes, $45.00 shipped

Kubrick Series 7 complete plus extra (Bikerscout x2, Gamorrean Guard, Leia as Boush, Lando skiff, Anakin spirit, Emperor's Royal Guard x2) all mint with boxes $45.00 shipped

Kubrick carded Parco Vader $100 shipped

Seris 7 Sealed box of 12 (contains 3 bikerscouts, 4 royal guards, 2 spirit anakins, 1 leia, 1 lando skiff, 1 gamorrean guard) $68 plus shipping

Kubricks all sealed in boxes shipping extra unless purchased with a set

2 x Kubrick leia as boushh 9.00 each
2 x Kubrick Lando skiff  9.00 each
1 x R4-M9  9.00 each

Kubricks loose with boxes shipping extra unless purchased with a set

Series 5 Snaggletooth 9.00
Series 5 Admiral Ackbar 10.00
Series 4 Nien Nunb 9.00
Series 3 Han Solo Carbonite block 6.00 (SOLD)
Series 3 Wicket 6.00

Series 5 Chase figure Han Endor 18.00 ($10.00 if you buy the series 5 set above) SOLD

Toys R Us Japanese exclusive 5 pack with Luke Cermonial, Ten Nunb, Wicket (droids version), Imperial R5 unit, and K-3PO  all still sealed in a great box- $30.00 shipped (sold)

Original Star Wars soundtrack performed by the london symphony orchestra, 2 disc set, mint $8.00 plus shipping

Jocasta's Reading Room / Outbound Flight- Timothy Zahn
« on: March 1, 2006, 11:47 PM »
Well, I thought I would start a new thread here. My wife picked me up this book last week, and I had a day off so I spent it with the Thrawn and company.

I was a big fan of the Heir to the Empire series. And I read a few other books by Zahn, so I was looking forward to this read as well.

I think the author does a great job of character building, and I think that was the strength of the Heir series. Mara Jade, Pelleaon, Thrawn, and even Luke and the Solo's seem very vibrant and have depth. Characters are the cornerstone of good storytelling, and Zahn paints people well with words.

I did find myself not "connecting" with the new charcters in this story as much as I would have liked. I won't go into great detail, because it is a very new book. The main theme is, we get to know more about Thrawn. The background is the Outbound flight of Jedi and pioneers setting out to explore beyond the galaxy. There are some very interesting sub-plots, with Sidious working his magic. I was a little confused with some continuity issues, but I will let that dialogue begin when a few others have joined the thread.

It's a pretty quick read, so if you have some free time, grab a copy and join the thread!

Toy Reviews / Target Giant TIE Fighter
« on: September 6, 2005, 07:53 AM »
Hey there-
I didn't see this item in the topic list, so I thought I would put it out there.

I ran into these at Target last week:

I thought I could share a couple of pictures and opinions, and this seemed like the place to do it.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get images to work :-[. So I will just offer my two cents on this exclusive ship.

First, a warning. You may be like me, and have several TIE fighters in your launch bay ready to go. If you are like me, you paid anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 for each. The first ones did not come with pilots, later ones did (except the OTC version).
Get ready to supersize the previous prices, much as they supersized the wings. These bad boys will set you back a cool $40.00.  :o

The TIE fighter, backbone of the Imperial Navy, is a classic toy. Since its' first release in 1978, there has been room for improvement. The early versions had an electronic squealing noise, and light up "gun" in the front of the cockpit. They were also white in color, and had stickers to apply to the wing panels. Since many of us were 9-10 at the time, those stickers didn't all go on very straight.  :-[
In 1995 the TIE fighter was re-released, now with gray/blue coloring and wing panels that were a different colored, textured plastic. The electronics were gone, but the buzz of having new Star Wars toys around more than made up for it.
In 1997, Hasbro supersized the X-Wing fighter. It looked great, had electronics, and seemed like the ultimate size ship for the standard action figures. Everyone hoped a matching TIE would follow soon.

3 Prequels and 3 supersized X-Wings later, we have our Giant TIE Fighter.  ;D

It does not have electronics. It uses the same canopy and wing connections as the earlier versions. The new wings, are... magnificent. This is where I really wish the pictures were working. When you set it next to the POTF2, Saga, or OTC TIE fighter, you can see just how good the new one looks. The deco is the same, the only thing that has changed is the scale. It does come with a pilot, but it is the POTF2 pilot without knee joints. Why they reached that far back in the mold toy box is surprising to me. But it does sit in the ship just fine, and that is priority number one.

$40.00 for an exclusive ship, particularly one of this size, probably isn't that far fetched. But when you consider that the only new part is the wing panel, they have some serious profit margin on this toy. The addition (or re-addition) of some type of electronic play value would have made it much easier to understand the price point. It looks great, but looks are all you get here.

My main complaint isn't about the product itself. It is the missed opportunity to offer a cool mail-in or on-line offer to just get the wings out to fans and collectors.

We have just witnessed a generation growing up with Star Wars, much like some of us did in the 70's. We had cool mail-in offer after mail-in offer. Figures, accesory packs, you name it, we could get it with enough proof of purchases.
The group of kids that make up the prequel generation got zilch. There was a mail in Mace Windu prior to The Phantom Menace, and virtually nothing since. Burger King had coupons in their first weeks toys for Galactic Heroes with proof of purchases. It was nearly an invisible campaign, and I wonder how many kids even knew about it.

I think the TIE wings, and maybe future items like it, could make good candidates for these types of offers. The figures currently being marketed as exclusives (Wedge, clone troopers and astromech droids, re-deco clones) could have been done as mail-ins.
Maybe Hasbro has tired of the collectors getting the bulk of the items with such offers. I know I still have 5,000 + jedi points that will continue to sit in baggies until the end of their toy license. But my kids loved the mail in cookie jars from keebler this year, and even the poster from Cheese-Its. Hasbro is missing a chance to give kids some of that "mailbox magic" with their toy line, and that is disappointing to me.

That's my rant-

But I still ended up getting two Giant TIES, so I could make my trench scene with Darth and those big X-wings.

Modern Classifieds / Clone trooper packs
« on: May 6, 2005, 11:18 AM »
I have 2 extra clone trooper packs from a case I bought- white clean and colored dirty. 34.00 each
I also have a blue saber palpatine I would like to trade for a VOTC stormtrooper, loose or carded.
I prefer to deal locally (Minnesota) but would consider shipping as well-

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