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Watto's Junk Yard / The "Iraq" Thread
« on: March 19, 2003, 11:05 PM »
Well, the war in Iraq has begun, apparently, as a Surgical Strike occured about an hour and a half ago. I've heard that there was an Air-to-Ground attack on the "Leadership of Iraq", via Stealth Bomber.
This could mean many things, but I'm assuming that there was an attack on the acting Generals and Saddam's Lieutenants. My dad thinks that this was an attack on Saddam's palace, a direct thrust at him from the get-go... Thoughts on this, and the war in general?

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Clone Rifle = Upsidedown Stormtrooper Rifle
« on: March 15, 2003, 04:43 PM »
Interesting, take a Clone Rifle, turn it upside down, and place it above a stormtrooper rifle, justified to the right by the muzzle...

Now someone please tell me I'm not crazy.  :-X

Watto's Junk Yard / Choose sides - Empire or Rebellion?
« on: March 12, 2003, 08:54 PM »
I've been wanting to post a thread like this for some time now, so here we go. If you were a part of the Star Wars universe (we can all play pretend, can't we ;) ), where would you stand? Alliance? Empire? Bounty Hunter? Commoner?

Well, I would have to choose the Galactic Empire. I'd want to be either an officer of the Imperial Navy or a TIE Interceptor Pilot...

How bout y'all?

The Wookiee Arcade / PS2 GHOST RECON!
« on: March 11, 2003, 09:59 PM »
After playing Ghost Recon.... I must say, I'd love to see a Clone Wars adaptation of the game.  :D <hick> Whooo Boy! </hick>, I really do enjoy this game, specially on Multi-Player.

Lemme paint a good picture of what me and a buddy did...

We played a 1on1, both of us snipers in the nice ground-blanket camo (that shrub stuff that makes snipers almost invisible), well, we played w/o radar, so we didn't know where the other guy was....

We played a 20 minute game, and not a single shot was fired the entire duration. Wow, and you would think that'd be boring, but we loved it, it's as close to being a real sniper as you can get... laying there, minute after minute, waiting... Good game, I'd love to see a Clone Version, but it'd never happen w/ LucasArts in command.

Overall rating of Ghost Recon -> 8/10
-2 for the single player, it's just sorta annoying when you play a mission for 40 minutes, only for it to say "Mission Failure" for no particular reason. This is a great multi-game, though.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Custom Cards
« on: March 10, 2003, 07:42 PM »
I noticed that a lot of people are doing card customs these days...
<hick> Whooo boy! </hick>

Well, I dug up an oldy but goody I did back in the day w/ Neo... anyway, check this out, I wish Hasbro would make this for me.
 :D ;D :)

Click link below for pic.

Watto's Junk Yard / VH1's 20 Best HardRock Musician's
« on: March 1, 2003, 11:58 AM »
VH1 recently did a show naming the best Hard Rock stars ever... I was wondering what everyone thought of VH1's choices... I'll quote myself and add my opinions after this one.

20.   Alice Cooper

19.   The Clash

18.   Ozzy Osbourne

17.   The Ramones

16.   Cream

15.   Pink Floyd

14.   Soundgarden

13.   Queen

12.   The Sex Pistols

11.   Aerosmith

10.   Kiss

9. Guns N' Roses

8.   The Who

7.   Van Halen

6.   Nirvana

5.   Metallica

4. AC/DC

3. Jimi Hendrix

2. Black Sabbath

1. Led Zeppelin

TV-9D9 / Clone Wars Cartoon
« on: February 20, 2003, 05:02 PM »
Well it seems the cartoons weren't called off after all!  :D I think it's great that there'll be some on-screen EU, but I gotta admit I'm not sure that i like the whole 'jack' style... hopefully the 3 minute cartoons will actually make sense, but 3 minutes is incredibly short... Anyway, this should be really cool. If I read right, the total time of the combined shows adds up to an hour in length. Think there's any chance of the shows being put on a DVD?


The Wookiee Arcade / PS2 Clones Wars worth the $40?
« on: February 19, 2003, 04:55 PM »
Just wondering if anyone has played Clone Wars and if its any good? I've gotten used to most SW's games being worth about $20, but always having to spend $40+ on them instead... Not about to buy another 'Battle of Naboo', but I'd snatch another Rogue Squadron or Jedi Starfighter.

BTW- I don't think my rental joint has a copy of it, just a box.  :-\

Toy Reviews / Tusken Raider
« on: February 16, 2003, 08:55 PM »
Okay I bought the Tusken Raider w/ Camp base the other day, but had to return it as it was broke (paint dried in the joint and thus the arm broke off :() and there wasn't another.

Likeness 10/10
Nothing wrong here, looks like a Tusken.

Articulation 8/10
He reminds me a bit of Eeth Koth in that his wrists/elbows are articulated, thus making up for the lack of knee-articulation. 8 points total, so he's above average.

Base 7/10
I dunno, I guess I can judge it once there's something to attatch to it... It's not bad, I love not having to buy a stand or prop him against something, but it looks incomplete.

Action Feature 10/10
Magnet head works just fine, may get knocked off on accident from time to time, but its way better than a big peg w/ crappy "kicking action".

Overall -
If you see him, and you like Tuskens, buy him. He's got a weak gaffi stick accessory, but regardless, he's a great figure all around. Nothing cooler than slicing off a Tusken head.

Watto's Junk Yard / Attention all Writers and Artists :
« on: February 16, 2003, 07:58 PM »
For the past month Iíve been working on getting clearance from to host a project that has been pretty hush-hush until now. The project that Iím putting together is a monthly, illustrated story about the Clone War, told by the soldiers (on both sides) that experienced it. In order to pull this off, I need help! What Iím asking for, is that anybody who likes to write or draw send me a sample of your workÖ

For those who like to write, send me a paragraph of something youíve written (preferably SW related). For those who like to draw, send me a sketch/etc of something (preferably SW related)Ö This should be of particular interest to anyone who is interested in the Clone War.

Remember, this is an illustrated story, not a comic. The stories will not rely on illustrations. For this reason, talented writers are essential! However, I hope to have as many illustrations in there as possible. I will try to have a new Cover Artist every month, btw.

Short note for those scared of fine print, whatever you send me is still your property, I will not post any of your sample work anywhere for any reason without your permission!

If you want to join the team, send me a drawing/paragraph to :
Anyone can be a member of the creative team, it doesnít matter if youíre an administrator at or just a regular lurker. If you could, include some info about yourself, Name/Age/Sex/etc.

Warning in advance : These stories will be graphic! Iím trying to bring some real-life emotions into a war that is, at this point, pretty kiddy on the screen. Subdued foul language may be in the stories, as well as depictions of deathÖ While this stuff will be present, itís my goal to keep the Star Wars nature there by not over-doing the graphic material.
Remember Ė War is hell. That's the underlying message in these stories.

Toy Reviews / Can someone review the Clone Scout?
« on: February 11, 2003, 05:23 PM »
I was wondering how good/bad the Clone was that comes with the Speeder Bike.. I think the whole removable armor/helmet thing is an awesome idea... but in your opinion, was it pulled off well?

Ive never seen one in stores, so I probably wont have the chance to get one anyway...

Saga '02-'04 / The Official Ewok Village Thread
« on: February 9, 2003, 12:57 PM »
We really really really need a Saga Ewok Village!

I can remember as a kid always wanting the Ewok Village, but about the time I actually started looking for one in flea-markets, the GhostBusters Fire Station playset came along :D.

Well, as we speak I've got my Fire Station set up in my room (including my Ecto 1, Stay Puft man, and a few figures), and now it's time I finally get my Ewok Villiage.

This is the thread where I bump it every 5 minutes until somebody responds in complete agreeance, or maybe not, but I really want a Saga Ewok Village... I can see it now, rehash or entirely new... I'll take it, even if its a insanely expensive FAO exclusive... It could come with a pack-in C3PO God & Throne, or even 4 or 5 ewoks from the past lines...

Please Hasbro... make my day. Make the Ewok Village.

Watto's Junk Yard / If you were stranded on an island...
« on: February 2, 2003, 09:38 AM »
...and you could only have a single music CD (not a burned one, must be an official album), what/whose CD would you want?

I'd have to take Hendrix's 'Electric Ladyland'!  :D

How bout you guys?

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Excited about the AAT (Tank) re-release?
« on: February 1, 2003, 10:28 AM »
As much as everyone hates the new Spider Droid (it's not that bad, not that good either), I was beggining to wonder how the general response would be once the Tank hits shelves (again)?

I will be pretty happy when I see one, since I never saw a Fed.tank in the stores, and I'll definately pick one up.

How about you guys/gals? Also feel free to give your opinion of the Spider Droid too.

Gentle Giant / Gentle Giant Mini-Busts
« on: January 20, 2003, 10:05 PM »
Holy Moly! These things are beautiful!  :o :o :o
I am DEFINATELY going to pick up at least one of these.... I am most impressed w/ the changable arms and weapons.... Who else is completely hyped up to get one or 3 of these?

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