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I agree with Ryan about the problems with sand.

There are all kinds of fake terrains we can get from hobby stores.  Fake sheets of "grass" and ground and so forth.

Add some foam rocks & moutains and all kinds of fake plant life/shrubbery, etc. and we're in business!

And I think we should try to make a few large, major buildings (like the Imperial base) and plenty of smaller ones for the city itself - bars, shops, etc.  If we decide on a uniform kind of architectural style, then those that want to can make their own buildings and we can place them together along the "streets" of the town.

This preview's got me really jazzed!  Bring on the updates, we love your stories!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Outrider's Customs UPDATE
« on: June 21, 2006, 01:47 AM »
Really awesome job!  wow, removable helmets, articulated legs, excellent paintjob!

These guys kick serious ass!!  Well done!

I agree with what's been said so far about spelling, grammar, etc.

And the picture quality, as well. 

I do really like the "funeral" shot with the helmets on the rifles.  Very well-done!

Try to get some cheap posterboard to cover up things like carpeting.  Makes the images that much more convincing.  In this case, if you had white posterboard AND used the snowy backdrop, the results would have been quite good.  However, we got to see bits of the carpet sneaking into the frame.
However, at least right now, with the large number of Clone Trooper based photonovels here and on ther sites, I think you need to develop some kind of unique hook or premise to set this apart.  From a story point of view, this certainly isn't "bad" at all, but it does feel a little familiar.

See if there's something you can do to make this stand out a little bit or at least give us a little more emphasis on your characters so they really come to life.

I look forward to seeing your next story, as I am sure you will continue to improve.   

I think a lot of us are very much on the same page about the kind of planet
we're talking about here.

I agree with the setting, between ROTS & ANH, but closer to ANH.  We could have
stormtroopers and a few older clone types thrown in.

Here are my thoughts -

Just riffing here, but the planet itself is like Tatooine (not in terms of geography), but in the
sense that it's an out of the way place that is home to a lot of criminal activity.

So an Imperial garrison was recently established to stem the rampant illegal activity.

But, meanwhile, a  proto-Rebel cell had already set up shop there, running guns &
equipment for the fledgling Alliance.

This way, we can have Imperials, rebels, criminals, etc.  We have Imperial bases, cantinas,
shops, palace for the local crimelord, a rebel hideout, hangar bays, whatever....

And the town/spaceport can be on the edge of a jungle or woods, so we can add some texture and

We should have a contest to name the planet, everyone can submit, say, up to three entries and
everyone votes on them.

I also like the "raffle" idea, but I think we should definitely cap participation at, say, $30.  Don't want
anyone to be able to "buy" the victory by donating absurd amounts of money, especially since we're
not all in the same boat financially.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CHEWIE's CUSTOMS
« on: June 19, 2006, 07:52 PM »

Making customs should only be a means of getting more characters for your photonovels.

Simply making customs for customs' sake?  Why bother?  What a waste of time when you could be making new stories.  :)

As long as you keep cranking out the senators, terrorists, criminals and, of course, countless variations on Ryrkrof and his buddies (but only on an as-needed basis), then you'll make everyone here very, very happy.  :)

well, I committed the big sin of not reading everyone else's post before putting my own.

Ryan already talked about the niubniub stuff.

I also missed the "original planet" idea, which I think is best.  That way, you're not shooting for some arcane EU world, but creating something new that everyone can participate in and feel a part of.

A combination of a town with an Imperial base within it sounds like a solid idea.  Lots of "civlian" and fringe characters, plus loads of imperials.  And maybe the town is in or on the edge of a wilderness, so you can add plants and wildlife and varied terrain.

The thing is, Tatooine is the most famous and most iconic planet in SW history.

Coming up with something really obscure, especially if it hasn't even been on-screen, seems like a bad idea.  Just not very accessible or recognizable.  Why create something if no one knows what it is?

Tatooine also feels, frankly, like the easiest idea.

I think the only real drawback is that it's been done before - Niubniub's amazing group Tatooine project from, I think, Celebration II.

He also did a Death Star group project, as well.  Both of those were great successes.

If not Tatooine or Death Star, the next best idea would probably be Hoth.  I can't imagine it would be feasible to do something as complex as Coruscant.

Anyway,  just one man's opinion....

Not bad at all. Simple, but effective.

I almost think you should have painted the body in more vivid colors, though, since at first I wasn't even sure you had painted it, as it is pretty close to the original.

That's hardly a fair criticism, though.  On its own, it looks quite good.

Making custom cards doesn't really seem to be a high priority for the customizers on this particular forum.

I can't remember the last time someone posted a custom card or custom carded figure.


Quazar, what do you have in mind for our Pimp Daddy?

the quintessential L.A. experience.  I'll say no more.  :)

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Shadowstalker - Preview
« on: June 16, 2006, 01:32 AM »
while obviously short, this is a very tantalizing and intriguing "teaser".  A nice twist on the seemingly ubiquitious "clone" stories.  Can't wait to see this baby debut!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Rykrof Enloe PN previews
« on: June 16, 2006, 01:31 AM »
For me personally, "Slaughter On Muunist" was where the series really started to take off and when I knew we were truly witnessing something special.

"Crisis on Abridon" was a great story and a great start.  But then there was a long delay until "Underground Resistance", which I thought was a slight let down, as the focus was more on the events of "Phantom Menace" with Rykrof as a by-stander.

"Anti Jedi" was very cool, but I felt the ending was a bit odd - with Shundi just snapping his fingers and putting the characters to sleep just when some real conflict was about to heat up.

But "Slaughter" was an excellent chapter and a harbinger of things to come - action, intrigue, great characterizations & complex storylines.  That's when I knew Chewie & Rykrof weren't just some passing fancy.  They're the real deal.

I love it!!!

Findswoman, great, great job!  the reception is fantastic.  It's terrific seeing all of your lovely female customs together at the same time.  Extremely funny and creative.  the set is great, the customs are beautiful and the story and dialogue are tres drole.

Quick question, though, doesn't Eloise live at the Plaza, not the Four Seasons?  ;)

I enjoyed the neighborhood images, too.  Very pictaresque.  Wonderful job all around.

(and, p.s. I'm next!  Yipee!)

^Yeah, me too.  but I have had some slow weeks....

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