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Chaos....your droid is FANTASTIC!

Using the Sith probe was a masterstroke!  What a great, great custom!

Wonderful, as always!

Your 501st troopers are GREAT.

But you could have sold me the 5-pack!  I don't have a local K-Mart, so I'll never be able to get it.

Can't wait for the next photonovel, the previews are awesome, as always....

No, I still think we should pass it off on some one, I tired to make a joke, it fell flat just like most mine. :P

It didn't fall flat.  It was funny, but I wasn't sure if it was also funny with a hidden message!

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: UPDATED PICS! Modular Death Star
« on: September 2, 2005, 01:20 AM »

I think I saw this last year, don't remember if I commented on it.

This is so gorgeous it makes me want to cry.....

I'm stunned.

Swirly! :D

Wait....are you switching sides??

Okay, well, to recap the discussion thus far, we have a couple of very distinct schools of thought about how to proceed.

First we have the "ditch the tracking device" crowd, which is broken up into two subsets, the "flush it" crowd and the "slip it on a passerby" group.

"Stick it on a Passerby" Votes consist of:
Sith Lord Chaos

The "Flush It's" are:

And, on the other end of the spectrum, we have votes for the
"We trust Callie, keep the transmitter and call her" option.

That group consists of:

So, right now, the "ditch the device" group outnumbers the "keep it" group by 3 to 1.

However, within that group, we are deadlocked between flushing the device or sticking it on a passerby (smartypant's idea to put it on the sleeping guy outside the refresher seems like the easiest way to go about that).

Now, I won't have the new scene up for at least a couple more days.  But a consesus will need to be reached!

So continue to talk amongst yourselves!

Here's another exchange from FFURG which I thought might be of interest or value for all of our players.

The question comes from Findswoman, followed by my reply...

Incidentally, Lance, do you have the whole story of Callie's true allegiance planned out? You don't have to tell us what it is, by any means; I was just curious abt whether you yourself had come up with an explanation for the transmitter, armor, and other mysterious objects.

A very interesting question, Findswoman...

While there are elements of the game's story which necessarily have to be somewhat fluid (hopefully, the shape the story takes will depend as much on your input as it does on mine, as it has so far), there are certain elements which are pretty firm in my mind.

At this point, Callie's motivations and backstory are fairly locked up.

The transmitter, for instance, wasn't just something I invented on the spot in response to SLC's suggestion to search for one. It was there all along (well, from a certain point in the game, anyway).

If you like, take a look back over the bar sequences. Callie "disappears for a good five minutes" into the back. She emerges with a large box which she places under the bar, beyond your view. Now, in addition to housing a bacta bandage, which she puts on your face, who knows what else might have been in it? Immediately after that, Callie takes your comm link and "fidgets with it below the bar" (again, out of view) for "a couple of minutes" before giving it back to you.

Now, I'm still very new at this kind of thing. Nothing like this game has ever been done before. I realize now that it is very easy to miss these kinds of things and I will try not to be so obtuse in the future.

And, of course, not every action, every character, every event has a significance....some things might seem to be important and have no relevance whatsoever...

I am going to post an interesting suggestion from CorranHorn over at FFURG, even though he's already changed his stance, thanks to a rebuttal from the ever vigilant and persuasive Findswoman

Well isn't this an interesting turn of events? I agree with smarty that we need to unload the tracker and quickly. But the problem becomes what to do about it. We don't have much time to see if she's following us, otherwise we'll miss our meeting with the Rebels. So let's leave the tracker in the refresher and hide out for a few minutes in a dark corner where we can see the hallway and the refresher without being seen ourselves. We'll see if Callie comes by and who she may come with. If she's alone it may just be she was concerned for our safety, but if she's with the Imps our fears will be proven correct. Of course if she doesn't show up say within 10 minutes before the meeting with the Rebels, we're just going to have to leave and assume she's up to no good and consult with the Rebels themselves.

And the rebuttal:

I don't know if sticking around would be the best idea. If she did follow the device and show up, that would make it very likely that she'd see you anyway, and then there would be a good chance that she'd notice you had gotten rid of it -- ergo, that you are aware of it. If she is on the wrong side (and I still have no idea), that could be bad indeed.

And CorranHorn's follow up/new suggestion:

I had suggested hiding to watch what she does if she shows up, the whole point being to see her reaction without getting caught. She's going to find out one way or another that we've dumped the tracker. But perhaps, maybe we would be too noticable with that big bucket on us. So as an addendum to my previous post, instead we should just chuck the tracker down the toilet. Let Callie chase it around the station for a bit while you go see Blondie and the Rebels. Then go back later on to see Callie and see her reaction to the tracker going wild, perhaps confront her about it.

So that's another vote for ditching the tracker in the toilet!

A few questions/comments:

Then you'd better check on whether your comm unit still works after you've been fiddling with it.

The comm link does seem to be working fine.  The device was not integrated into its circuitry at all, just placed inside of it.

Drop the transponder down the pooper...and go to the rondevous. Call Callie immediatley and don't let her know your onto her.

I'm sorry, do you mean call Callie right now, or immediately after the rendezvous?  And what would you say??

second after youv done that ask you rebel friends what you shoyuld do oh heres a plan ok have one of the rebels that you and callie hasnt seen go into the cantina then useing your comm call her and tel her that youve made contact soo whereeverthe loner is shell think you are shell alert the impys and run of then you and your rebel frend whos ther can tell you and the rebels shes gone then ucan bug her office so you can hear what she says also do it to the bar so you can listen in

Well, this is a long and very complicated plan which hinges on too many contigencies at the moment....but you should definitely file it away for later if things go accordingly.

The idea about slipping it on someone else is cool, but I'd flush it. Floating in space will make them think you're in a starfighter.

What makes you think the station flushes its waste into space?  The station doesn't go anywhere, after's not a ship or a plane.  That could get messy after a while for incoming ships, to say nothing of the view.... ;)

I'd ask Callie about the 3 men outside your ship next chance I got, but for now, I'm keeping the tracker.

You did happen to mention the three guys outside your ship to Callie back at the bar.  She speculated that they might be members of a notorious group known as the Terasi Pirates (not that you know what that is....)

Excellent discussion, folks!  Some really great suggestions and theories.  As much as I'd love to post a follow up right away, it'll still probably be a few days.  It's really great to have this level of thought and participation put into the game, it makes it all worthwhile!!

So everyone can benefit from it, here is the text of

smartypant1635's post from FFURG -

i told you so, that little impy ahhhhhh we trusted her so now what i say that we either take the tracking device and place it on that guy whos sleeping outside the restroom so when he leaves shell track him not you
second after youv done that ask you rebel friends what you shoyuld do oh heres a plan ok have one of the rebels that you and callie hasnt seen go into the cantina then useing your comm call her and tel her that youve made contact soo whereeverthe loner is shell think you are shell alert the impys and run of then you and your rebel frend whos ther can tell you and the rebels shes gone then ucan bug her office so you can hear what she says also do it to the bar so you can listen in

yes a double double cross

Really, really great job last time around, gang!

Some wonderful analysis and some clever, outside-the-box thinking.  Bravo!

I'm also pleased that, despite the fact that our audience seems smaller than ever, we did get two all new players this time around!  So thanks again to the devoted regulars and our newcomers!  Let's keep trying to expand the player base, folks!

Anyway, as always, I tried to combine a little bit of everyone in the new installment.

Unfortunately, though, only Chewie was interested in revealing to Callie your discovery of the stromtrooper armor.  Ashared Hett and SmartyPants1635 both suggested keeping mum about the discovery, as did Diddly and the invaluable Findswoman.  Even SLC was leaning that way, though he said he would defer to the group's decision.

However, I did try to incorporate at least a little of Chewie's flirtatious nature, over the objections of the "grandmotherly" Findswoman ;)

And that brings us back to Sith Lord Chaos with the brilliant suggestion to scan the helmet for tracking/homing devices.  It seems like everyone's trust in Callie was shaken at least to some degree by the curious appearance of stromtrooper armor in her office....what could it all mean?

Well, like my new favorite show, "Lost", I'm afraid there are going to be a lot more questions before we get to any solid answers.  So here comes the update!

(BTW, this will probably be the only update this week, as things are rather busy for me right now...look for something probably after the long-week end!  But you'll all have plenty of time to discuss the ramifications unti then...Enjoy!)



dirty poncho (worn)

comm link
tracking device
space helmet
Credit Stick
hold-out blaster (worn on belt)
backpack containing -
change of clothes
bottle of booze
control pad for ship
data pad with technical schematics
73 credits
stormtrooper belt (worn) containing:
grappling hook & cord
2 spare ammo clips
1 imperial comm link
ration bar
mini tool kit

I was going to make the same comment about the missing senate shot.

You really did need the establishing shot in the senate to set the scene....the unreivsed version was a bit confusing.

I like this a lot better now.  The writing is really terrific and I am enjoying the story.  Great work, I don't really feel it's "off" now.

I do have one other minor criticism, though.  During Bail's conversation with the other senator, you should tried to have put one close up of the two of them talking, or at least feature them more prominently in the frame, with the wookiee/clone business in the background.

Visually, you give prominence to the wookiee arrest when two characters are in the middle of a conversation and there's a bit of a disconnect with that. 

Otherwise, keep up the great work!  I love all the intrigue!

No more previews!!!! 

This looks great!  I love all the new action shots!

Let's see the thing!


I have given this matter a great deal of consideration. 

Upon further reflection, I am changing my opinion about searching for a tracking device without a scanner.

You do have a toolkit with assorted tools in it.  Your area of expertise is repairing droids and working on starships.

It stands to reason that you would need to have some kind of device capable of receiving and processing EM and other kinds of signals (whatever the SW equivalent of "subspace" is). 

So, even though it might not be made for searching for tracking devices, you're a pretty bright, handy guy.  You could probably modify your receiver to search for various signals.  You might not always be successful, but you could certainly try, even if you don't have a specific "scanner" to use.

Now I'm just being paranoid but before I go to the rendezvous, I'd stop off someplace where I could take off the helmet without being seen. Then I'd make sure therer is no tracking beacon or anything like that.

While this is a great idea, SLC, you know enough about electronics to know that a tracking device or homing beacon could be literally microscopic - a simple visual inspection won't be sufficient to put your mind at ease.

At present, you don't possess any thing you could use to scan for such a device.

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