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Photonovels and Movies / Photonovel Awards - Countdown for Entries!!!
« on: December 21, 2006, 09:33 PM »
Attention everyone -

Please remember that the deadline for entries in the 2006 Tri-Site Photnovel Awards are due in no later than December 31st.

Only photonovels (or photonovel chapters) which were posted to in the forums in the year 2006 are eligible for competition!

For right now, you don't have to do anything like "submitting" or nominating any stories (your own or others).  We'll handle that process in January.

All you need do now is ensure your story was on one of the three major sites (Jedidefender, Rebelscum, Yakface) some time in 2006.  So you still have a few days left if you're working on new material!

Thank you and carry on!   

-The Academy of Action Figure Arts and Sciences


Don't be fooled by the new "repaint"! I'm selling a CLASSIC, VINTAGE, ORIGINAL Imperial shuttle!   Own a piece of real STAR WARS history!!

Almost entirely complete, only missing two pieces - one front gun and the plastic canopy.

Electronics do not work.

Other than that, she's a beauty!

$35 plus shipping or best offer!!

Pictures available upon request.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: 2006 Photonovel Awards????
« on: December 1, 2006, 07:05 AM »
Yes, I am happy to help out here.  I think the awards need to be "unified" among the various websites.

I will post more details soon, as it's late where I am, but we have come up with a good list of categories, a timeframe, rules and a voting system....but new ideas and suggestions are always welcome!!

Modern Classifieds / A few items for sale - mostly commemorative TINS
« on: November 26, 2006, 01:50 AM »
Hey, gang.  I only needed a few items from the tins, so I'm selling the rest!


"Evolutions" style VOTC Anakin from Episode II $5

"VOTC" style Chewie with snow deco - $5

"Early Bird" Leia - $5

VOTC style C-3PO - $5

"Young" Vader from ANH tin - ("Evo" style??) - $5

"Evolutions" style Dooku - $5

Empire Strikes Back tin - $5

Attack of the Clones tin - $5

A New Hope tin - $5

Soft Goods Mace Windu from Jedi V. Sidious Battlepack - $3


I have no excuse for not commenting before now.  I read this last week, but just haven't had the time to read it again and give you some real comments.

I know in the past i've always said I'll try to post some in-depth stuff, but seldom actually do and so I'm sorry.

As always, AWESOME work...I love it and I really WILL try to post some detailed comments soon...Thanks for your boundless creativity and hard work!

Feedback / Re: Valin Kenobi's feedback
« on: November 14, 2006, 06:15 AM »
Nathan is terrific!  An excellent seller.  He was courteous, polite, gave me a great deal and FAST delivery!

Would love to do business with him again!


Awesome work!!!



I didn't realize that you had finished your photonovel!  I'll definitely check out the conclusion this week-end and will post comments as soon as I can.

In Rem,

I am very saddened to hear you will not be continuing K.O.E.  Heck, you can't even go back and see the older chapters, as the links to the pics are all broken.  :(

Look, I certainly understand where you're coming from.  I agree with your sentiments - it's no fun making PN's when there are no comments.  In fact, it's downright depressing and frustrating.

I have done my best to try to champion photonovels here and on the other popular customizing forums and have even started discussion threads on that very topic - the dwindling interest in PN's from the community at large.

I have seen some great photonovels vanish quickly off the radar with only a miniscule amount of feedback.  It's saddening and it has been a contributing factor to why I haven't been working on my own material - fear that it won't find an audience.

Why go through the massive effort if there isn't an audience and if there isn't some appreciation.

That said, and I don't mean to contradict or critize you, I always thought that your PN's were pretty popular.  Your last update was many months ago and seemed to get a fair amount of chatter and commentary (not as much as I think you deserve, but certainly more than a few instances I have seen lately.)

I am puzzled why more people don't comment on these unique and lovely works of art.  It seems like something the customizing and collecting community should really get behind as a whole, not just a small fragment of people.  I dont' know why there are so many dedicated and prolific customizers and active members of the forum who never (and I mean NEVER) bother to comment in the PN section. 

I am far from perfect, but I usually try to do my best to give everyone feedback, though it isn't often as detailed as I would like.

But, speaking as a fan, I would love, love, LOVE to see another chapter of K.O.E. and do hope that you pick up the story at some point.  I would suggest posting it to as many sites as possible, though often that only helps to a small degree.  K.O.E. was one of the best stories I've ever seen and I know that it was loved by everyone who read it.

I still live in hope that more and more people (not less and less) will enjoy and participate actively in these stories.

So, let's keep the dream alive folks!!!  SUPPORT PHOTONOVELS, damnit!!!!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Star Wars: Old Friends ... Part 5
« on: November 1, 2006, 10:36 PM »

As you know, I love this series!!!

Technically, this looks great.  I love the various sets you have created and the digital effects add a lot. 

The character development and humor is wonderful - the fighting is great.

I really love seeing the classic characters in a photonovel, which is very rare.  Han, Luke and Leia.  Doesn't get any cooler than that and you do a very good job with these folks.  Nice seeing Leia in charge, she kind of gets shoved to the side in the films a little, even though she really is one of the central figures of the Rebellion.

Luke comes across as appropriately earnest and do-gooder-y.  Nice to finally see Camie in the story, I can't wait to see that relationship develop (another love triangle with Han and Luke vying for the girl, perhaps?!)

Anyway, I'll try to post more detailed comments, but I always enjoy the hell out of your efforts.

Just wish more people would come here and join the conversation....AHEM...


I think you should make separate threads for your new additions to your photonovel, or at the very least add the new material to the bottom of the existing thread instead of editing the original post and adding it on there.

I think it makes it hard to find the new material and also prevents us from noticing the time stamp on the new material (which also has the effect of not bumping the thread to the top).

As a result, it is hard to know exactly when there is new stuff and it's just not easy to find it.

Since your photonovel is already long, it just makes it hard when you have to scroll through so many old pics to find your new stuff.

Good luck. I have enjoyed your story very much, but I find it hard to keep up in this fashion.  I recommend restructing your posts.

I don't want to get into this here, since there's another thread dedicated to this subject in the PN forum...

PM's and IM's are great, but I think there is a definitely lack of discussion/commentary and support on this board, especially lately and especially on the PN forum.

There is some wonderful work being done and those suckers are extremely difficult to make.  Something like Brent's recent chapter, which had oodles of customs, a fantastic diorama and a terrific story - well, those efforts deserve kudos and attention and of a very public kind.

I have been very vocal about trying to drum up support for all the great work that gets done in the PN section (not to slight the other customizers efforts all, but I never felt that the other forums were as strangely absent of chatter) and I think all of us should try to do better to be supportive and constructive.

Personally, as someone who has worked very hard on photonovels in the past (and hopes to again in the future), it makes it all worthwhile to get a lot of nice, detailed comments....and, alternatively, it's crushing when that doesn't happen.


This is what I was talking about with my "save the forum" thread last month about the distressing lack of comments and feedback in the photonovel section.

Brent has created an EXCEPTIONAL photonovel with awesome customs, incredible dioramas and a wonderfully original story and yet he can't seem to get any love from the community.

Please, I urge all of you to get yourselves to the PN forum and keep the chatter going, not only for Brent but for all the talented folks that pour their blood, sweat and tears into these delightful entertainments.

I'll be honest - it's the total lack of support that makes me seriously consider whether or not I should bother to go back to making my own photonovels. 

Brent and the rest deserve far better.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by CHEWIE updated 10.10.06
« on: October 10, 2006, 02:36 AM »

So great to see you here at JD.  As one of the best customizers in the known galaxy, I do hope you continue to post your work here and find time to comment.

I have seen most of this before, but I think it's all beautiful work! 

I don't know if I ever said this, but I am positively in love with Master (Mistress?) Tala, as much as it's possible for a man to love a 4" plastic toy.  She's gorgeous.

And look at all the Ithorians!  Holey moley!  The new Hammerhead sculpt is great, but you've proven what a versatile figure it is....your creations are never less than astounding in the originality and execution.

Aces all around, old friend.  Fantastic work.


Wow, so great to see some truly INSPIRING and AMAZING new pieces from you!

These are wonderful!  As always, your softgoods are lovely and beautifully made.

And the Gand is exceedingly imaginative.

Wow!  Some of your best work ever (and that's saying quite a lot!)

Well done!


Awesome, DD!  That's fantastic!!   Morrison and Allen!!

Great pics, now I really regret not going to the Con.  Looks like you and PP had a terrific time.

This was well worth the wait!

welcome back to the board!

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