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Photonovels and Movies / Re: Republic Intelligence: CH 2
« on: May 22, 2006, 02:57 AM »
This was simply awesome. One thing that really sets your work apart is the composition of the photos. Dynamic angles lead to some great action shots that really give the characters a sense of movement. Probably the best "production values" I've ever seen on a photonovel. The snow effects were simply awesome, and I like the touch of the snow having blown in when Dyne entered the base. Great attention to detail.

The sets are also great, and well designed with a creative use of what's on hand. One thing that stood out to me was the wall from the old GIJoe headquarters, but it fit perfectly in the scene. Nicely done.


A pony!


Hey Chewie. Fun stuff, makes me sad I don't have time to customize lately.

SET GAGE- I know he's not meant as anything more than another background Jedi, but I really like the color scheme on him, the grey looks really good. One thing about those BBI heads though...I'd take a micron pen and outline his upper eyelid...without it, those BBI guys look a little surprised.

QUEEN JAMILLA: A nice fan-fic version of her, and a good use for an otherwise boring figure. I'm glad the head is somewhat generic and isn't completely accurate to Amanda Lucas...on the Lucas Family box she looks like Andre the Giant.

TRIGG II ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: My favorite of the bunch, and a great update to this important villain. The parts choice is awesome, and I especially like the Maul Evo skirt and the weathered vest.

Can't wait to see what you have in store with the special editions...


The nice thing about that film is that it has nothing to do with politics. Characters are portrayed realistically, with all the human flaws therein.

Some people have asked if this film came "too soon," but looking at the country and it's relapse into apathy...I think it came too late.


Hey D_N,

Makes sense on both counts. Like I said, I wasn't trying to be a jerk, just offering some constructive critisism.

I like that your latest stuff has seemed more SW military themed. It's a tough line to walk, making things sensible from a military pov, but avoid making them too earth-based. Good work.


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: New bounty hunter ideas
« on: May 14, 2006, 12:58 AM »
I wonder if that's Arden Lyn in that pic, pre-severed arm. That would be kind of cool.

Of course RS cropped off the watermark! Wouldn't want their visitors finding their way to a  :P


Good for you, Chewie. It's a well-made film, and probably one of the most historically accurate I've ever seen. 

I think it says something pretty sad about our country when a movie like United 93 comes out and no one goes to see it.


Hey DN,

I like the new customs, and the Jedi Starfighter is looking great so far, but one thing is distracting me on them, so I HAVE to ask...why do you weather their faces? The Rodian looks like he has grease smeared on his snout, and the clone looks like he's just lost a pie eating contest. I don't want to sound like I'm slamming them because I'm not, but to my eye it makes them look a little rushed.

Maybe I just don't know what you're going for, but it's not reading very well for me.  ???

I really like the paint scheme on the Starfighter, though. I'd go ahead and pait the other side to match.


Sweet crackers! That is one MEAN looking Dark Knight!

I can easily see this design being in an Elseworlds book. Very cool and very creative, and the painting as always is top notch.

Now you need a cool new Joker design to go with him.  ;)


aeseven: Thanks for the compliment! In a way, you're patting yourself on the back since this entire custom was inspired by you.  :P I'm glad you like it though, that means a lot. I have since darked the visor ala the Commandos I've done, and it looks a lot better. Pics soon.

JediDre: Are there specific Bust-Ups you're looking for? I'll see if I can help you out. If not, I know Red5sixx sells these, and I think Toyrocket has them on their site as well.

Phalanxx: I appreciate the feedback. I liked the visor color as well, and didn't change it...just tweaked it a little. If I have time this week I'll post pics with a new update.

Darth Ennis: Thanks, but don't sell yourself short, you've done some stuff that's really cool, and that I wouldn't have thought of! We all bring something unique to the table here, I think.

Ryan: The Mando boots are indeed from the Cold Weather Obi-Wan. Like aeseven said, they look like boots that would be good for stomping Jedi keester.  ;)

Commander Korba: I know I'm doing well if I can get an approval from a man who clearly loves Mando's as much as you! Thanks!

Famine: You provide the base figure, and I'll see what I can do.  ;)

Thanks guys!


Ah a Chewie update! Always a good cap to the weekend! Hmmm. Let me see here...

NOU LEBBIN: I like this one a lot, mostly where the parts choice is concerned. At first I didn't think the Pintel body looked Star Wars enough, but then I looked a little closer and really started to like it. The skin tone looks great and the Behk/Faytonni boots add the right SW element. One thing that underwhelms me though, is the fact that so much of the outfit matches the skin color. It washes this guy out and makes him less impressive than he could be.  I'd suggest darkening the boots, and maybe the shirt, and maybe go with some greenish pants. I agree that his eyes need a gloss as well.

If you did something along those lines, I think he'd do from a good custom to a great custom. he'd almost look like a down on his luck stage actor, or perhaps a drunken Senator. Maybe he represents Massachusetts.  ;D

KALA MLY SHUNDI: I like that you vary up the costumes on your recurring characters, and this is a nice outfit for Kala. I dig the gloves, nice blending with the Obi-Wan sleeves; I wouldn't have thought it would look good but you pulled it off quite well. I think the Dooku legs are a little long for the body, though...they're creating the illusion that his waistband is unnecessarily high. It makes him look like he's yelling at kids to get off his lawn.  :P


Just for the record...I'd buy and wear a "Kneel Before Snodd" t-shirt.   ;D


Hey Famine,

More likely it's the green helmet vs. the brown bodysuit vs. the gray kama vs. the green bits of armor. I used a lot of colors on this one, and they clash a bit, I think...but I was going for kind of a thrown together look, as if the armor has been modified repeatedly over the years with whatver was available, and no longer matched. Some pieces from defeated foes, some from fallen friends. Sorry it wasn't your cup of tea.   :-\

I'll try harder next time.  ;)


Thanks guys.

Quazar: I was going for a Republic Commando influence on the T-Visor. I may cloud it up a bit like theirs...maybe that will help a bit.

Chewie: Yeah, when I was painting the kama, I actually imagined him being in a mud pit, stomping someone into the ground with those boots while they clawed desperately at his kama to regain their feet. Glad you had kind of the same idea.  ;)


Hey Fritz,

I like the Swoop a lot, and the skull like mask on the rider is really inspired. The Republis craft looks really cool (Especially the cockpit.) Like the others I find the TIE panels a bit distracting, but you did a good job nonetheless of making it seem less like a helicopter and more like some Republic vehicle. Nice work!


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