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Great update, Chewie.

AC-AC: Great paint apps, but like Fritz, I'm feeling it lacks a certain SW element, but I can't put my finger on what it is. I don't think it blends into the SW Universe as smoothly as some of your other tanks did. Still, it looks great.

Rykrof: Another great armor for Rykrof, the Cody helmet looks surprisingly good in blue. Rykrof's got as many different armors as Iron Man. When do we get to see Hulkbuster Rykrof?  ;D

Jedi Master Dooku: A familiar looking recipe.  :P Very nice execution, I especially love the lightsaber effect, it loos awesome in blue. Something about Dooku's saber always appealed to me, I wish they'd do a Force FX version that I could add to my collection.

Imperial Fire Trooper: Does this guy put out fires, or start 'em, ala Fahrenheit 451? Great design, and the breath mask makes sense here. Can't wait to see these guys at work in the series.

Philes Gannor: I like this one a lot. This is a custom that could fir in a lot of places in the PN...he has an almost aristocratic look to him. Love the gloves.

General Snodd: Not my favorite character, but this awesome custom makes me like him just a little bit more. This is my favorite of the bunch...the melding of the Djas arms with the Neimoidian Commander torso is seamless. The Veers and EVO Dooku parts are incredible as well.

All in all, a great update! Pat yourself on the back, Chewie!


All right, a quick update. As I said earlier, I don't have much free time lately, so one figure is all I managed to get finished this weekend. This Mando was (obviously) heavily inspired by aeseven's awesome Mandalorians. As a matter of fact, I ripped him off, pretty much.   :P

The figure is a lot less shiny in person, but you know how flash phtography goes. Hope you guys like it!


Quazar: Not that you mention it, I remember Buttrick in Star Trek and hearing he died of AIDS. I don't know why I never connected him as the same actor from Square Pegs.


Phruby: Do you ever wonder whatever happened to the other people on that show? I know Tracy Nelson ended up on some "Murder She Wrote" type show with Mr. Cunningham, but where did everyone else disappear to? And out of all of them, how is it SJP continued on? It's not like she had any more star power than the rest of them.

Man, enough "Square Pegs"'s making feel like I'm taking crazy pills.  :P

Kliqfan: I try to stay away from there because that place really sucks, but I will need to pick up some books this week, so I should be by. Sorry to hear about your family, I hope there's some good news on the horizon.

hemble: As always, thanks for the kind words. I hope to have Skirata finished this weekend, along with a Mandalorian inspired by aeseven's work. I'm really swamped with scripts this month though, so my only customizing time comes during writing breaks.


Wow. Kind of weird, kind of out there...but neat.

I'm not familiar with the base figure, Phruby...did you do the paint apps on the fur, or did it come that way? If you did the fur, great's really well detailed and realistic. I also like the custom weapon. This is a wacky but fun custom, you must have had a good time with this one.


Shrumpel is frightening and horrible and makes me doubt the existance of a benevolent god.

So all in all, I'd say it's a sucessful custom. Well imagined, well painted and definitely creepy!

I also like both versions of Ty-Ri Dicosto. I planned on using that Hannibal head for a young Jedi too.  ;)


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Star Wars Marvel Style- PIC HEAVY
« on: April 30, 2006, 03:16 AM »
These are all great conceptual pieces, but that Vader is unreal! I totally want to make a 3.75 inch version. Great thought and imagination went into these.


Amazing as usual, aeseven. You're always way ahead of the curve when it comes to putting together great parts combinations, and combing them with top notch sculpting. This is one of my favorites that you've ever done!


Thanks Chewie. It would be a lot of fun, but I'm sure it's more work than I can even imagine at this point. The sheer amount of work that goes into your PN's always blows me away.

I'll be lucky to have time to crank out a few customs this week!


I know that I'm in the same area of the country as Phurby.  I don't know how "set" the order is, but I'd be delighted to go next, as long as it's not stepping on anyone's toes.

This is such a terrific thread!!  Great job, Brent!

I'm also in the same area as both Quazar and Phruby, but I really want Pimp Daddy in July so I can take him to Comic-Con.


GEEZE.... I just found out that I am a victim of identy theft.  Unbelievable.  I check my bank account online and have  negative balace.  Some piece of ________ in Los Angeles used my card all weekend.   >:(   ::) 


Well, it wasn't me!  ;D

Your bank should reverse all the charges and restore your funds, Chewie. It's a pain, but you should be made whole again.


Thanks guys!

Chewie/Hyourattai: The Skirata head has the base coat on his hair, (it was originally brown) but there's a lot more drybrushing to be done before it's finished. The head comes from a military figure. As soon as I saw it, I thought it was close to Skirata as I was going to get. (In the latest insider, Skirata looks a lot like Ed Harris with more hair...too bad there are no 3.75 inch Ed Harris figures.) The only thing I'm unsure about is what waist-piece to give him, although I'm leaning toward Djas Puhr for the holsters. Then I'll have to make him a couple of Verpine Shatter Guns. After this version I plan to make Kal in his Mando armor.

Ruprecht: Thanks, I have a lot of fun with the dialogue too. Another one of those things that makes me wish I had time to do a photonovel.  Not that the photonovel would be about insulting Sarah Jessica Parker...but it could. :P


Star Wars Action Figures / Re: WIP 3 FIGURES
« on: April 24, 2006, 12:14 PM »
Although I think once these are painted I'll be repeating this, those look awesome! I love the part choices you made, they're very creative and yet still look like they fit right into the Star Wars universe. The droid especially really shows some thinking, if I may use a term that I loathe, that is "outside the box."

There's some great little details on these figures. I'm always impressed by your work, hemble, but this may have topped yourself.


Well, no new Null pics as yet...he needs to be photographed in natural light for the detail to show up, and it was cloudy pretty much all weekend in my neck of the woods...but here's a few things I did get pics of.

First up is the ARC Heavy Gunner we see in the Clone Wars cartoon. Since the CW gunships are going to start hitting soon, I figured I needed to get to work on filling in the rest of the ARC's that went to Hypori.

I'm currently working on the ARC pilots and the backpack and pull-over guns for the Quad Gunner, since Hasbro cheaped out on us in the Hunt for Grievous pack.

Next up is some Cantina trash.

Sort of makes you wonder what the set-up to the joke was.  :P

You guys have seen the Mon Cal bartender before, but the snivian and the Rodian are new. The Snivvian was me experimenting with doing an updated Snaggletooth that reminded me of the vintage version I loved as a kid; the Rodian is either from the same crew, or maybe they're security for some space station, hence the similar uniforms.

Finally, a couple of works in progress, another Commando and Kal Skirata.

The Commando still has to have the knee articulation added, but I was really pleased at how his armor came out. I'm not sure if I want him to represent Niner from Omega Squad (If so, Ive taken liberties with the armor) or a different commando all together. Kal still needs a poseable pair of legs, a belt of some sort, and a paint job on the uniform and the hair.


Looks like the big showdown is going to involve another Sci-Fi icon, since it's on Skull Island.  :P


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