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^ yeah i can do that Phruby, why not? it'll be that much more fun!

do you think i can still use the Mara Jade body or will i need another body? btw, in the photo i have a chestburster coming out of my t-shirt...its hard to see since its so low res. here is a more current pic with my ERG helmet on  ;)

i know what alien to use, one from an older micro machines should be about the right scale with some minor modifications. now i am really excited about doing this!

thanks for the suggestions everyone! i found a couple of Mara's on flea-bay. i'm gonna get 2 just in case i mess up doing the boil-n-pop, this will be my first attempt at that. glad i have awhile to collect parts and work on it. this is going to be fun and interesting!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: 12" upgrades I've been busy with...
« on: August 26, 2005, 03:45 PM »
very nice work Daigo-bah, i especially like the fur you added to the Wampa - it reminds me of the puppet they used in the film. nice paint job on the Death Star Droid. i have one of those laying around that i was thinking of making into the chrome droid that was in the Sandcrawler with 3PO & R2.

i have been using Dragon bodies and heads for my 12" upgrades i have been doing. they are much slimmer and more realistic than the Hasbro/Joe bodies, and have more points of articulation. in fact, when you compare a Dragon body to the bodies that Sideshow sells, the only difference is in the arms - which i found to be pretty interesting.

keep up the good work!

this is a great thread! i'm gonna have to join in too, the only problem is i have no idea what to use for a head...i don't know if a padme would work or not...maybe the secret ceremony head?
the 12" Biker Scout i am working on looks like my husband so that has him done. i have to be in Royal Guard attire since i am going to be working on completing the costume (finally!) with my aunt who can sew the robes for me - yay!  :D

this is a photo of my husband joe and i:

and here we are in a halloween party last year...i won most gory/scary costume...i wonder why?  ;)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Your First custom...
« on: August 24, 2005, 03:25 PM »
i started customizing a few months ago, in March actually to be exact. i had always thought of things that i would like to do to some of the 12" figures, but i was in college at the time and had no time to do it. so after i got married and my husband and i started talking about our collection, i looked up info on FFURG and also found the forum at RS.

my first customs were a repaint with some battle damage of the Unleashed Clone and a repaint of the Clone Wars animated ARC Trooper. i think they turned out pretty well, but they need some Dullcote as you can see  ;)

i haven't done too many customs yet, finding time is the biggest problem i have right now. the other customs i have done have pretty much been all repaints like the 12" Imperial Astromechs i just finished for the challenge. i did some green clone repaints with battle damage for some friends, and i have really gotten into doing the bust-ups. i guess i should start a thread of some of my work once i get better photos and more of them done.  i really like the forums here, very welcoming with solid constructive comments.

just like everyone else said, its very nice! sometimes the most simple head/body swaps can improve a lame-o Hasblow figure 1000%! i'm going to show this to a friend so he can do the same thing :)

i really like the LIN-V8K droid jedijaybird, simple yet very effective with a nice paint job.

i was contemplating on how to make it completely movie accurate. i was thinking you would have to get a smoked plastic and then put little LED's inside it that would light up and then little tractor track thingy's on the bottom, at least that's how i think it looked in the movie when the jawa's are trying to "shoo" it along outside the sandcrawler. i'll get to it soon enough after i get some of these 12" customs done  :)

i found this website that has great 3-D renderings of custom droids as well as ones in the movies and star tours if anyone needs any additional reference.

I thought that one was being sent to Jan D. ???

i was under the same impression myself ??? perhaps they made 2  ???

thanks for the nice welcome and comments everyone  :)
its great to hear comments from others. my husband always has very encouraging and great things to say, but its nice to hear from "impartial" sources.

Gregorbian, i didn't prime the droids, i sanded them down, cleaned them with alcohol and got the surface nice and smooth and then spray painted them with Krylon Fusion Gloss Black spray paint. Fusion is the spray paint that will bond to plastic. i got it at Wal-Mart for $3.99. it sprays easily and does not bubble, crack and all that other nasty stuff. i highly recommend it. btw, my R2-Q5 started out as an R2-D2 with all the attachments and i just painted over his chrome dome  ;)

i'm currently working on a 12" Grievous repaint now along with a 12" Biker Scout. i'll post some pics once they are both finished. i got tired of doing different 3 3/4" clone repaints and had to move on to something more fun  :D


i have a couple of 12" scale Imperial astromech repaints that i just finished that were in the background on Death Star II in ROTJ. i know its nothing spectacular and can't compare to the imaginative work that others have done here, but i am happy with the paint and color and wanted to share them here. i also glued actual wire to their feet to make them look more dimensional. i'm still new to customizing, so the bulk of my work has been repaints, but i hope to get more practice at sculpting for more creative works later on.

here is my R2-Q5 and R5-A1:

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