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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Daigo's SW customs and dioramas
« on: February 4, 2006, 12:11 PM »
Simple, but effective! I like it.

Here's the update I promised, as well as the better quality pics of the Dav'sa Arman repaint. compare the newer version to the older one on page 4. I think it's quite the improvement. This is my favourite custom yet!

Helmet/torso detail:

Here's Silas from issue #2 of Jango fett: Open seasons.

And I'll squeeze in a trandoshan slaver while I'm at it.

Ghez hokan would be an awesome idea. From the description of the book, though, it says he has a blood-red jacket over his tan-coloured mando armour. his jumpsuit is grey.

oh, and PS: Does that boba fett (I assume it's from the new saga collection one) have pegholes in the feet?

I have two words of suggestion for you.

Dead Mandalorian

 That would ROCK, and it commemorates the battle of galidraan. if you do want to make one and want reference pics of battle of galidraan mandalorians I'll put them up if you like.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: RE#19 - TRIBULATION
« on: February 3, 2006, 08:05 PM »
 I'm really loving the new chapters of this series! The customs are incredible, the sets are imaginative yet seem to fit into the star wars universe, and the characters seem believable, now more than ever. I think this is my favourite chapter because it makes Rykrof seem more human in that he's not well after the end, and it leaves us at a cliffhanger.

 Also, the phrase used to describe the clone wars: "There is heroism and sacrifice on both sides" is portrayed, nay, is DEFINED to perfection in this chapter. People in the Grand Army of the Republic are corrupt, and some are just; while the badoo korba terrorists are just in their demands that the republic leave the areas outside of their juristiction, but are not justified in that they are terrorists and as such do not use diplomacy to get their points across (however it may be hard, as they are fighting for planets that aren't members of either the republic nor the confederacy of independant systems). What they fight for is just. How they're fighting isn't.

 I apologise if I'm hijacking the thread by asking a question of my own, but I do have a question that needs answering.

 I'm going to buy a dremel soon and was wondering if it would be okay to get the dremel brand engraver, as it is cheaper. would it cut as well as a normal dremel?

I promise to update today with CLEARER pics of Dav'sa arman and his new and improved mandalorian armour, and of a custom dollar store gun I thought looked star wars-ish (Kinda like a combination between leia's holdout blaster from ANH and Han's Blas-Tech DL-44)

WOAH! scorch just keps looking better and better in my eyes! I can't wait to get one of my own!


PS: Oh, and does this mean your Ricky UK sculpt of the commando is available? ;)

LOL! Mas amedda's face sculpt looks a lotlike Gene simmons as well! WOW! that was so well done! I was doubled on the floor laughing when I saw that!

Thanks! For the blaster, I wanted it to have a boba fett feel to it, but not look like any of boba fett's blasters exactly, so it looks sort of like a cross between his rotj and esb ee-3 rifles. I like to call it the EE-2, something that could be seen predating the original trilogy and used in the clone wars era.

That Mandalorian custom looks great, he looks like he's been through some hard times ;)  I like the color scheme.

That costume is gonna be sweet - are you going to be an EU Madalorian or one of the Fetts ... or is it a secret?  ;)

 I'm making a boba fett. I've been doing reseach into the more cost-effective ways to make one without sacrificing quality. I was told that this brand of garbage cans is a good thickness for armour and if you tilt the chest armour strategically (as seen in my pictures), the curviture of the oval-shaped can wil contour to yourself without having to manipulate it more.

UPDATE! A preview for the updated Dav'sa Arman mandalorian custom:

It's a preview because I'll take a better pic with natural sunlight tomorrow.

And the reason why I haven't updated in forever:

 I'm working on a very ambitious project and hopefully, but not likely, I'll finish by hallowe'en this year.

I'll let the two photos speak for themselves:

So all female Twi'leks are hot, huh?

Two words for you: Lunae Minx.

The prosecution rests, your honor.


 There's probably a high-tech star wars version of liposuction, so she couldn't have looked like that for very long after :P:P

okay, I promise to update either tomorrow or the day after to post new pics of my customs. I've got an update on my self-mandalorian, Dav'sa Arman. I also have a new mandalorian, Silas, as seen in the comic book "Jango Fett: Open seasons". Also, an update on the not-quite-finished ultimate jango fett.

 (and hopefully I'll come up with some non-mandalorians soon. I just need more fodder)

Awesome updated, DD! It was I who came up with the ubese bounty hunter design, and anyone else is very welcome to use it. I love your representation of it, very desert-worn.

 A favourite of mine is your commander krell. I remember seeing him a long while ago and loving it.

 Man, I should update my thread soon :P

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