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Wow, excellent customs!  You set a very high standard  ;D
I look forward to seeing some more :P

I agree with the current sentiments so far.  I started army-building this past summer and have picked up lots of ep. II clones off of e-Pay for pretty cheap.  I've been building a ROTS Clone Army, but I always try to buy 1 or 2 figures at a time and leave the rest for my fellow collectors (or I'll pick up some extras for 1:1 or at-cost trades).  I think that army-building is good for the hobby because it encourages Hasbro to make exclusives such as the Entertainment Earth Army Builder sets (which I think was an excellent idea and should be done again with ROTS Clones.) 
Basically, as long as you're not scalping and are willing to "share the wealth" with fellow collectors, I say buy as many as you want/can because it all evens out in the end ;D

Newbies / Hey all, newb here
« on: May 13, 2005, 01:22 AM »
Hey guys,
I just joined up (I'm pretty active on the Galactic Hunter,, and the NJSWCC forums) after Chewie told me to join up here as well  ;)
I admit that I've been a "lurker" for a little bit, but you guys seem cool so I figured that I might as well register and try to contribute something.
I've been doing a lot of customs lately, so I'll post some pics and check out the threads.
I look forward to talking to everybody  ;D

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