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Holy crap.  Wow.  Amazing  :o

These figures are so cool!  I picked up some of Series I and II from Serpant on eBay.  Excellent figures, the detail is phenominal.  The articulation is good, but I wish they were a bit sturdier.  Still, as Jesse said, they hold their poses well and the parts fit together easily (with a little bit of heating).  I wish these were avaible in the States for a decent price.  I would really like to pick up one or two a week from my local comic shop. 

Man, that pic is awesome!  The poses are very cool.  I really like the use of the Marvel Superhero Showdown Punisher head, it looks great!  Of course, that's the only Superhero Showdown figure not warming the pegs by me. 

Nice updated pics of that Shadow Trooper, the details came out very well.

I really like how your SA Grievous' bodyguard came out.  The Stikfas joints are well disguised.  The cape is awesome, great work!

I really like Kaleko, what legs did you use?  Are those #14 ROTS Palpatine legs?

As for Foamcore, I buy it at A.C. Moore or Michael's normally.  My local Target carries the "Elmer's brand" Foamcore, but it's really expensive ($3.99 per sheet or something).  If you catch a sale at a Craft Store like A.C. Moore you can sometimes get it for as cheap as 2 or 3 for $1. 

I finally found Dullcote last year at my local A.C. Moore as well.  So far that's the only place I've seen it.  Apparently my walmarts don't like carrying it. 

Thanks CHEWIE.  I was unsure of how the dark green and blue would work, but I don't mind it too much. 

I just threw the Clone together because I got the ROTS Royal Guard for free and I had a leftover Clone head.  I love spare parts customs  ;)

Nice update CHEWIE!
The Jedi looks good, although I agree about the head, it seems a bit off.  A repaint will probably be fine though.

I really like the new Trigg Fuuda.  Those Pirates of the Carribean parts work great, especially on this guy. 

Queen Jamilla looks good, the paint apps are sharp as always.  I'm surprised that she doesn't seem to have too much drybrushing, but she looks fine as is.  Nice work!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Jedi_Master_Ben's Wax Shop
« on: May 15, 2006, 10:24 PM »
I am blown away by how incredible your sculpting skills are!  They are definitely top notch.  I don't know how hasbro deals with commission sculpting, but they'd be crazy not to take this.  Those headsculpts came out great as well.  Nice work all around Ben!

WOW!  These 6" Scale customs are amazing!  I love the WIP shot of the Grievous, the parts combination and the sculpting are phenominal. 

I love the samurai look to Darth Vader, very effective!  Excellent work all around, I can't wait to see what else you coming up!

Well, I followed Brent's advice and worked on some customs on Saturday  ;)

Here is a custom Mandalorian:

Figg Urre

Parts Used:
Head: BBi Elite Force figure
Torso: Saga2 Boba Fett
Arms: G.I. Joe Snake Eyes
Legs: Saga2 AT-AT Driver
Lower legs: G.I. Joe Iron Grenadier
Helmet: Glassman Cast

Clone Constabulatory Officer:

Parts Used:
Head: AotC Clone Trooper
Rest: ROTS Royal Guard

Questions/Comments/Advice always appreciated!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: mandalorian commando customs
« on: May 14, 2006, 05:08 PM »
hey gregorbian, is that wip mandos wearing a glassman cast helmet?

Yes he is.  They're great for any head that the AotC Jango or Boba removable helmet will not fit. 

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Phoenix's customs
« on: May 14, 2006, 04:42 PM »
Interesting customs!  I like the use of the Vader arms on "Red". 

Is "Order of the Phoenix" a reference to Harry Potter? 

That is pretty cool Fritz!  The paint apps are very crisp, nice job.
I was really into G.I. Joe ARAH since Star Wars was a bit too old for me when I started getting into figures.  Luckily, I was swayed by my friend's dad's collection  8) and I got rid of all of my old G.I. Joes (no idea where they went).  I love how compatible the G.I. Joe and Star Wars universes are.  I could easily see that Cobra Attack Helicopter attacking a Gunship.  Great work as usual!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: mandalorian commando customs
« on: May 14, 2006, 04:36 PM »
Here are some of my Mandalorians:

Boba Fett:


Onda Grott:

Clen Tcharn:

The clones faces look weathered, but they're not. I used to have facepaint on them but I didn't like it, so I spent about a half hour with some rubbing alcohol and got rid of it, but it didn't come completely in the lips and around the nose. Does anyone have any suggestions to get that off? I used an Xacto as well but it didn't work.

If I accidentally get paint on a head, i just repaint it.  The only tricky part is the eyes, but as long as you use a fine tip brush, you'll be fine. 

Not sure how I missed this one. 

I really like the simple color scheme on your clones and the repainted AT-AT Driver lower legs look great. 
Does Commander Revick have some sort of holster?

The use of the VSTC Sandperson body with the Neimoidian head is awesome!  I had no idea what body you used for a while.  It's a surprisingly good body for a jedi (maybe not because the Jedi all dress like Tatooinians  :P).  Great Work DN!

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