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It is really funny that vintage Stretch Armstrong stuff is so crazy expensive.  I guess it makes sense because those things definitely didn't last long.  I went through 3 or 4 before my mom got tired of cleaning up the mess.  I remember the finishing touch of cleaning up my room would be soaking Stretch Armstrong/Monster in hot water to make him soft and putting him back in his styrofoam coffin under my bed.  When I finally had to get rid of my last one I had a funeral for him with the Irish kids that lived next door.  I don't think actually we buried him though.

So back on topic:

Fisher Price Adventure People, had quite a few of those sets when I was really young.  One of my favorites was this guy with a white shirt and a red toque because the green paint wore off his crotch area showing the white plastic underneath and we used to say he was wearing a diaper.  Also liked the Motorcycle set, the Dune Buggy set and the 6 wheeled ATV.

Mego is a line I can't believe no one else has mentioned, even if your only exposure was Twisted Mego Theatre that was one heck of line.  I had Batman and Robin in the 8" but my fave was the 12" Hulk I got for my 5th birthday.

Those Irish kids and my older cousins also had a lot of cool stuff I never had, the Buck Rogers stuff, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek movie, Clash of the Titans, Dukes of Hazard, Insectaurs, and those two foot tall Shogun Warriors Raideen and the Great Mazinga.

I mainly focused on Star Wars and later GI Joe.  Fave Joes Snake Eyes II of course and Storm Shadow I, Firefly, Flint, Spirit and Tomax and Xamot.  Fave vehicles were the Mauler, Raven and Thundermachine.

Later as an adult Collector, I was into select Spawn figures, Manga Freak, The Creech, Gravedigger, Spawn Ninja were totally cool.

Shout out to NECA's TMNT line, small and perfectly done.

And of course countless Star Wars items.

I saw that because of the movie release this will be released later this year:

It is a nice campy retro flash back in the 12 inch format.  I've got a Dr. Evil from Captain Action I can put this on.

I'm wondering if any one has heard anything about something similar to this being released this year too:

More in scale with the 8" Mego's.  This came out in 2007 and can still be readily found, but for about $50 so if something just as good or better is going to be released this year I've got something to look forward to.

Star Wars Universe / EU Facepalms
« on: May 5, 2011, 10:00 PM »
I love to rip on the EU as much as the next guy, but some things are just very argh

for example the death of Chewbacca.  Never knew the details, a moon fell on him to save the Solo kids from what I understand but that is not the face palm part. 

This is the face palm:

The Chewbacca Memorial on Kashyyk

And this quote:

    "I love you, Chewie."
    "I should have told him that myself! He saved my children! He was always there for them, he died for them! And I never told him."
    ―Han Solo to R2-D2 and C-3PO on Chewbacca

I've always done my best to avoid the EU like the plague so there must be plenty more I've never stumbled upon.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: South Park Appreciation Thread
« on: April 28, 2011, 05:37 AM »
The Human Centipede is actually a real move.  :-X

"All patrols reported in.  Still no word from Solo and Skywalker."

If special search parties were also sent is really just semantics. 

I think the main characters undeniably had a strong bond through their shared experience.

As for Luke on Dagobah feeling the pain of Vader's torture on Bespin could be explained that Leia was in trouble and reaching out to universe at large through the Force even though she wasn't aware of it, as was she not aware of the strong connection through the Force she shared with her twin brother Luke. 
I'm not sure how much the EU has explained Imperial Intelligence's knowledge of the crew of the Falcon; in the original version of ESB Vader feels through the force that Luke is his son and reveals this to Palpatine, not information the ISB had already.  So Vader only recognized the Falcon from ANH's Death Star escape of the Princess and associated it with Luke's presence then in the Force. (?) If Leia had not been aboard the Falcon when it left Hoth and it was only Han and Chewie being tortured on Bespin, I'm not sure Luke would have felt the need to come running. Also if Leia had not strongly emotionally bonded with Han on their journey to Bespin she would not have been in such distress at his torture.  The only one the universe at large (the bounty hunters) knew was on the Falcon was Han who already had a large price on his head, so the Falcon was an enticing mark, because you would get two paychecks for the same job.

Talk about super nerd over analyzing.  Thank you Lawrence Kasdan and Irving Kirschner.

Good topic, thoughts just keep rattling around in my head about this one.

Regarding Han being the only one to go after Luke on Hoth.  Han was the only one that was able to because he was a free agent.  Everyone else was part of the military structure, which prevented them from attempting to rescue Luke.  Riekeen/Leia could not safely send others because odds of success were so small, they could not justify risking the lives of their men to possibly save one person.  All of Luke's other "friends" within the alliance had to operate within the military structure, would be going AWOL to search for Luke, how does that help their cause?   

If you think about the Rebel Alliance, they are all outlaws going against the established government.  With all the risks associtated with that alone the need for a highly controlled military structure that would not allow for soldiers running off to save their friends, without the entire structure falling apart.

Back to the original question, are Han and Luke close friends or just teammates?  I think Lando and Han would probably be closer than Luke and Han.  They are closer in age and background.  Clearly, Han forgave Lando when he risked his life to save him from the Sarlaac and again demonstrated his forgiveness when he insisted Lando use the Falcon for the Death Star attack.

I would think that Han and Luke would consider each other good friends who no doubt owe their lives to each other but at the end of the day their would be fundamental differences between them that would prevent them from being as close to each other as they are to others in their lives.

Let me clarify the context of teammate.  More like the guys from Easy Company than the folks from The Office.  Don't forget Han is more than 10 years older than Luke & Leia.  Han has seen it all and is jaded, while Luke is inexperienced and trying to find his way in the world has latched onto the Rebellion as well as Remedial Jedi Training.  Han is more like an older brother to Luke.  Luke's best friend in the Rebellion was Biggs.  I just don't think in downtime Han and Luke would really find much common ground, but when they are on the job, they'd make great sacrifices. 
Also Leia I think is very wrapped up in the Rebellion and too busy to interact socially with either of them until RotJ.
Now I've only read the movie novels and none of the EU to support any of this, it's just my take.

My vote is for teammates.

I think Han's closest friend is Chewbacca.  Whatever the situation Chewie is with Han.  Han maintains his indepenance free-agent status with the Rebellion until RotJ.  Luke on the other hand has invested himself fully into the Rebellion as well as his dabbling in the Force, which Han regards as a hokey religion.  

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Captain America (Movie & Sequels)
« on: March 23, 2011, 10:40 PM »
Cap with a gun.  Just like the 40's serial.   At least he isn't a DA too.

The Original Trilogy / Things I never noticed before
« on: March 19, 2011, 06:02 PM »
So I recently read the novelazations again and a couple of things struck me as odd.

From Star Wars (I will not call it that other name, it is and always be Star Wars)

Minor:  Very lucky no one was seriously injured when they jumped down into the garbage compactor.  Good thing all that wet broken metal and debris cushioned the fall from 20' up.

The Rebel Wing men for the trench run, what did they really expect to accomplish flying in that formation in the trench?  Wouldn't it have been much more effective to fly above the trench giving the leader some space ahead to protect him, like what Han does in the end?

From ESB

Atmosphere inside the Space Slug

So the Space Slug's gullet provided enough of an atmosphere to protect  against the hard vacumn of space?  I guess it did.

From RotJ

How long did the get away ships sit around in the Tatooine desert without being ravaged by Jawas and Tuskens?  From the whole deleted sandstorm scene.  Very lucky for our heroes they weren't stumbled upon by greedy scavengers.  I guess because Luke grew up on Tatooine he knew a good place to hide space ships in the desert.

Other Collectibles / Re: WOTC Star Wars Miniatures
« on: February 27, 2011, 10:55 PM »
Jesse is it possible WEG/Grenadier chose the scale to be compatible with the old Kenner Micro Collection?  I found this comparison photo looking for painted WEG photos.

I also found these (shot on the blue foam they come in!):

On a side note, I've been studying these photos of WEGs looking for references when I've in fact owned a handful for years and didn't even know it- in my Star Wars Monopoly!   You'd think that would've been mentioned somewhere that they used WEGs for the tokens, and I thought they made them special.

Other Collectibles / Re: WOTC Star Wars Miniatures
« on: February 25, 2011, 11:25 PM »



Collect All 92! / Re: AT-AT Commander
« on: February 21, 2011, 04:48 PM »
Hey, I remembered another cool trick as a kid I used to use with old Veers!  The vintage figure's head detaches easily and reveals a very odd pin head nub underneath.  Sometimes Veers would take off his head to relax like Vader.  Messed up.

Other Collectibles / Re: WOTC Star Wars Miniatures
« on: February 19, 2011, 05:23 PM »
Isn't the closer analogy to compare WotC to WEG? :)

I was just thinking about WEG's minis the other day.  I have a pretty complete collection of them actually, but not quite there.  Don't know if it ever will be.  WotC probably has similar holes to both though, actually, since WEG pretty much knocked out a mini for any vintage figure and then some.

You are right Jesse, Wizards seemed to have followed the WEG's even more than Kenner.  For some odd reason they never made an AT-ST Driver, not even one out of the 800+, quite odd.

Blister Packs

40401 Heroes #1
Luke, R2, 3PO

40402 Heroes #2
Han, Chewie, Leia

40403 Stormtroopers #1
‘‘Stormtrooper with blaster pistol, Stormtrooper with blaster rifle, Stormtrooper advancing with blaster pistol’’

40404 Stormtroopers #2
‘‘Stormtrooper walking with blaster pistol down, Stormtrooper hip-firing blaster pistol, Stormtrooper shoulder-firing blaster rifle’’

40405 Rebel Troopers #1
‘‘Female trooper firing blaster pistol, Male trooper holding up blaster rifle, Male trooper holding up blaster pistol’’

40406 Rebel Troopers #2
‘‘2x male trooper running with blaster pistol held up, Female trooper advancing with blaster held low’’

40407 Users of the Force

40408 Pilots and Gunners
‘‘X-wing pilot running, TIE fighter pilot with blaster pistol, Death Star gunner with blaster pistol ‘’

40409 Stormtroopers #3
‘‘Stormtrooper on guard with blaster pistol, Stormtrooper at ready with blaster pistol, Stormtrooper shoulder-firing blaster pistol’’


40410 Imperial Crew with Heavy Blaster

40411 Imperial Army Troopers #1
‘‘2x Army trooper advancing and firing blaster pistol, Army trooper advancing with blaster rifle’’

40412 Imperial Navy Troopers #2

40413 Rebel Troopers #3
‘‘Male trooper standing at ready, 2x male trooper firing blaster pistol two-handed’’


40414 Rebel Commandos #1
‘‘Male commando firing medium repeat blaster, Male commando with poncho and upraised blaster pistol’’

40415 Imperial Officers
‘‘Moff Tarkin, Death Star Officer pointing, General Veers in battle armor’’

40416 Stormtroopers #4
‘‘Stormtrooper firing outstretched blaster pistol, Stormtrooper walking with blaster pistol up, Stormtrooper kneeling firing blaster pistol’’

40417 Rebel Commandos #2
‘‘Male commando shoulder-firing blaster pistol, Male commando with poncho, upraised blaster pistol and macrobinoculars, Female commando firing outstretched blaster pistol’’

40418 Imperial Army Troopers #2

‘‘Army trooper on guard with blaster pistol, 2x Army trooper shoulder-firing blaster rifle’’

40419 Imperial Navy Troopers #2
‘Naval trooper advancing with blaster pistol, 2x Naval trooper advancing with blaster rifle’’

40420 Bounty Hunters #1
Fett, IG-88, and Zuckuss

40421 Rebel Troopers #4

‘‘Female commando running with blaster pistol, Rebel scout with armor and macrobinoculars, Leia on Endor’’

40422 Bounty Hunters #2
Dengar, Bossk, and woman

40423 Droids
R5-D4, power droid, and Death Star droid

40424 Cloud City

40425 Emperor
Emperor and two Royal Guards


40426 Bounty Hunters #3
Boushh, Greedo, and Barada(?)

40427 Denizens of Tatooine
Luke, Jawa, and Tusken Raider

40428 Sandtroopers
‘‘3x Tatooine Stormtrooper’’

40429 Aliens of the Galaxy #1
Momaw Nadon, Nien Nunb, and ???

40430 Jedi Knights
Yoda, man, and woman

40431 Snowtroopers
‘‘3x Snowtrooper’’

40432 Hoth Rebels

40433 Scout Troopers
‘‘3x Scout trooper firing blaster pistol’’

40434 Rebel Operatives

40435 Wookies

40436 Mon Calamari

40437 Heir Villians

40438 Ewoks
‘‘2x Wicket with spear, Ewok with club and headdress’’

40439 Noghri

40440 Zero-G

40441 The Skywalkers
Leia, Vader, and Luke

40442 Encounter on Hoth
Chewie, probot, and Han

40443 Aliens of the Galaxy #2
Tessek, Trevagg, and Hem Dazon

40444 Jabba the Hutt
Jabba on dais

40445 Jabba's Servants
Oola, Fortuna, and Rancor keeper

40446 Darkstryder #1

40447 Darkstryder #2

40448 Pirates
Lando skiff guard, Whiphid, and Weequay

40449 Mos Eisley
‘‘Labria (Devaronian), Garindan (Long Snoot/Kubaz), Kid’’

40450 Gamorrean Guards
‘‘Gamorrean guard with axe held to side, 2 Gamorrean guards with upraised axes’’

40451 Mos Eisley Cantina
Wuher and two Bithans

40452 Darkstryder #3

40453 Aliens of the Galaxy #3
Kabe, Muftak, and wolfman

40456 Mos Eisley Cantina #2
Dr. Evazan, Ponda Baba, Abyssin


40501 Landspeeder
‘‘Luke’s landspeeder, Hood-mounted blaster cannon, Luke driving, Rebel driver, Imperial Army trooper driver’’

40502 Imperial Speeder Bikes
two bikes and two scouts

40503 Rebel Speeder Bikes
two bikes and two riders

40504 Storm Skimmer
‘from Dark Empire Sourcebook, 2x Stormtrooper rider with blaster cannon’’

40505 AT-PT
vehicle only

40506 Snowspeeder

40507 Bantha with Rider


40508 Tauntaun


Troop Packs

50545 Imperial Troop Pack
12 figures

50546 Rebel Troop Pack
12 figures

Boxed Sets

40210 Star Wars Miniatures Battles

40211 SWMB - Vehicle Set

40301 Heroes of the Rebellion (box)
SW1 Luke Skywalker
SW2 Princess Leia Organa
SW3 Han Solo
SW4 Chewbacca
SW5 Obi-Wan Kenobi
SW6 R2-D2
SW8 X-Wing Pilot
SW9 Rebel Soldier
SW10 Rebel Soldier

40302 Imperial Forces (box)
SW11 Darth Vader
SW12 Moff Tarkin
SW13 Stormtrooper
SW14 Stormtrooper
SW15 Stormtrooper
SW16 TIE Fighter Pilot
SW17 Imperial Droid
SW18 Death Star Gunner
SW19 Death Star Commander
SW20 Death Star Trooper

40303 Bounty Hunters (box)
SW21 Boba Fett
SW22 IG-88
SW23 Shrike (Gand) **Zuckuss
SW24 Dengar
SW25 Nikto
SW26 Bossk
SW27 Weequay ***Barada the Klatoonian
SW28 Boushh
SW29 Rebel Merc
SW30 Rebel Scout

40304 A New Hope (box)
SW31 Leia Organa w/Blaster
SW32 Luke on Tatooine
SW33 Vader on Death Star
SW34 Tusken Raider
SW35 Jawa
SW36 Ithorian (Hammerhead)
SW37 R5-D4
SW38 Greedo
SW39 Tatooine Stormtrooper
SW40 Power Droid

40305 The Empire Strikes Back (box)
SW41 Luke on Dagobah
SW42 Leia on Bespin
SW43 Lando Calrissian
SW44 Han on Hoth
SW45 Yoda
SW46 Hoth Rebel
SW47 Snowtrooper
SW48 General Veers
SW49 Lobot
SW50 Probe Droid

40306 Return of the Jedi (box)
SW51 Luke as Jedi
SW52 Leia on Endor
SW53 Scout Trooper
SW54 Gammorean Guard
SW55 Wicket
SW56 Nien Numb
SW57 Royal Guard
SW58 The Amterdam
SW59 Royal Guard
SW60 Admiral Ackbar

40307 Stormtroopers
SW61 Stormtrooper
SW62 Stormtrooper
SW63 Stormtrooper
SW64 Stormtrooper
SW65 Stormtrooper
SW66 Stormtrooper
SW67 Stormtrooper
SW68 Stormtrooper
SW69 Stormtrooper
SW70 Stormtrooper

40308 Rebel Characters
SW71 Old Senatorial
SW72 Alien Student of the Force
SW73 Female Minor Jedi
SW74 Wookiee
SW75 Ewok
SW76 Mon Calmari
SW77 Enginieer
SW78 Male Minor Jedi
SW79 Female Gambler
SW80 Kid

40309 Mos Eisley Cantina (box)
SW81 Hem Dazon
SW82 Labria
SW83 Garindan
SW84 Kerru
SW85 Sivrak
SW86 Kabe
SW87 Muftak
SW88 Cantina Band Member
SW89 Cantina Band Leader
SW90 Bartender

40310 Jabba's Palace (box)
SW91 Bib Fortuna
SW92 Quarren
SW93 Jabba the Hutt
SW94 Nikto
SW95 Gammorean
SW96 Oola
SW97 Ephant Mon **R5Don4 note this looks like a Whipid not a Chevin
SW98 Lando in Armor

40311 The Rancor Pit (box)
SW99 Beast Keeper
SW100 Rancor


40312 Rebel Troopers
SW101 Rebel Commando with Pistol
SW102 Rebel Commando with Pistol
SW103 Rebel Commando with Pistol
SW104 Rebel Commando with Pistol
SW105 Rebel Commando with Repeating Blaster
SW106 Rebel Fleet Trooper with Pistol
SW107 Rebel Fleet Trooper with Pistol
SW108 Rebel Fleet Trooper with Pistol
SW109 Rebel Fleet Trooper with Carbine
SW110 Rebel Fleet Trooper with Rifle

40313 Imperial Troopers
SW111 Navy Trooper
SW112 Navy Trooper
SW113 Navy Trooper
SW114 Navy Trooper
SW115 E-Web Blaster
SW116 Army Trooper
SW117 Army Trooper
SW118 Army Trooper
SW119 Army Trooper

40314 Zero-G Assault Troopers (box)

Other Collectibles / Re: Playskool Jedi Force
« on: February 17, 2011, 07:46 PM »
I wouldn't be surprised if Star Wars fans had to pay a premium to get their kids started young.

That said I am not opposed to picking up select pieces anyway. :P

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