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My LOTR toys - Twiloight Frodo


Boba Binks:
OK, I just have to showoff now.

For those of you who are into the Lord of the Ring toys you probably know that the Twilight Frodo is currently a chase figure and many people are scrambling to find him for their collection. Heck on E-Bay this figure is fetching something loike $100.00+

Well today on my lunch break I stopped in at Wal-Mart and saw four Series #4 LOTR cases that were unopened.
There was nobody around so I opened the cases up with my keys. As I went through each box I was not finding the Twilight Frodo. I started to think that my luck was not with me. The last box that I opened, case #4 had one of the Twilight Frodos in it. I snagged him up as fast as I could and I went to the Checkout. I found him, Twilight Frodo is mine!!! :)

Here it is in all of it's glory!!

I only paid $7.35 for a figure that the Collectors Market is going nuts over. I am sure when the next wave of figures comes out in the fall that this Frodo will be re-released in the Return of the King package.

Wow cool score David!  I am not at all interested in that figure...but I know people have been going nuts over him.  The whole chase figure thing is sorta rediculous.  

I've been lucky and picked up 2 12" TTT Arwens at various Targets around town and people have been really happy to pay cost for them.  That was another one that has been going crazy on eBay :o


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