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Angry Ewok:
All of the 21st Century Toys threads have been merged into this thread, so if you got anything, news, thoughts, etc, here's the place to do it! 21st Century RULES!

As usual, Toys R Us had no new Star Wars figures, but as I turned around to admire the 21st Century Line, I realised that their entire initial XD line of about 9 figures (not counting Battle of Buldge figures) was on CLEARANCE for .90 cents a piece!

I snagged 12 figures in all, unfortunately someone had already snagged all the German Machine Gunners, and Mp44 Soldiers.... BUT, I got all the others (and a few doubles of infantry and BAR troops)!

Awesome score, and of course, I've got pics to proove it.  ;D ;D :-* ;D

21st Century owns Hasbro. I'm so happy, I plan on getting some of the Battle of Buldge figures too.

Jesse James:
Nice score Ewok...  The 1st series figures aren't the GREATEST, but they were a great first effort...  21st actually LEARNED from their mistakes too and made their 3rd series paras and all waves after that with their new and improved articulation.

They're supposed to re-release the 1st series with the new articulation at some point...  I hope we see new head sculpts/removeable helmets too.  Good score my friend, especially for $.90!

I can't find ANY more of the battle of the bulge figures in my area either.  You must be in a high traffic TRU.  Ours just gets stuff at a trickle...  It keeps things from backing up a lot though.

Angry Ewok:
Well, we got about 4 different Buldge figures, several of the four, though.

I've had 2 arms break from the Series 1, it seems like the paint dries inside the joints and thus... articulated arms are breaking. It really sucks, but for .90, I can't complain much. If the Series 1 are re-done... I'll only pick up a new German Officer and German & American Infantry... I feel like the others are perfect. Oh yes, and of course the G. Machine Gunner and MP44, as I said they weren't there...

Question, JJ, I see that a Patton series is in the making... does this mean there'll be a 1:18th Patton made?! If so, I'm big-time happy, cause I loveeeee Patton... he was a genius... wrote a great book, too (War as I knew it).

Jesse James:
Yeah there is...

Shipping (Or already in your area) is the Patton Command Car (Dodge COmmand Car).  It's pricey and a bit lacking in quality control, but still neat in a way (Especially when the figures come out).

Patton 1:18 figures are on the way any day now they say...  Patton at the Bulge, Patton in N. Africa, and Patton in Dress uniform are all planned I believe.

And yes he has his pit bull with him!

They're not the best looking figures IMO, but they're not the worst either.  I'm goign to do a "Patton in Star Wars" series of customs eventually...  Patton as an Imperial General, Patton as Rebel General...  You get the gist. :)

I'm gonna go make an "All 21st Century" post here because there's new stuff...  It really deserves it's own topic.

The 1st series figures were prone to that breakage at first...  I'd suggest a dip in boiling water to alleviate that issue.  I had a few break too...  I had a U.S. para's boot break on me just the other day and had to send it back to 21st to get a replacement.

I didn't have that issue with the Bulge figures at all.  I highly recommend you nab at least the BAR gunner and rifleman...  They ROCK.  The Tanker's great too, but the jeep driver's a tad weak.

Jesse James:
For those of us diggin' on the new product trickling out from this company, or for those of us who like to use this for customizing...

Or for simply those of us not in the know, 21st Century Toys has released images of a new wave of figures to come out eventually.

We've asked for it, 21st is supplying it...  U.S. Marines from World War II.  The Pacific Theatre is FINALLY seeing some attention besides a repainted Sherman and a couple of airplanes!

An eclectic mix of 7 leathernecks...  Not bad, I just wish we were getting 7 U.S. and 7 Germans in the battle of the Bulge series, but that series seems much more limited (4 of each, and 1 on each side is a Tanker).

The headsculpts leave a little to be desired, but these are rough VERY early prototypes that don't even appear to be hardcopies...  They look rough enough to have been hand sculpted prototypes that were hand painted then photographed.  Things could change I guess...

This fella's my favorite so far I think...  Pretty "basic" and the Japanese flag is just a great touch!  I have a bunch of diorama's dancing through my head already.  I just wish the 3 or 4 guys with noticeable "extreme" expressions on their faces were more neutral. :(

Now we need some Japanese for these guys to fight with!

I love 21st's product...  Between these, modern figures, Battle of the Bulge, Patton 1:18, the carded Pilot Pack-in figures, and all this other great stuff, I really just don't know how I'm gonna afford it all, or where to put it when I finally get it!  :)

Tack onto that what BBi's offering up this year, and yikes I'll be all 1:18 action figure'd out.


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