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Good pickups on the boxes bf14, hard to find just the boxes in good shape for many of those. So sometimes a premium has to be paid, I think you did fine personally.

My local comic shop had gotten in some loose vintage figures recently, and they are having a big sale this weekend, so I picked up a complete General Madine and Hoth Rebel Commander for $12 total, mostly just for the weapons, as the ones I already have were incomplete. Turned out to be a great deal because when I got home I realized both of the ones I picked out were variant versions to the ones I already had. (Darker scarf/goggles on the commander and different head sculpt for Madine)

Nice score.  I love it when that happens.  When I was buying up vintage carded figs years ago I accidentally snagged two Yodas via auction.  I didnt think I was going to win the first, so I bid on a second.  I was pissy about it until they arrived and one was the Dark Green version.

Force Guy:
Scored a vintage Ewok playset recently.  Okay, I'm lying, it wasn't an Ewok playset, rather, it was the Robin Hood Sherwood Forest playset.  To-may-to, to-mah-to.  I actually prefer the paint job on the Robin Hood set.  Pretty neat piece, but it was missing a few parts. 

Jesse James:
Agreed, that Sherwood set is IMO better.  You get foliage and stuff.  Great set.

I got a Death Star and Ewok box, both missing POP's and the DS had some coloring on the back, but otherwise the colors and stuff were nice, pretty decent shape.  I have an Ewok playset from my brother's childhood here, which now has a box, and I figure I can now opt out for a non boxed Death Star and get one cheaper.  The boxes were $25 from a local buddy so I figured it was a decent deal.


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