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Last item I collected is the One-Man Sand Skimmer Vehicle MOC, the card has a soft bottom corner and of course the bubble is dark but at $51.00 shipped I'm fine with that.

Since I can't find much that I like in the major stores as of late, I have been snooping around thrift stores and such.  I went into Goodwill the other day and almost fell on the floor.  I found an intact vinty Tie Interceptor, an electronic Snowspeeder missing the guns and canopy glass, 2 naboo starfighters, an A-Wing, an ROTS Obi jedi starfighter, and an Electronic FX X-wing  (missing one wing and 2 cannons).  I grabbed them all for $40.  I even left a kinda abused B-Wing hull.  I'm going to be spending more time cruising the thrift stores from now on!

Wow, nice find!

Well, I just shelled out a good chunk of cash for a Palitoy Death Star.  Mostly complete - just missing a few of the black clips.  Never thought I would own one of these.  I will post pics when I get it set up. 

I've wanted one of those for years.  I have not been able to find one for a price I like.


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