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I started taking a few pictures of my recent vintage finds.  I'll post them in my Vintage Collection Thread if anyone's interested.

Today's update: Boxed AT-ATs

Updated my vintage thread with X-Wings, a Sandcrawler, and the Cantina Adventure Playset...

Updated with Darth Vader's TIE, TIE Interceptor, Blue TIE, Imperial Attack Base, Wide Belt Open-Belly Taun Taun, Die Cast Vader's TIE, Droid Factory Parts, carded Luke X-Wing, and a couple of loose Jawas.  Linky above.

Justin you accumulate at an unbelieveable rate! I think Rancho Justin-wan is going to be the next Star Wars destination. You may have to get a license from Disney soon....

I picked up loose Chewbacca, Han, C-3PO and Death Squad Commander yesterday from a comic shop. Now all I need are a tusken raider and R2-D2 to have the original 12. I know it is a slippery slope, but I am thinking I can stop there, or maybe go up to the 1st 21...

It's called an addiction.  The first step is admitting you have a problem. 

Anyone know what the second step is?  Help me.

I have been a little crazy as of late, but I'm really not spending beyond what I've budgeted for new toys in year's past.  It's crazy, but a six-figure wave of new figures would cost $65.  I can grab a dozen vintage figures at that price.  A $30 vintage TIE is comparable to a $27 new vehicle and a $250 Palitoy Death Star isn't that unreasonable next to a $250 BMF.  Heck, it's cheap next to $400 Kubrick chases! 

I should be saving up for the inevitable release of new Hasbro goodies (or Heaven forbid, just saving period), but I'm kind of enjoying the lull in new products to stock up on some of these great older pieces.  I have tried to limit myself to what I consider good deals in the event that I want to pull a 180 on vintage and a few items have arrived below expectations, but for the most part I'm enjoying collecting more than I have in years.


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