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Nice score!  Local find or evilbay?

RS.  I've only ever had one local find, I'd sure love to have more!

Vintage yard sale finds today:

Dagobah play set missing parts, foam rotted.
Imperial Hoth attack base, missing parts
Hoth Ice Planet, just the base (broken footpeg) and the radar to the little radar laser
Death Star play set Elevator, no ledge
Jabba the Hutt missing left arm with play set base missing the railing/pipe stuff (did have slave "chain")
4 of those Display Arenas, the white colored (now yellowed) backdrop L shaped display stands, they were mail-ins, no backgrounds.
Micro Collection Ion Cannon set, missing everything that it can miss
Millennium Falcon, discolored, missing canopy/glass, gun, gun station cover, ramp, etc..

All for absurdly cheap, like under $5. Some of its discolored and dirty, but rare to find anything old these days. I never owned any part of Hoth Ice Planet and didn't know it's base was softer plastic than Land of the Jawas. Never owned the display arena stands, either. Some friends of mine had them back in the day. I wanted figures and vehicles, not stands or cases.

Nice!  I like finding old stuff like that.  I scored another Vintage Death Star Playset at a garage sale yesterday - box included!  It doesn't have the original foam or the rope (grrr!), but everything else was there and in seemingly great shape.  Planning to build it with my son tonight!   :)  They had a big tub of what looked like a few more death stars, x-wing, some of the vintage bases, but they were all very rough.  I would have bought it for cheap, but at $75 it stayed behind. 

Super jealous. I want a Death Star with box and to find one at a garage sale. Nice


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