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--- Quote from: JediJman on September 26, 2013, 11:28 AM ---
--- Quote from: GrandMoffNick on September 25, 2013, 07:34 PM ---Picked up a carded King Gorneesh. Very nice shape

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Nice!  I've been tempted to pick up Ewok and Droids stuff, but have mostly held off.

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I had tried to just buy the one Droids and one Ewoks I already did to have a representation of each line, but I got King Gorneesh for $22 so I couldn't say no. Slippery slope though

I don't even have room to display all of the regular line vintage stuff, so staying away from the carded Droids and Ewoks has been fairly easy for me.  On the loose side, I almost dropped big money on mostly complete sets a few times.  But I scored R2 and Threepio a few months back and have all but forgotten about the rest of the cartoon lines.  Unless I can find them on the cheap, I'll continue to avoid them, but they are a cool corner of the vintage universe.

I remember in the 90's you could get most of the Droids/Ewoks figures for under $10 each MOC. I never had much interest. Now even loose figures are going for good money.

My MOC Droids and Ewoks figures are probably my favorite part of the vintage SW collection. I love the card art. Wish I could get the second series figures, even if customs but I don't ever see them for sale.

After many attempts I finally won a Rancor with box off ebay. Got it yesterday. Very happy! Figure and box in great shape.


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