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I can't see the picture. :-[

Hey, why don't we make this the official Vintage Acquisitions thread?

I just picked up the desert sail skiff mini rig and the Land of the Jawa's playset last night from a collectors shop, both loose.

The mini rig completes my regular mini rig set. Of the POTF ones, I have the Desert skiff and need the other two. I also need the ewok battle wagon, but don't know if that qualifies as a mini rig.

The Land of the Jawas is actually the first of those cardboard back drop playsets I've ever owned. It was in very good shape as well. The base and the escape pod were pristine clean with the stickers nice and sharp. The Cardboard was in very good shape. There are some dings, and the top two corners were a little creased, but over all, it's very solid. It also has all four of the standies and the elevator is incredibly clean with a pristine sticker. I'm very happy with it.

Now I need only 17 more loose vintage items to complete my collection. :P

Commander JediSearch:
For Father's Day I got a couple of loose Vintage figures that I needed.

Luke, Leia, and Death Squad Commander

aka DaBigKahuna:
What a thoughtful gift.  Congratulations and I hope that you enjoyed fathers day.


--- Quote from: JediSearch on June 20, 2005, 09:40 AM ---For Father's Day I got a couple of loose Vintage figures that I needed.

Luke, Leia, and Death Squad Commander

--- End quote ---

Chris M:
My most recent is a complete Death Star w/ box as I have mentioned in another thread.

I just scored a Luke Bespin and a grab bag of accessories.

I know where most of the accessories go, but there are a couple I'm not sure of. I think one piece belongs to a bigger playset or vehicle, and there's a cape that I don't think even belongs with vintage Star Wars, since I've looked on and thumbed through Sansweet's books and still I cannot identify either part.

I did get a robe for Luke Jedi, a cloth Jawa robe, some Ewok headresses, and the main reason I bought the set, removable limbs 3PO's bag and Jabba's pipe and bowl. I also got a Bib Fortuna robe and a broken Squid head cape that I'll need to get rid of somehow. I also got a ROTJ product catalog that's been scribbled in, but it's still neat to see it anyway.

I think it was worth the $7 I paid for it.  :)


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