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loose or carded figures


sith lord:
do most members here keep their figures carded or open them to display?trying to decide which is better?

Since the dawn of time, this question has plagued fandom....

Its really up to you. Personally, I enjoy loose a LOT more. Being able to hold and play around with the figures is where its at for me. Some people like seeing their walls covered in figures, and thats fine too. Its just a matter of personal opinion, and not a choice someone can make for you.

I see people ask this question probably once a week. While I can't make the choice for you, I will say that I haven't seen anyone who choses to collect loose regret it in all my years.

If you decide to collect loose, make sure that is what you want. Its a long way back after you've opened all those figures.

What do you like, action figures or "collecting"? For me, it's always been about enjoying figures of the characters from my favorite movie series, and never about being a "collector" of unopened, mint, "collectible" "collectors' items".

Know what I mean? :)

Jabba the Slug:
I enjoy keeping my collection loose. There's something special, to me, about opening up that packaging, waiting to get to the figure you've always wanted. Of course, I do like how they look packaged. I keep my exclusive figures/older figures carded.


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