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Ok, Disney + Star Wars = StarWars Weekend.  

I've read the link.  Has anybody ever attended?  Do the descriptions given adequately describe what happens?  

What about merchandise?  It lists pins, medallions, clothing, posters and "other collectibles" or something to that effect.  Just what would fall under that category?  

Enlighten me (don't laugh, it is possible) please.

Darth Kenobi:
I went to it in 2001 for a half day since I was leaving for home on that friday.  The main things that I did was get my pictures with some of the star wars characters Vader, Darth Maul, the Droids, and others; and getting the pins that they had for that week end Luke and I think Han.  
Some of the stuff they had for sale were:
Limited Edition Pins (Luke, Han Vader's Tie, and about 5 other character pins and the Disney Logo pin, Mickey as a holo coming out of R2.)
Extremley Limited Pin Set (All of the pins framed)
and someother stuff for star wars weekend plus alot of regular starwars stuff (figures, books, and so on) that the Star Tours Store sales.

THe event for the most part is located in the area around Star Tours so its kind of in a small area.  I know there was stars there but I had no time to see them so I'm not sure what that part was like.

If anyone is planning to go to Disney World for Star Wars Weekend and make it a big trip four or five days you may want to get one of the Disney packages.  When I went back in May 2001 with my brother and sister we had gotten this package where we got pass hoppers for 4 days (all main parks, and someother parks; water parks), and 8 or so points (don't remember what they were called) which you can use for meals or just about anything (you get a list with the package that says what you can use them for).  With these points we had breakfest and dinners for "free" (One of our bills came to around $300.00 with a thrid of it going to my $80.00 lobster ;D :o )our picture taken with Mickey and horse bak riding around one of the hotels.  So if you plan on going you may want to go see a travel agent to see about getting one of these packages since our food really paid for the price.  

Boba Binks:
I have never been but would like to someday...
If anyone is going let me know. I will have you pick me up X2 of each of Wave #3 of the Star Tours Figures.

Well, I stopped by the Star Traders shop at Disneyland yesterday, and the cashier informed me that there was no Star Wars Weekends festivities planned at Disneyland this year, and that it was likely only going to be happening at DisneyWorld in Orlando unfortunately.  She said they didn't do anything last year out here as well.  Not since 2001 has Disneyland participated in the event.  That pretty much sucks, as I was planning on swinging by this time around.

Hopefully she was just misinformed though...

If anyone does end up going I would love to get one of those exclusive pin collections (framed).  I'm not sure how much those are going for, but I would definitely love to get one.  I've been to Disneyworld about 10 times, and everyone knows that Star Wars is like a staple food for us all.

I haven't gone to one of these, but I would love to some day.


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