Author Topic: BocrebJedi's Customs -- Updated 1/20  (Read 1704 times)

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Re: BocrebJedi's Customs -- Updated 1/20
« Reply #15 on: January 24, 2006, 11:33 PM »
Hey, it's no problem, I had forgotten to update the title.

The Dresselian was fun, what to do with all those Anakin heads. 

The Dug was done almost two years ago, I didn't experiment as much with the paint schemes.  Most of the Jedi I did at that time were simple headswaps.  But I really loved the concept.  I just finished another Dug, an aristocrat (sort of...), which I'll post as soon as I can take pictures of my new customs.

Alderaan Soldier is made with a casted Galoob Riker head.  I had been looking for the Galoob figures to use.  I was buying SW fodder at CIII, they were in a bin for $1 each, with SW figures, I ended up buying a lot of vintage Ewoks (which I haven't repainted yet) and the dealer threw in the Star Trek figures I had picked out for free.  If you want a casted head, PM me and I can get you one.

The Alderaan Officer is made from one of the dollar army men from Wal-mart (also a cast).  The head is a little big for most SW figures, but seemed to work for this body.  I'm not too happy with the skintone on either the Alderaan figures, I need to do some mixing next time I have to paint skintones.

I have a lot more figures on my website and am only picking a few of the ones I like better or were fun to make.

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Re: BocrebJedi's Customs -- Updated 1/20
« Reply #16 on: January 27, 2006, 01:41 PM »
Nice bunch of customs you have here!

That Dresselian Padawan is great!  The sculpting looks perfect - I didn't realize it was a modified Anakin head!
The Imperial Intelligence Officer is cool, but I would maybe add another layer of white paint to his torso. 

I think that the skintones on the Alderaanians look fine. 

I like these two customs also:

- Nice use of the Jinx head!  Is this character blind or is it part of her training (like Luke and the blast-shield)?

- Cool Jedi - is that a Dragonball Z head?  I didn't realize they worked so well with Star Wars figures
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