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Treasure hunt short packed ships??

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Darth Slothus:
Treasure hunt short packed ships...your thoughts?
1 to a case 3" titanium ships that ring up on your receipt as " treas..."! And in computer scanners as "treasure hunt"

The white TIE treasure hunt doesn't bug me because it's just nostalgia but the ROTS Falcon that is rumored to be the next treasure hunt does.  That is cool and it's a great connection to the old movies.  I know they are short packing it because it's just a repaint but not THAT one! >:(

Darth Slothus:
Is it just to a case? Or a matter of availability? Interesting I had a feeling the Falcon would be next since there was "supposed" to be a battle-damaged falcon avail last year but they cancelled it....

I wonder then if we're getting all the original first wave of 4 titanium ships rereleased as TH's??

I wonder if Hasbro is listening to all the folks who complained at the seemingly "experimental short" release of the original wave.( they seem like they all go on EBAY for over 25$ each now!! :o)

I'm just glad I got the Boba Fett Slave 1 in the multipack.  I was really mad when I couldn't find it in wave 1.   I opened my white TIE and it's really cool!  in general I don't like the "treasure hunt" idea at all!  It's way too much like the Hot Wheels Dork thing and I don't even like thinking about them. 

The White TIE is "nostalgia" to me because it reminds me of my 1st diecast ship from the 80s.   I wouldn't have been bent out of shape had I not found it but that's just personal preference.  If they made "Raw Metal" ships as the "treasure hunt" vehicles it would be easier to accept.  However, the ROTS Falcon and any other ship that was in the films would freak me out if they made them Treasure Hunts. 

Just think if they made a Droid Control ship w/ ROTS markings a Treasure Hunt.  That would really make me crazy mad!!!  I hope they do make one because I'll need a couple to fight my Republic Attack Cruisers... 8)

Darth Slothus:
agreed , I don't like the TH idea either. You either get there when the case opens or your on your own /try to luck out. That would suck a neimoidian ship as a TH...c'mon after how well the 3 3/4"neimo warriors sold they wouldn't do that...or WOULD they ..hmmm ::)


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