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Waay off topic, but for those inclined to McFarlane's Movie Maniacs, the collector club exclusive Stealth version of the Predator is available NOW.  No idea how long it will last, but go today if you want it.  the last club exclusive sold out in about two days or so (deja - toy fair vader-esque).  

Pretty cool figure and only $10 plus shipping.  Joining the club is free.  store is found here 8)

Oh yeah, be prepared to be at the computer a long time.  3 hours to get my order in.  Also very reminiscent of the toy fair vader saga.

Boba Binks:
So far I have the Two Aliens, and one of the Predators. I have not seen the second Predator Figure with the wounds or the Deluxe Queen Alien.
I guess I will have to keep hitting Meijers.

Grabbed the Predator the Hunter figure today.  No deluxe Queen around here either.  Puppy alien didn't do much for me, nor did regular alien.  Maybe on clearance.


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