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CHEWIE's customs updated 06.22.2012

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UPDATE - Please go to the latter pages of this thread... the first pages are almost 6 years old!  Therefore not only do the customs look terrible that are showing, most aren't even showing anyway as the hosting services I used back then is no longer active... you can also see more of my stuff under JUSTIN COOK at


For all you customizers out there, here's a recipe for a Qui Gon that I just created.

parts needed:

- Naboo Qui Gon
- Jedi Nikto arms
- headless Tusken cape
- Fleet Trooper hands

Boil-n-pop like normal, and after removing Nikot's hands, dremel a little in there to make room for the Fleet Trooper's hands to fit.

Cut a little off the Nikto arm pegs and put them onto Qui Gon's body.

Paint the arms and cloak as desired (don't put the cloak on yet though).

Apply a coating of acrylic seal.  Paint again after drying.  Do this several times if desired.

Cut a slit on each arm hole in the armpit area of the cloak to add flexibility.

Add the cloak to the figure.



Sounds good "on paper" CHEWIE, but I need to see a picture or two to be convinced that it's worth doing!   ;)

Got any?   8)  I suppose I could look into it even if you don't have any pix though...  Thanks for the recipe!

sounds decent, and i too would love to see a picture.

I want pics also!  Sounds awesome.

Pictures, pictures... we want pictures!!!   ;D


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