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Chris Belle:
I just finished this book and I loved it!  I really like how they focused on Jacen Solo so much.  He is one of my favortie characters, now that Anakin Solo is dead.  I also like Vergere a lot as well, you never know when she will turn on you or help you out.  Let me know what you think.

IT is indeed a very good part, I love the replique from Vergere about the Lightsaber, the book itself is also mystical, and philosofic

I just read to the part where Jacen realizes the truth about the Force - there is no Light side or dark side of the Force, only light or dark in the person weilding the Force. The fact that this book focused soley on Jacen and Vergere is a testament to the design of the NJO where each story can be independant yet still part of the overall story.


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