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The Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) Of the Travelling Purple Pimp Daddy Kenobi

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This is something we used to do on the Joe boards I used to be on. It was called " The Travelling Joe", and what we used to do was one of us would take one of our joes (usually a custom) take him around our home town and take pics of the figure doing different things, and visiting interesting places. Once the pics were posted we would then proceed to send the figure to the next person and they would do the same. I would like to know if anyone would like to participate in this. If so post your names here.  If there are enough people interested, well do it.Ill start with one of my figs.

I'm in - CHEWIE.  Could I donate a custom Rykrof or Freelo figure?


Sure, I'd be game to play along

That's a neat idea. I want to play. How about a traveling Yoda?

would the fig travel overseas ?


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