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Tell us your thoughts on the Eopie set. Do you consider this a part of a balanced and complete set? Do you have one? How did you get yours?

Dispite the fact that this was never released in America, I'm still trying to track down a boxed set. I do have a loose one aquired through a trade though. I think it turned out to be the best of the best assortments.

Jesse James:
I really feel that, by the end of the line, I'd probably be looking this figure down my scope.  Same with Ascension Amidala which I don't have.  I'd require this to feel "complete".   :-\

Darth Kenobi:
I have a European one which I eventually want to upgrade one day.  I'm not to concern about certain items like the beast packs or even the deluxe figures to have a complete set of figures but I know I'm in the minority with this.  I ended up getting this figure and most of the last Ep1 figures from overseas once I had finally settle a lawsuit about a car accident and a broken hand. 

I never really looked into getting one of these until I looked them up on ebay and saw how much they were going I'm gonna have to get one.  I've got the rest of the line except for the wave 2 accessory sets that I just missed out on in a recent auction  :'(

I saw a few of these the other day for $10 each, the one that comes with Jar-Jar. I should have bought one but I was buying lots of Rebel pilots for customs and I had already spent $100 that day.


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