Author Topic: Mexican convention exclusive figure trade for Wizard Con  (Read 804 times)

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Ok, now that I got your attention.....

I am in the process of getting one or two of the Mexican Exclusive Convention figure from this coming summer.

In trade I am needing one of a few things.....
Wizard Con Exclusive Keldor
Wizard Con Exclusive Clonetrooper mini bust

These two items will be convention exclusives available only at Wizard World San Diego Comic Con and Wizard World Chicago.

Both will be limited and since I will not be able to go to Chicago or San Diego, this is my only chance to get them.

These two items will not be available for a few more months but if you think you will be able to get one and think you will want to trade, contact me by e-mail.

I will reply to your e-mail and we can discuss the trade agreement.

No other trade offers will be entertained at this time....only for the two items mentioned above.

e-mail me at ....I seldom check my PMs

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Hmm...  Tempting, as I live in SoCal and might be heading to the San Diego ComicCon this summer.  But I just have no idea if I'd even be able to get one of these Clonetrooper mini-busts for you and therefore couldn't make any promises on it.  If they're limited to only 1,000 pieces, I'm guessing they'll put up about 500 at each show.  Considering what the demand for this thing is likely to be, it'd be a total crapshoot at best on whether I could actually score one or not, even if I was in attendance.

How certain are you of snagging the Mexican convention figure Gundam?  Is that a for sure thing, and when would you get it - early, or at the time of that convention?

There's even a chance that I'll be hitting the Mexican convention as well, so I'm not sure if I'll even be needing one at this point.  So where the hell has this gotten us... In circles, I suppose.   :P  I dunno.  I guess we'll just keep eachother in mind as the actual events draw nearer, if you don't work out another arrangement prior to that...

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There's even a chance that I'll be hitting the Mexican convention as well...

You might be going to that Mexican convention???  You lucky dog you!  <grumbling in the background over here>