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There's a thread like this in the Vintage section, but I'm going to make one for other older toys here.

I bought this one on ebay, and it finally arrived today...

Authentic G1 Soundwave

I almost swear it's fresh out of the box, since the joints are really, really tight. Alas, it didn't include any Cassetticons, but there's some reasonably-priced bootlegs of Ravage and Rumble/Frenzy making the rounds on ebay that I might pick up.

Nice....My vinty Soundwave's legs are pretty loose.  I was meaning to pick up the Takara reissue along with Soundblaster back when they came out, but never got around to it.

I'd like to pick up some more vinty tapes myself but those suckers are too much for my taste.

I have about 80% of all the US G1 stuff and I think the "authenticity" doesn't really mean much anymore as a lot of it has been re-released and I'm sure they'll finish up on what's left within the next few years or so.

Yeah, authenticity really doesn't matter, I just didn't want to use the word "vintage" again.  :)

I thought about buying the reissue of Soudwave, but sellers just want way too much for them, and Soundblaster isn't any cheaper, though I'd like to pick him up too. I just settled for this one. It cost about $60 shipped, which wasn't too bad.

I had hoped Takara would do Wheeljack and the Dinobots, but since the recent reissues have been from the movie-and-later era (Perceptor, Kup, Galvatron, and Blaster) I suppose they won't be doing them now.

I recently bought the Action Force Command Centre.  Basically a 1983 GI Joe Headquarters repainted green and released in the UK and Europe.

Nice score! Soundwave, Starscream, and Megatron are my favorite Transformers.

I'm not too savy as to how much G1 Transformers go for, as I'm not into Transformers as much. Does anyone know how much a G1 Megatron goes for? I think I've seen it sell for ammounts in the hundreds before...


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