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mail-away galactic heroes
« on: January 14, 2006, 03:08 PM »
Kinda last minute.

You guys might remember the Galactic Heroes mail-away that came witth the first wave of Burger King SW promotions last year -- buy $20 worth of Hasbro SW toys between mid-May thru December of '05, postmark before 1/15/06, get a couple of Galactic Heroes figures while supplies last. These were limited to 1 per household.

While cleaning up, I found a few leftover forms. I have enough receipts and UPCs to cover them. I don't want them to go unused, so if you haven't already sent one in, send me your name and address through pm and I'll mail out a form to Hasbro in your name. I'll check my box until 12:30pm pst, today, 01/14/06.

At this stage of the promo, there are no guarantees that you'll receive a pack since it states on the form that quantities are limited.