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He's a high-priced import right now like all Takara/Tomy MPs are so yes if you want that version you're going to pay through the nose.  A lot of the locals I chat with on tfw are pretty upset they paid $250 for MP10 (Prime) then he hits the states for $100-$120.  I'd be pissed too. 

Judging by how well TRU Grimlock, Rodimus, and Prime have sold it's kind of a no-brainer that they'll follow suit as all of the last few MPs have except the Starscream remold, but at least we got TC out of that deal so I'm okay with that.

Also Soundwave doesn't have the popularity with Asian TF fans for some reason (forgot where I read that article) but he's huge over here and the G1 version has been re-issued several times already over here and always sells out.

Thanks for posting that Mike.  I've been toying with that MP Soundwave from Big Bad for a while, but I can wait a year to save $100 or more. 

Yeah, thanks for the info.  Since I don't collect TF full time, it's really hard to keep track of everything.  I don't think there's a toy collecting hobby that's more dense, convoluted and hard to follow than Transformers.  With Takara stuff, Hasbro stuff, movie lines, shifting non-movie lines, animated lines, scales, overseas exclusives, store exclusives...  I'd drive myself ******* nuts trying to follow that.  As it is, I just buy what I like but sometimes itís hard to figure out whatís coming where and when and if I should buy now or wait, like with the MP Soundwave.

Star Wars and GI Joe are pretty straightforward in comparison, much easier to follow from a collecting standpoint.


It is quite a bit to keep on top of.  Especially some of the really nice 3rd party stuff and to a lesser extent some of the high quality ko's that are out there - even some 3rd party ko's I've had my eye on.  Seedy yes, but ya.  There's all that stuff too besides official releases.

I don't collect everything TF - can't...would be in the poor house, but it is nice to pick and choose.

Agreed that SW and Joes are a little easier to follow....

Looks like there will be a new Generations line for the 30th anniversary.  But what scale?


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