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Don't take this as the word, but it sounds like not all slides that were shown at the TF presentation were sent out to the forums.  I have access to it, but haven't looked at it myself.  The K-mart Star Wars 2-packs as an example of that...

I can confirm that Acid Storm will look as Mikey said. 

Thanks Mike!  I cannot wait to nab Soundwave - easily my favorite Transformer of all time.

Was in WalMart this afternoon and checked the toy aisle. Was surprised to see all five members of the Fall Of Cybertron version of Bruticus - so since the only Transformers I collector are the gestalts, I had to pick them all up.

Not a bad set - the big robot looks nice. Interesting "Cybertron" themed variations on the member vehicles.

G1 Predaking for us US guys!

I'm happy to see it, especially since I really couldn't swing $200 or more for the last Tomy release. Hopefully they have a Devastator reissue in the works too, since $130 for that is a little steep.

Picked up the Generations Astrotrain and Springer figures at Target today.  They look bigger than the carded figures and great vehicle/bot modes for each.  Pretty expensive figures though at $23 each.  I was at one of the more expensive Targets in town - anyone know if these are cheaper elsewhere?

Still searching for a good chunk of the Wave 2 Micro Changers as well.  I've only found them at one Target so far - anyone having better luck elsewhere?

Last question: I missed out on the SDCC Soundwave & Cassettes pack, along with MP Acid Storm.  These are supposed to be available at TRU stores this month.  Does anyone know if there is a difference in pack or price?  I think Soundwave was $120 and Acid Storm was $75, so hoping the prices come down a bit, but we still get all of the same contents.   :P


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