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Does anyone here have any of these Transfromrers busts?  These look sweet!  I'm thinking about maybe getting some of these (AFTER I find a job).

Mandalorian Madman,

I'm in Redmond, I know the shop you're talking about.  How much are their imported Transformer G1 re-issued figs selling for?


Are these coming out in the US? If so, when and where? The more pictures I see, the more I want them :)

They're coming to the US, but they won't be made out of die cast. They'll be plastic.

I don't think they're exclusives, but I'm not sure. I just want Hound.

If anyone collects the Hasbro "Heroes Of Cybertron" 3" PVC line of Generation 1 characters be forewarned that word is coming in that the line is ending with Wave 5 due out this Spring. Wave 5 consists of yet another Optimus Prime (w/ communicator), another Megatron (w/ Laserbeak), Devastator, Omega Supreme, Ratchet, and my personal favorite "Coronation" Starscream from TFTM. Much like Wave 4, this final wave will have each figure come with parts to build a 7th figure, that being Metroplex.

I found several Wave 4 figs recently at a Zany Brainy store that is closing down. I think all Zany Brainy's are closing down as they are owned by FAO. The figures were $4 before a 20% off discount on all action figures. A must get for sure.

Also would anyone happen to have or know where to get for cheap loose versions of the OTFCC HOC exclusives, the orange seeker Sunstorm and the generic purple seeker?



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